Does the Last Five Years Line Up with the Current NIE?

National Intelligence Estimate logo

The National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) is a friend or foe politically depending on whose assumptions seem to be validated at the time of its release. The latest NIE release is reporting that Iran has not sought to make nuclear weapons since 2003.

Now obviously I am light years from being an Intelligence expert but here is the immediate picture that came to mind.

We are weeks away from 2008. The NIE says according to the data they have collected Iran has not been actively building a program toward nuclear Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) since 2003. So the NIE is saying the Israeli and American Intelligence deductions that contradict that assessment has been wrong for nearly five years. If you are just an every day American voter as my self, does something seem off about the Estimate of Intelligence gathering toward Iran?

For nearly five years Iran has upgraded its missile program for long range usage combined with a uranium enrichment program that could produce weapons grade uranium. And now the NIE is saying Iran has not had a nuclear weapons program since 2003.

Somebody’s screw is loose somewhere. All of Iran’s saber rattling toward the US and Israel, particularly proclaiming Israel will shortly be removed from the map; and the NIE says there is no nuclear weapons program in Iran? Surely the NIE did not think seriously that Ahmadinejad’s mystical beliefs in the lost Imam returning as the Mahdi was going to wipe Israel off the map. Or perhaps the NIE believes that Iran, Syria, Iraqi Shi’ites, Hezbollah Shi’ites and a Hamas coalition murdering terrorists will combine to eradicate Israel in conventional warfare?

Or maybe the NIE just skimmed over the IDF attack in Syria that blew apart a plant that was assembling nuclear warheads with the aid of North Korea (and undoubtedly the money of Iran) in September 2007.

Like I have said I am no Intelligence expert; however the information that has been made available to the public through the Leftist MSM and alternative Media still adds up to not trusting Iran on nuclear aspirations.



iran test fires missiles 

Who’s the Bigger Threat: The Moderate Muslims or the Jihadists?


Amil Imani writes in a kind of dialogue form debunking the concept that there is such a thing as a moderate Islam. The essay is quite lengthy; however it is worth the read even if you have to go back a few times to finish reading.

JRH 11/29/07

Moderate vs Jihadist cartoon

A Siege of Mecca in 1979?

Haram Layout (Great Mosque Mecca)

Did you know there was a group of Wahhabi Islamists that attempted to rip control of the “Great Mosque” in Mecca on November 20, 1979? The leader was a Sunni Wahhabi by the name of Juhayman al Uteybi.

Uteybi was no relation to the Saudi Royal Family. Apparently this is significant because the Saudi Royal Family of the time was attempting to liberalize the Saudi nation at the time and this Uteybi seizure of the “Great Mosque” was a Wahhabi response to the Saudi liberalization.

Let’s see, I was exactly 23 at the time. I have to be honest with you I have absolutely no recollection of that event in history. Do you?

Apparently it struck fear in the Saudi Royal Family who is supposed to be the modern protector of the Mohammedan holy city of Mecca. This Uteybi guy was so successful in seizing Mecca that the Saudi military needed help to re-take the “Great Mosque” in Mecca.

I became aware of all this through the posting of Mark A. Taylor of the ccpga Yahoo Group who discovered a book review by Thomas Lippman of a book entitled The Siege Of Mecca: The Forgotten Uprising in Islam’s Holiest Shrine and the Birth of Al Qaeda, by Yaroslav Trofimov.

To get a time frame in your mind Lippman points out this is a year in history that a whole lot of events of notoriety occurred:

That year began with the Iranian revolution and ended with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. In between, Egypt signed a peace treaty with Israel, radicalizing the Palestinians. Saddam Hussein took power in Iraq. And the former prime minister of Pakistan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, was hanged by the general who overthrew him, Mohammed Zia ul-Haq – the leader who would turn the struggle against the Soviets in Afghanistan into a religious war that inspired zealots such as Osama bin Laden.

Here is the thing; I remember every one of the above events of history. I do not recall the siege of Mecca. There is a good reason for this.

