Hector Aleem Convicted for Blasphemy without Proof

Hector Aleem

John R. Houk

© January 4, 2011


I received a Facebook update on the Christian-Pakistani Hector Aleem which I received on January 2 but I did not read to January 4.


In case you have not been following Hector’s plight as a Christian human rights activist in Pakistan you should know Hector was framed for committing blasphemy against Allah because a group of Muslims had grown weary of Hector’s defense of a small Christian Church. Here are some details I had posted in 2009 that was excerpted from Compass Direct News:


More than 100 protestors last week surrounded a Pakistani courthouse and chanted death threats against a Punjabi Christian said to be framed for sending a “blasphemous” text message on his cell phone.

Rawalpindi police arrested Hector Aleem, 51, on Jan. 22 and detained him on charges of sending a text message that insulted the Islamic prophet Muhammad. At his Jan. 27 hearing at the Rawalpindi Sessions Court, crowds gathered and began shouting death threats.

His attorney, Malik Tafik, told Compass that a local man allegedly framed Aleem for the charges because Aleem has made legal challenges on behalf of Christians involved in a land dispute. Aleem directs a small agency that often defends the rights of Christians.

Last November, a scholar associated with the national Islamist political movement Sunni Tehreek received a text message claiming to have come from Aleem. The religious scholar registered blasphemy charges against Aleem on Nov. 28 at the Rawalpindi police station.

Police raided Aleem’s house at 1:30 a.m. on Jan. 22 and assaulted him, his wife, and his two daughters. They also stole 50,000 Pakistan rupees (US$630) worth of valuables and broke pictures of Jesus hanging on their walls, according to a report from the Center for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS).

Authorities charged him with violating sections 295c (blasphemy) and 109bb (abetting) of the Pakistani criminal code. Aleem was transferred to a Rawalpindi anti-terrorism court for a second hearing on Jan. 30, where an even larger crowd of protestors gathered shouting that his life would not be spared. Many of those who came to protest were associated with Sunni Tehreek, which has been involved in violent sectarian clashes with other Islamist movements in the last decade.

“There were about 150 people protesting that Aleem should be handed over to them,” Tafik said. “And there were many journalists, two news stations, and lawyers who came out to protest against him.”

At a hearing at an anti-terrorism court on Monday (Feb. 2), Judge Sakhi Mohammad Kohut exonerated him of blasphemy charges but did not clear him of abetting. A government official told Compass that the judge’s decision was heavily influenced by Islamic extremists attending the open court hearing who told the judge, “If you release [Aleem], then we will kill him outside.”

At the hearing, the judge implicated the man who allegedly framed Aleem – Bashar Kokar, previously charged multiple times with fraud – accusing him of using his cell phone to send a blasphemous message against Muhammad. Kokar was charged with blasphemy and arrested later that day. But court evidence shows the original text message came from an unregistered mobile number that pertained to neither Kokar nor Aleem, sources said – exonerating Aleem, but also making it difficult to prove that Kokar framed him. Khushdil Khan Malik, deputy secretary of Pakistan’s Ministry of Human Rights, said he believes the judge implicated Kokar as a scapegoat for the blasphemy charges in order to appease the extremists.


This update sent by Mehwish is heart rending. Even with the lack of evidence the Muslim Jurist sentenced Hector Aleem to SEVEN years in prison. When presented with no evidence the Jurist basically said the oral arguments against Hector were good enough for him. Essential Hector was convicted not from evidence but from the fact the Jurist could do so.


In a letter that Mehwish relates in this update the reason the Jurist convicted Hector was out of revenge for America convicting al Qaeda terrorist Dr. Aafia Siddique. This is a gal born in Pakistan and educated in America receiving a Ph.D. from Brandeis University in 2001 in the field of study of cognitive neuroscience. After the Islamic terrorist attack on 911 on American soil she appears to have radicalized. Siddique apparently went back and forth between America and Pakistan and was eventually caught with plans for weaponry systems to commit terrorism. Pakistan deported her to America to stand trial where she was convicted to 86 years in prison.