This was humiliating for the Saudis. The Saudis asked for foreign help but not from any MUSLIM NATIONS. Indeed Jordan offered to help but the Saudis refused Jordanian help. Lippman’s book review does not go into why Jordan’s offer was refused but I can guess. The Hashemite family had been protectors of Mecca but the first Saudi king wrested the honor away from the Hashemites. The Hashemite Royal Family of Jordan claims direct descent from the founder of Mohammedanism – Mohammed. I am uncertain of the details but there has been a loose rivalry ever since.

The foreign help that came were in the guise of French Commandos who eventually entered the city forbidden to non-Muslims and gained victory. Saudi officials have refused to discuss the event in their history for years.

It was from the ashes of this “Great Mosque” siege that was broken by a non-Muslim nation that the Saudi Royal Family began to re-adopt the harsh Wahhabi ways and forsaking any thought of liberalizing Saudi society.

Lippman says the author Trofimov implies that an already breeding radical Islamism became a global radical Islamic starting point for massive transnational terrorist movements like Usama bin Laden’s al Qaeda.

I believe I have to get this book.


Rule of Law Under Islam

Islam for Dhimmis

If there is such a thing as Moderate Mohammedanism it is in only practiced in Western style democratic nations.

At the ccpga Yahoo Group there is a huge amount of citations of non-Islamist (ergo the opposite being moderate) Mohammedans experiencing judgments from the rule of law in various Middle Eastern nations.

The post begins with a Dhimmi Watch post about a Christian woman being thrown in the slammer in Egypt for stating her religion as Christianity on her Marriage Certificate.

Evidently her father converted from Christianity to Mohammedanism briefly then converted back to Christianity. That is illegal according to the law of the land in Egypt. The father’s brief flirtation with Mohammedanism made all his children (whether they wanted to or not) legally Mohammedans. Thus the Egyptian Christian according to the law of the land was a Mohammedan. She broke the law trying to marry as a Christian.

The ccpga Post goes on with comments about the Dhimmi Watch post some of them telling accounts of other enforcement of the rule of law in Egypt.

Now if this is justice in a moderate Mohammedan society imagine the ruthlessness of Islamism.

Now imagine that Islamism is the predominant force in America and the West seeking Mohammedan converts and supporting the biggest and the newest Mosques in America and the West.

Now I am a huge believer in America’s First Amendment right that implies Freedom of Religion or philosophical conscience; however if this is the kind of rule of law moderate Mohammedans expect to be practiced in America, I am for some religious profiling to make sure Islamist teaching is NOT a right and a test to make sure a moderate Mohammedan is moderate by American Constitutional rule of law.

Be Thankful You Are NOT a Woman Living in Saudi Arabia


Be thankful you live in America where victims are not treated as criminals and criminals receive punishment based on the rule of law rather than the whim of a Muslim judge that deliberates according to the Quran – a document of pain, suffering and murder.

In Saudi Arabia the religion of peace has convicted a nineteen year old for the crime of being a victim to a gang rape. Her original judgment was ninety lashes; however at her appeal the judgment was increased to two-hundred lashes because her supporters supplicated to the media to get her story out to the world.

I believe in Freedom of Conscience to practice or not practice any religion; however the Scriptures of Islam (Quran, Hadith, Sunna, etc) makes Islam on paper a death cult. I am certain most Mohammedans have extracted any words of peace and justice from these Scriptures; however this does not nullify the violent oriented Scriptures.

It is the violent and absurdly unjust Scriptures that Sunni and Shia Islamists adhere to.

Saudi Arabia is an oxymoron in geopolitics. Saudi Arabia as ruled by the House of Saud has become a valuable ally with America on the War on Terror and yet the school of thought that dominates Saudi Arabia is Wahhabi. It is this Wahhabism that Sunni Islamists use to justify their Jihad of terrorism against non-Mohammedans and cruel judgments as interpreted by Sharia Law.

America cannot afford to have Wahhabi Mohammedans leak into America. The initial reaction of an ingrained Freedom of Religion will allow Wahhabists to develop into a fifth column to undermine the very foundations of America.

Thanksgiving will be labeled as a discriminatory holiday for Christians violating and offending Wahhabi Mohammedans who pray toward Mecca. To be Politically Correct Mohammedan ethics could be forced to be taught our children in relating about being Thankful to God the Christians experienced on a rare occasion in which Native Americans providentially aided Christian Pilgrim survive a harsh winter. Read the Presidential Proclamations concerning Thanksgiving until Congress made the day an official American Holiday. Thanksgiving is all about Thanks to God which included the exchange of Christian Giving between people who were natural enemies.

The Mohammedan concept of Thanksgiving is convert or die.


Moderate Saudi Arabia - the whip

Free Speech for CAIR but NO Free Speech for Non-Muslims?

I am not a Michael Savage fan. He is more on the scale of a Right Wing Shock Jock than conservative talk radio.

However I find it disgusting that the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is running a national campaign against the sponsors of his program because of anti-Mohammedan remarks. This coming from an organization that has documented ties to the infamous terrorist organization known as Hamas: Hamas is so evil that they even terrorize their fellow Arabs if they do not fall in step with their Wahhabi version of Mohammedanism.

Atlas Shrugs is calling for a boycott of products and services of the latest Savage sponsor to cave in to terror supporter CAIR – OfficeMax. You can to Atlas Shrugs to get the contact emails of OfficeMax’s top tier executives to complain about their jello spine.

I would take this boycott thing a step further. When or if you ever discover a sponsor of any program that drops a sponsorship due to CAIR, find their contact information and email or snail mail them about CAIR’s terrorist sympathies and their dream of ending American Liberty and replacing it with Sharia Law.

Is Al-Qaeda Psyops Slowly Taking Pakistan Piecemeal?

For those of you who do not follow the news very much or possibly you follow only selective portions of the news because in this day and age local political and geopolitical news is so immense that Joe American must pick and choose the news to follow as one perceives the effect the information has on our interests or lives.


Thus here is a tidbit of news you may have heard or not heard of: old Usama bin Laden (UBL) from location unknown but probably the Waziristan region of Northern Pakistan created an audio message to Pakistanis proclaiming President Pervez Musharraf as an a fakir (infidel) and a shirk (polytheist). Due to this proclamation Pakistanis should rise up and depose and assassinate Musharraf.


Also the audio addressed the Pakistan military to stand down and do nothing as the people rise up to through out the American loving apostate Musharraf.


Since the thrill of hearing UBL for the first time in years is wearing off the news coverage of the implications of how this may affect Pakistan and vis-a-vie the United States has somewhat worn off.


Steve Schippert writing for offers a remarkable analysis of Pakistan’s potential future which would not be good for America. Schippert believes Al-Qaeda has been operating a patient campaign to win the allegiance of various tribal territories in Pakistan. The Musharraf signing away of government control of Waziristan is an example of Al-Qaeda/Taliban interests gaining autonomous victory over the Pakistan military.


Here is something to think about that Schippert may not have known when writing his Pakistan threat analysis: Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto intends to return to Pakistan after being in exile since 1999. Benazir is the daughter of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Ali Bhutto served both as President and Prime Minister of Pakistan. Ali Bhutto was quite popular with the Pakistani people, however the will to retain power led to a clash of wills with other ethnic elites in Pakistan led to Ali Bhutto’s demise. In a dubious trial that was considered rigged by Bhutto ethnic enemies found him guilty of corruption and murder. The military dictator of the time General Zia-ul-Hak made the execution was carried out.


Daughter Benazir Bhutto has also been popular, yet unproven accusations by the Bhutto family enemies had her deposed for charges of corruption. There is an underlying implication that Benazir’s exile is ending to counter the growing popularity of radical Islam in Pakistan. The Pakistan military and Musharraf have not publicly welcomed her back. Nawaz Sharif is another deposed Prime Minister who was sent back into exile to Saudi Arabia has Benazir not to trust Musharraf. Time will tell just how desperate Musharraf is.