Evidently Siddique is regarded as a heroine in Pakistan; hence her conviction resulted in an act of revenge by the Pakistani Jurist.


JRH 1/4/10


Hector Aleem Update

From Mehwish Aleem

Sent: Jan 2, 2011 at 1:56 PM

Sent to: Members of Free Hector Aleem


On 21st of December, This was the day of daddy’s hearing and many Talibans from Peshawar gathered in the court and chanted slogans against daddy and they were holding the prisoner uniforms because daddy wasn’t convicted yet. Only convicted people can wear the uniforms in prison.


The judge went under pressure and he gave daddy a 7 years sentence and 50,000 Pakistani Rupees fine. I didn’t know why judge gave him the sentence because there was no evidence. Even the investigation officer wrote in his statement that he filed the case on an oral statement and he didn’t find any evidence against daddy. Neither had he recovered anything (this case wasn’t the blasphemy case, it was one of those cases which were lodged after daddy’s arrest to prevent him from getting out of jail).


God knows what is going to happen. I am so upset. I don’t know for how long we are going to ask for donations, I really want some money right now because when we go to the High Court we will file an appeal against this decision.


Due to lots of dangers we cannot study or work in Pakistan. And I don’t know for how long we have to suffer this. We cannot spend this precious time in sitting here and wait for people’s help. We really have to do something. Please put yourselves in our shoes and you’ll understand everything. I don’t how daddy is going to tolerate this. He is a heart patient and two days back a prisoner died in prison because he had a heart attack and the doctor came after 4 hours. Prisoners are not safe in Adiyala you must have read about the kidnap of 11 prisoners from Adiyala Jail. Anything could happen any time. We really need to do something.


In the statement of the Investigation Officer, He said that he didn’t recover anything he had no proof and he has filed the case on an oral statement. After few days on another hearing daddy gave me a letter because we are not allowed to talk to him so he gave me a letter in which he wrote this:


Dear brothers and sisters


On 21 of Dec the special central judge gave me 7 years imprisonment and said emotionally that:


I DO NOT NEED ANY PROOF I TOOK THE REVENGE OF DR. AFIA SIDDIQUI. The investigation officer stated in his statement that the complainant didn’t give me any written or documentary proof. Neither did I myself find any proof against Hector. I registered this case on oral statement.


Dear brothers and sisters, Pakistan is very difficult country for minorities especially for Christians. If America attacks on Afghanistan or Iraq, Pakistani Muslims burn and destroy our houses and churches and loot our valuables and properties. They put us in jail without any proof; judges give their decisions against Pakistani Christians and give them death sentences without any proof. It is so surprising that we are born in Pakistan but still we are not Pakistani. Muslims always thinks and say that we are agents of Americans or Europeans. On the other hand American and European government think that we are untouchable creatures. They don’t allow us in their embassies, they hire Muslims in their embassies, they do not issue visas to Christians, and they do not raise their voice in our favor.


My brothers and sisters, is there any third option for me and for my children? I am in jail since 2 years, my wife and kids are hiding their selves. They are not safe in Pakistan. My sons are not going to school and my both daughters and wife cannot do any job. They are educated persons they can earn money but they cannot because of danger they are facing. How can my family survive? No one is ready for their financial support. American and European countries support and give financial help to Islamic NGOs and people and countries but the Islamists always like to help Talibans. It’s time to wake up! Please do something for your Christian brothers and sisters and all Christians who are suffering in Pakistan. There are so many Christians in Pakistan who are suffering but you don’t know about them. We are not allowed any facilities or to go to the Church or to read Holy Bible here but you give them proper places to worship in your countries even they are allowed to use loud speakers in mosques but we aren’t allowed to raise our voice for destroyed church.


Wake up brothers and sisters, wake up!


Hector Aleem


This is so very upsetting if the judge is making up this case and compare it with Dr. Affia’s case, than this thing is very serious now. Now I know why he gave my father this sentence. This shows his grudge and discrimination for Christians.