Understanding Al-Qaeda’s Pakistan PSYOP and Insurgency
The Troubling Effectiveness of al-Qaeda’s PSYOP On The Pakistani Army

By Steve Schippert
September 25, 2007 7:15 AM

Going forward in the global conflict before us, it is important to acknowledge and understand that al-Qaeda is currently engaged in an Information Operation (IO) campaign inside Pakistan. This is in addition to its efforts to gain influence outside of Pakistan, particularly with Muslims in Europe, the Middle East and in the US. The primary target of the Pakistan campaign is the Pakistani military and it is driven by al-Qaeda’s accelerating insurgency inside Pakistan. Understanding how and why al-Qaeda has undertaken this effort allows decision makers greater understanding of al-Qaeda’s aims and equips them with a ‘lay of the land’ required to counter al-Qaeda’s message and objectives.

Usama bin Laden’s latest recorded message is the third in just two weeks following three years of virtual silence from the al-Qaeda leader. In it, bin Laden calls on Pakistani Muslims to acknowledge that Musharraf’s actions are examples of his loyalty to the United States and representative of his unbelief. For bin Laden and his compatriots, such unbelief marks Musharraf as ‘kufr’ and places the requirement on believers to make “armed rebellion against him.” The misguided understanding that bin Laden and al-Qaeda have of Islam makes it obligatory to fight against those who rule outside of their interpretation of Islam, and its overly broad application of tawhid. Yet bin Laden crafts a different message for the Pakistani Army, whom he advises to “resign” from their jobs, “disassociate yourself from Pervez and his Shirk (polytheism)” and “enter anew into Islam.” There is a reason for this, which will be discussed below.

Ayman al-Zawahiri’s latest video message and bin Laden’s audio message, released on the same day, mark as-Sahab’s 77th and 78th propaganda productions this year alone. There is a clear shifting of gears in the al-Qaeda Information Operations, most notably within Pakistan as well as their international efforts surrounding the 6th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

Before looking further into the al-Qaeda Pakistani IO campaign, we must address the al-Qaeda-Taliban insurgency actively ongoing in Pakistan.

al-Qaeda in Pakistan – From Terrorism to Insurgency

There is, of course, no single agreed upon definition of terrorism. Terrorism is defined in the US Code of Federal Regulations as “…the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.” (28 C.F.R. Section 0.85) For instance, terrorism is – among other things – a tactic employed to increase support for a group through inspiration while also decreasing effective resistance to the group through intimidation. An example of this type of terrorism would be the beheading of those deemed to be ‘spies’ for the Americans in South Waziristan, the multiple car bomb and rocket attacks, or the anti-aircraft assassination attempts on Musharraf. Additionally, the bombings that took place after the Pakistani government raid on Lal Masjid (the Red Mosque) are an example of the use of terror to gain influence. No matter the definition of terrorism being applied, al-Qaeda has clearly been a terrorist organization in Pakistan.

Beyond Pakistan, Al-Qaeda seeks to – in part – influence American foreign policy through terrorist means. But within Pakistan, al-Qaeda has clearly and by specific design transformed from being simply a dangerous international terrorist group within Pakistan to a full-fledged internal insurgency against it. This transformation is represented through the efforts of al-Qaeda to acquire the armored assets of a state Army and its nuclear weapons, as well as the pursuit of land holdings to be integrated into the larger objective of creating an Islamic state to be ruled by a successor to the Prophet, a Khalifa or Caliph, nearly 1350 years after the last of the ‘rightly guided’ rulers.

An insurgency is a movement with specific governmental designs on the host country. In Countering Evolved Insurgent Networks, Col. Thomas X. Hammes (USMC, Ret.) quotes Bard O’Neill to define an insurgency. O’Neill wrote, “Insurgency may be defined as a struggle between a nonruling group and the ruling authorities in which the nonruling group consciously uses political resources (e.g., organizational expertise, propaganda, and demonstrations) and violence to destroy, reformulate, or sustain the basis of one or more aspects of politics.”

In more accessible terms, offers that the ultimate goal of an insurgency “is to challenge the existing government for control of all or a portion of its territory, or force political concessions in sharing political power.”

Both aptly describe al-Qaeda’s actions, operations and aims within Pakistan, a ready-made nuclear power which the terrorist group seeks to wrest complete control.

Perhaps the best way to describe al-Qaeda’s Pakistan insurgency is to call it a “Death by a Thousand Cuts.” They have openly sought not only the assassination of Pervez Musharraf, but also the demise – or reconfiguration – of the Pakistani national government. In a strategy that has been executed with remarkable patience, al-Qaeda has gained acknowledged control of several sizable territories in Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas.

After defeating Pakistani forces on the battlefield, the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance have secured various ‘peace accords’ replete with concessions from the Musharraf government. Effective control of North Waziristan, South Waziristan, Bajour and Swat have been ceded to them and Pakistani forces were – upon agreement – effectively withdrawn from the areas handed the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance through the accords. The accords, no matter how presented by the Musharraf government, represented abject defeat.

Al-Qaeda Insurgency: Destination – Islamabad

Domination in these territories has allowed al-Qaeda the haven necessary to rebuild its training and planning infrastructure as well as replenish its human resources. After a few short weeks of basic military training, Taliban conscripts are sent in waves across the border to battle US and Coalition forces in Afghanistan.

However, al-Qaeda has no designs on investing in regaining that territory. There are no resources for them there – and a more formidable, if reduced, military force to be reckoned with. One whose defeat of the terrorist group drove them into Pakistan’s border regions to begin with. Al-Qaeda’s designs are not back towards the west, but rather onward deeper into the heart of Pakistan.

While al-Qaeda’s Pakistan insurgency has been largely waged in the FATA region, it’s territorial aims are by no means limited to it. Rather, al-Qaeda seeks control of all of Pakistan, including its military, weapons and economic capabilities. Al-Qaeda has been executing this strategy one territory, one victory at a time. And it now closes in on Islamabad.

Indeed, an analysis by the Pakistani Interior Ministry warned Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf of precisely this. The New York Times reported that the 15-page internal Pakistani document warned Musharraf that “the influence of the extremists is swiftly bleeding east and deeper into his own country, threatening areas like Peshawar, Nowshera and Kohat, which were considered to be safeguarded by Pakistani government forces.” The Interior Ministry document said that Peshewar endures the “highest number of terrorist incidents, including attacks on local police,” and that in Bannu and Tank regions, police are “patronizing the local Taliban and have abdicated the role of law and order.”

It is important to note that Peshewar is the capital of the North West Frontier Province (NWFP). Much of the Pakistani government, non-Islamist educators, officials and police forces live inside heavily armed and walled communities in the NWFP, where they are more safe from al-Qaeda attack. The NWFP borders the Federally Administered Tribal Areas under direct Taliban-al-Qaeda control on one side and the Pakistani capital of Islamabad on the other. The rising violence is a clear indicator of the expansion of al-Qaeda’s insurgency as it marches patiently but steadily toward Islamabad. As evidenced by bin Laden’s latest message, that patience may be nearing an end.

Usama bin Laden’s latest message implored the Pakistani public to take up arms against Musharraf and warned the army’s soldiers to break ranks and fight Musharraf with al-Qaeda rather than serve him. This is a sign that al-Qaeda’s patient approach to its Pakistan insurgency has run its course. There could be a maelstrom of events to follow in Pakistan.

AQ Targets Police for Violence and Army Soldiers for Influence

The al-Qaeda Information Operation (IO) is designed to support the insurgency’s incremental march on Islamabad. The key to understanding the al-Qaeda IO and its insurgency goals is to understand how al-Qaeda primarily targets Pakistani Interior Ministry forces (police, constabularies and the Frontier Corps) for physical attack while targeting Pakistani regular army forces for influence and subversion.