I know I must have been very irritating for you but I really-really need some money. We are going to the High Court for the dismissal of this decision and we really need money to file the application in the High Court.


I have stopped living in fantasies. Now I am ready to run daddy’s mass campaign I am just fed up of this because most of the people don’t read emails and I cannot afford phone calls to different countries because it’s too expensive. It is very difficult to ask for donation again and again. We have been paying our lawyer through donations since April 2010. How long will people give us? This is so difficult now. If nothing happens (I wish something must happen) than it would be difficult to live and doing nothing for seven years. Please pray for us and if any of you have any suggestion or any second option than please tell me. I really am upset now.


For donating through Pay Pal here’s the link http://www.facebook.com/l/50fb5yhWpqtuTBjBsbjGi5TbRkg;tinyurl.com/hectoraleem


And if any of you cannot send through Western Union than you can contact me I’ll tell you details.




Mehwish Aleem


Hector Aleem Convicted for Blasphemy without Proof

John R. Houk

© January 4, 2011


Hector Aleem Update


Contact Info:













Editor: I tried a little editing for clarity. I apologize if the editing altered any original meaning.

Prisoners Are Not Safe In Adiyala Jail

Hector Aleem

Could Hector Aleem’s charges of Blasphemy come to an official resolution soon? Mehwish Aleem believes this is the case. Mehwish also believes that Pakistan prisoners acquitted of terrorist charges being kidnapped by Pakistan Intelligence may bode as an ill sign for Hector Aleem. Hector is being held in the same jail. I believe the concern is if Pakistan terrorists are swooped away from jail after acquittal, could the same thing happen to Hector?


JRH 11/2/10


Prisoners Are Not Safe In Adiyala Jail


By Mehwish Aleem

Sent: November 2, 2010 at 2:29pm

Sent to Members of Friends of Hector Aleem


The trial is at the end and hope that tomorrow will be the last arguments, I really don’t know other formalities but surely final arguments are near. If it won’t happen tomorrow than it could be done in few days. The court is SESSION COURT IN RAWALPINDI and the name of the judge is Mr. ALI IMRAN additional session judge.

Dear friends the case is at the end and we need lots of prayers, Please remember us in your prayers and also pray for [us] and our daddy’s security. I have read a news today that 11 prisoners from Adiyala Jail (same jail in which daddy is kept) were kidnapped by the intelligence. And they are still missing even after the arrest of the superintendent of jail (because the superintendent handed them over to the intelligence) and the order of Supreme Court. So I am very scared of these circumstances. This is Pakistan and anything could happen anytime, the prisoners are not safe even in jail. Need more and more prayers. Please do donate because I don’t want the lawyer to stop right at the end of the case, we really need this donation. Please do donate generously.

This is the link to the news: http://www.thenews.com.pk/02-11-2010/Top-Story/1744.htm

And this is the link to Pay Pal: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Ftinyurl.com%2Fhectoraleem&h=4cf88tQPYTUhuqlVLEQsYH4Ptiw

If you can’t use the Pay Pal you can send through Western Union on my name.


Mehwish Aleem

Ibrahim Hooper – on the firing of Juan Williams – "Are you happy now?"

Megyn Kelly mixes it up with CAIR Muslim Mafia spokesman Ibrahim Hooper.


Here is a little intro by Nancy Bonus a Chapter Leader of the San Fernando Valley ACT for America.


JRH 10/23/10


Ibrahim Hooper – on the firing of Juan Williams – “Are you happy now?”


Nancy Bonus, Ph. D.

Sent: Oct 22, 2010 at 2:09 PM


Dear ACTivists:


How do you feel about the firing of Juan Williams from NPR? All he did was express what he personally feels when someone dressed in “Muslim garb” enters an airplane he’s on.


Apparently the idea of free speech in our country is very much under assault.  Mr. Williams is a Liberal and often appears on various shows on Fox News, promoting the Liberal side of things.


But with NPR which is partially funded with our tax dollars, free speech is under assault. Interesting side line on this story: This station has a decidedly anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian slant in its programming, leading many (including myself) to refer to it as “National Palestinian Radio.”