The persistent mention of Pakistani police forces – rather than Pakistani Army forces – is expected in any Pakistani Interior Ministry report, as the Police forces fall under the Interior. But Pakistani police forces also decidedly bear the brunt of al-Qaeda’s lethal attacks and not the Pakistani Army. It’s not that al-Qaeda and their indigenous Taliban allies cannot attack the Pakistani Army with expectations of success. They most certainly can and have. With bin Laden’s latest audio message delivering a combination invitation and ultimatum to Pakistani Army soldiers, al-Qaeda’s designs for the Pakistani Army are more clearly visible. The reason for attacking Pakistani police forces is two-fold and – in this writer’s view – also the most elusive and yet perhaps most important indicator of the ongoing al-Qaeda insurgency.

First, the Interior Ministry is widely regarded as the one segment of the Pakistani government with unwavering loyalty to Musharraf, whom al-Qaeda has sought to assassinate several times. Unlike the military and the military’s intelligence arm (ISI), the Pakistani police forces, constabularies and Frontier Corps of the Interior Ministry do not have historical ties to Islamist groups such as Lashkar-e-Taiba, al-Qaeda and the Taliban. Interior Ministry loyalty to Musharraf makes their ranks logical targets for the Islamists who seek to kill and replace Musharraf atop an Islamist-run Pakistani government.

Secondly, and most importantly, al-Qaeda at the same time seeks to avoid open bloody conflict with the Army. Not because it fears the deadly consequences of such a confrontation, but rather because al-Qaeda senior leadership wants the Pakistani military intact – for themselves. Ideally, they do not want to ultimately find Musharraf killed or oustered only to have the military splintered internally between pro-government and pro-al-Qaeda commanders. Al-Qaeda is executing an insurgency to gain control, not to touch off a civil war.

In the end, al-Qaeda’s design is also to co-opt an intact military in order to gain command of a military force with the assets of a state (aircraft, armor, etc.) and direct control of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. Recent reports of defections of Pakistani military elements since bin Laden’s latest message to them indicates a level of success in the al-Qaeda IO campaign targeting them.

Measuring al-Qaeda’s PSYOP Success

Three weeks ago, well over 200 Pakistani Army soldiers surrendered to a much smaller number of fighters from the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance without a shot fired. But the al-Qaeda IO campaign primarily targeting the Pakistani regular army forces has a spillover effect on other forces – and the general populace – as well. It is reported in Pakistan that many soldiers in the Pakistani Army, Frontier Corps paramilitary and police forces are refusing to fight or putting up little fight against their own countrymen inside the Federally Administered Tribal Area.

It is difficult to dispute the success of al-Qaeda’s Psychological Warfare efforts inside Pakistan. The message has been consistent for several years and al-Qaeda’s patience and restraint in seeing it through are significant qualities of the terrorist organization turned insurgent group. With every message and in all their forms, al-Qaeda has sought to convince the Army soldiers that they are not al-Qaeda’s enemy, rather that they are simply being misled by Musharraf. In bin Laden’s latest message, he said of the Pakistani Army, “we see the armies becoming tools and weapons in the hands of the Kuffaar [unbeliever, referencing Musharraf and the US] against the Muslims.”

This message resonates, as many Pakistanis are reluctant to take up arms against other Pakistanis, whether those they would confront are Taliban or al-Qaeda or not. It must also be considered that upwards of 30% of the Pakistani Army are, like the Taliban, ethnic Pashtuns. The vast majority of them are enlisted foot soldiers, as very few ethnic Pashtuns hold leadership positions, largely due to internal social and educational dynamics.

Even among the Pakistani police forces in the North West Frontier Province, many are said to have requested leave or simply deserted when faced with the outlook of deadly confrontations with fellow Pakistanis among the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance. In other instances, including the Interior Ministry’s report that specifically cited the Bannu and Tank regions, police are “patronizing the local Taliban and have abdicated the role of law and order.”

Where True Power Lies…And Grows

This is an indication that fear is also a prime motivator among Pakistanis. In the North West Frontier Province capital of Peshawar, al-Qaeda’s black banner of jihad can be seen displayed in the widows of many shops and flying in various places. This does not necessarily mean that there is explicit support in the hearts and minds of all Pakistanis there – even among those flying the al-Qaeda banner.

Though Peshewar and the rest of the NWFP are technically under Pakistani state control, this indicates a reflection among the populace of where the true power lies – outside the walled communities where many government employees and ‘moderate’ citizens take refuge. In many cases, the al-Qaeda banner may well be flown simply out of self-protection to avoid attack on their particular shops.

The police cannot protect everyone all the time, but al-Qaeda and the Taliban can attack at their choosing. And from a local’s perspective, this is where the true power lies. And as more and more Pakistanis in the police forces, the Frontier Corps and the regular army begin to show a reluctance to do battle, the al-Qaeda power in these region grows, both in measurable means on the ground and within the minds of the Pakistani populace.

Such are the tangible gains of effective, persistent and robust al-Qaeda information operations, a classic PSYOP directed at both the Pakistani population writ large and also expressly directed at the Pakistani Army. As a result, Pakistani forces are engaging al-Qaeda and the Taliban less and less. In fact, President Musharraf announced that in 2008, there will be no Pakistani Army activity at all in al-Qaeda-held territory, deferring engagement to the less capable and less effective Frontier Corps and Pakistani police and constabularies.


The growing success of this long running al-Qaeda PSYOP makes it clear that the defeat of al-Qaeda and the elimination of their global headquarters in Pakistan will not come from Pakistani sources or initiative. As with so many other theaters in this global conflict, the initiative must again come directly from the United States. The American public and American political leaders must prepare themselves for the reality that, at this stage, defeating al-Qaeda in Pakistan most likely requires American boots on Pakistani soil.

The continued disengagement from the fight by Pakistani military forces unwilling to combat terrorists and insurgents within their own country is indeed troubling. President Musharraf’s recent decision to fully disengage and withdraw his most capable combat forces from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas by January 2008 certainly does not bode well for continued distanced engagement or non-engagement by American forces. In the end, defeating al-Qaeda in Pakistan will require direct American military action on the ground. The alternative is to accept the consequences of a strengthening al-Qaeda insurgency that is gaining momentum.

There can therefore be little debate that al-Qaeda and its global headquarters in Pakistan must be defeated before they consume Pakistan and the assets of a nuclear-armed state with professional military forces. The first step is an effective IO strategy of our own to counter this very powerful aspect of the insurgency. At current, only Pervez Musharraf openly engages the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance in the war of words and ideas within Pakistan. Unfortunately, these efforts amount to little given his poor domestic credibility. More Pakistani voices are required, and they must address the Pakistani people, bottom up, in a credible manner.

Is Al-Qaeda Psyops Slowly Taking Pakistan Piecemeal?
John R. Houk
© September 27, 2007

Understanding Al-Qaeda’s Pakistan PSYOP and Insurgency
All contents Copyright © 2005-2007, ThreatsWatch.Org

It is Cliché, but Really – America Needs to Focus on the Islamist in our Midst

I was reading about Lars Vilks being exonerated from incitement to hate speech by a Swedish Justice Chancellor. Free Speech in Europe is not regarded with the same sanctity as in America thus Vilks overcame a major challenge to Free Speech.


Evidently some Mohammedan organizations had asked the Free Speech watch dog in Sweden to indict Vilks on “agitation against an ethnic group.”


I was going to run with the angle of Vilks being vindicated of the right to utilize Free Speech. The Justice Chancellor ruled satire is not an overt insult even though it may be taken as such by an ethnicity. Basically the Justice Chancellor implied a big GET OVER IT.


The thing that struck me was the discovery of a music video that was broadcast by Hamas controlled Al-Aqsa TV in Hamastan err I mean the Gaza Strip September 19.


The Vilks article I had read was about Vilks and