Please view Megan Kelly’s interview with Ibrahim Hooper from CAIR..


(With thanks to Doree who sent this to me),




Nancy Bonus, Ph.D.

Chapter Leader

San Fernando Valley

ACT! for America


San Fernando Valley Chapter :


Meetings are usually the 3rd Wed. of month in Sherman Oaks www.actforamerica.org

Update About Hector Aleem’s Hearing

Hector Aleem Family

Mehwish I can’t even imagine the frustration you are going through because of Islamic Supremacism and the West’s idiocy of playing the lap dog because of the so-called importance of being politically correct. I live on a fixed income living from day to day and behind on my bills in the richest nation in the world. Reading this message brings tears and shame for not being able to help with more than prayers. If only those with affluence in America could read about the plight of Hector Aleem as a persecuted Christian and unjustly accused person from the awful intolerance of Islam’s Sharia Law. The best I can do is post your heartfelt frustration and pray those of better means will read and send money.


Go to the Free Hector Aleem to find out how to send funds for Hector’s exorbitant legal fees being charged undoubtedly by a Muslim lawyer defending Hector from a death sentence.


JRH 9/16/10


Update About Hector Aleem’s Hearing


Mehwish Aleem

September 15, 2010


Dear Group members,

Nothing happened in today’s hearing because our lawyer didn’t appear on today’s hearing.

We are more deserving than any other flood victim. They lost their house and everything because of natural disaster but we have lost everything of ours because of nothing. I just hate it. Why people are donating them who won’t even appreciate because they consider it KAFIR (infidel) MONEY.


We are Christians and waiting for help for two years but nobody came forward. I thank everybody who has donated, but still we need lots of money because of our lawyer, I asked lots of organizations, but nobody agreed. I am very sure if we were Muslims all these organizations would have helped us 100 times. People are donating to these flood victims in the millions but nobody can donate us $5000.


We don’t have much to eat but still we say that our father should be out. We don’t need money for anything else but our father’s release. I think people are heartless. We have paid our lawyer $1000 and a seeming unlimited amount to his clerk for filing, papers and for the gas of his car. This amount makes another $1000 and he doesn’t consider it as fee but as expenses for him. He didn’t appear in court in today’s hearing because he wanted all the money together. Even our own church didn’t help us. I get $1, $2 or $5 and sometimes $50 or $100 which is very rare. What can this amount do? A sister is helping us in collecting donations and I know she is having too much trouble even from her own Church. I asked another brother to request people for donation on his group, but he refused because he claimed telling people to collect money will lessen his readers and members. He is afraid they all will leave the group immediately.


People can spend $15 or $20 in buying useless Shane Dawson or Shay Tard shirts. Or perhaps buy farmville or mafia wars web game cash but they can’t help someone whose life is in risk. We are living in this difficult country that we cannot even get jobs. Nobody has even arranged any asylum for us.


Mehwish Aleem


I ran a spell check and attempting a little liberal editing. If I changed any intended meaning, I pray Mehwish Aleem forgives me.

Warning to Christians: Don’t Blaspheme Islam in Pakistan

Misbah Aleem - Crusading Christian

I received a Facebook update for persecuted Hector Aleem from his daughter Misbah. It is easy to understand if you are out of the loop about Hector for his story is seemingly ignored by all major media outlets.


He is a Christian Pakistani human rights advocate framed for blaspheming Islam by a group of Muslims that want the property of the Church that Aleem was advocating for in Pakistan. The best way to eliminate a Christian in a Muslim land is to accuse that Christian of blaspheming Islam.


If Hector is found guilty, the blasphemy charge usually carries a death sentence. Hector has already been tortured in police custody and has been threatened with his life by a Muslim mob if acquitted.


Hector’s legal representation has been precarious at best. His current attorney is demanding money before continued defense for Hector. It is evident in Pakistan that an attorney is not provided for an accused if the accused cannot afford an attorney which is a basic right in America. Or at least it is evident for Christians not to receive legal representation in a theo-political crime that involves insulting Islam.


Below is Misbah’s plea for her father.


JRH 9/14/10


Hector Aleem’s Birthday


By Misbah Aleem

September 12, 2010 at 1:26pm

Free Hector Aleem – Facebook


There are some things we would like to tell you; First of all it’s about some organizations. We have been collecting donations since April and many brothers and sisters helped us. But as you all know that lawyers never stop asking for money, we really appreciate the help of all brothers and sisters who contributed some amount. But that was not enough for our lawyer and he is continually asking for more. Some of our friends gave us two organizations and they told us that these organizations help those in need and they will defiantly help us in giving fee to our lawyer. Now when we contacted those two organizations they refused to help us, I don’t know which organizations help those in need. The names of those two organizations are ICC (International Christian Concern) and ADF (Alliance Defense Fund). Here are the mails from those two organizations which refused to help us for no reason.


Here is the mail from ICC (International Christian Concern):

from: Darara –  darara@http://www.facebook.com/1/911dbrw9JVPbfbAegzuHJ8HaBqQ;persecution.org
to Mehwish Aleem – mehwishaleem@gmail.com

date: Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 2:02 AM

subject: RE: Any News?

mailed-by: http://www.facebook.com/l/911dbrw9JVPbfbAegzuHJ8HaBqQ;persecution.org

hide details Jun 30
Dear Mehwish,

First of all, I would like to apologize for not replying sooner. We definitely understand your situation and the plight of the entire family as your dad goes through this difficult time. It’s my strong hope and prayer that everything will be settled soon and your dad will be free. From our part, I really feel sorry to tell you that we aren’t in the position to pay for the lawyer’s fee. Please let’s know how the situation is going.


Here is the mail from ADF (Alliance Defense Fund) to our lawyer:


from Jessica@adflegalintake.orgJessica@adflegalintake.org
to G.K.Imtiazi – gk.imtiazi@gmail.com

date Fri, Sep 10, 2010 at 12:56 AM

subject RE: Some Information

hide details Sep 10 (3 day ago)
Dear Mr. Imtiazi:

Thank you for giving our attorneys the opportunity to review your request for assistance on Hector Aleem’s case. Unfortunately, this case is not within the scope of cases that we are currently accepting for representation. We have reviewed the information you have provided and have found that this situation falls outside of the scope of cases that we can advise or assist on. Accordingly, ADF will not be able to assist you in representing Mr. Aleem as legal counsel in this matter. At this time, there is no need for you to submit your resume’ in order to apply for a grant.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to consider the matter.


Legal Intake Manager
(480) 444-0020
(480) 444-0028 (fax)

See these are the two mails from these two organizations which refused to help us for no reason. But there is one organization called Christian Guardians who helped us financially. They donated $400; they couldn’t donate us further because they are a new born organization.

***** Hector Aleem’s Birthday *****

And it’s been almost one year since this group came into being and we all appreciate your prayers and your donations. Now Our Father Hector Aleem’s Birthday is coming on 15th September 2010 and we need a little favor from you people. Can you please send birthday cards to our father Hector Aleem? His birthday is coming on 15th September 2010 and it would be great if you guys send him birthday cards on 15th September 2010. Because he is alone in the jail and there will be no one to wish him for his birthday, we will really appreciate if you people send birthday cards to him.

Here is the Address where you will have to send the cards:


Hector Aleem
Adiyala Jail Rawalpindi

And please do not write anything negative about Islam or Pakistan as this will be dangerous for Hector Aleem.

***** Cause for Hector Aleem *****

And here is the cause we made, which is another way to raise awareness about our father Hector Aleem. So please join this cause on Facebook and also invite your friends to join.


Here is the link to the Cause: http://www.facebook.com/l/911dbPPGRrz8ZJ-mkmFEozatPLQ;www.causes.com/causes/524518?recruiter_id=95361826

Please donate here: http://www.facebook.com/l/911dbZJD-__w4KajH15TveisVuw;tinyurl.com/hectoraleem

And if you want to donate through any other way then please contact Mehwish Aleem who is in the Admin list.


Thank you for your support so far

God Bless You all


Geert Wilders as Galileo

I am a huge fan of the cryptic Norwegian writer with the pseudonym of Fjordman. I am on the Think-Israel email list and thus I discovered this short essay published on Think-Israel’s January/February postings. The original post was February 1 at the Gates of Vienna blog of whom another pseudonym of Baron Boddesy provides an introduction.


JRH 3/24/10

In the Forest of Eden

Adam & Eve in Garden of Eden. Jan the Elder Brueghel

I have just finished reading a very compelling essay from Norma Zager. Zager is associated with Ari Bussel with Post Cards From Israel. The Post Cards website publishes essays of Jewish insight of thoughts about Israel and Judaism. I get the impression (I could be wrong) that Bussel and Zager have a Liberal Jewish mindset which slants to the center. The implication being they are not Orthodox Jews but either Conservative or Reform Judaism. I don’t know I am just guessing from their writing.


They submit essay to SlantRight often. Some are awesome and some simply do not fit here at a Christian Right (somewhat Neoconservative) blog.


The Zager essay entitled, “In the Forest of Eden” embraces the topic of Israeli survival in the midst of Jewish hatred shot from Muslims, a humanistic Leftist West (including America) and ironically self-loathing Liberal American Jews.


There is one more thing in Zager’s essay one doesn’t read in Jewish political writings very often. She honors and welcomes the support of American Evangelical Christians (notably the Christian Right) for the cause of Israeli existence.


JRH 2/14/2010

Baby Trip, Son of Levi and Bristol

Levi Johnston & Bristol Palin 9-3-08

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston became the proud parents of a seven pound seven ounce baby boy named Trip Easton Mitchell Johnston. The birth was December 29, 2008 at about 5:30 AM in Palmer, AK.


Of course the notable Grand Parents are Todd and Governor Sarah Palin. The less known Grandmother is Sherry Johnston who seems to found herself in a spot of trouble.


I wonder if the crazy Left will mention this as some sort of Slanted Right diabolical occurrence when in fact it is a blessing of God.


JRH 12/30/08 (Hat tip to Right in a Left World)

Stanislav Shmulevich: Hate Crime or Misdemeanor?


I have to post something about this Stanislav Shmulevich who through a Quran or two into the toilet at a college Library.


I understand that Shmulevich is a Jewish Ukrainian that has lived in America since childhood. Although he was not registered at the college this term he was about to graduate and I presume he had taken some time off for whatever reason.


Shmulevich was caught in October 06 in the act of trashing the Quran in the toilet (or Qurans, I did not read clearly on that issue), yet it was just a week or so he was arrested and charged under the equivalent of Hate Crime Statutes. I have read the by-lines that Bill O’Reilly agrees that Shmulevich should be charged for hate crimes for his actions. I mention that because I am an O’Reilly fan and usually side with Mr. Fair & Balanced.


This time O’Reilly and the authorities have screw-up greatly! Shmulevich on video did indeed commit a crime. The crime was at worst destruction of public (or private) property. A court of law cannot adjudicate a crime that was in the mind of an individual but only the actual act of the crime. If America were into arresting people for thoughts of hatred then Mohammedans, Leftists or even artists could be arrested.


I am completely dissatisfied that this can be a hate crime charge. I mean there are Mohammedan Sunnis and Shi’ites in America which act out public protests that say death to Israel, death to America, death to Jews, death to those who insult Islam and on and on and on. Where are the hate crime arrests in these instances? One does not need to have the thought police to understand the public rabble rousing of hatred in the minds of those Mohammedans.


YET Shmulevich trashes a Quran or two and is arrested. Incidentally Shmulevich was arrested by a Mohammedan cop that has received all kinds of awards from Mohammedan organizations with ties to foreign terrorists like Hamas. The Council on American-Islamic Relations comes to mind. CAIR members are linked to funding Hamas with money via charity and Hamas is on the State Department terrorist list.


Here are some interesting details from Hot Air Blog: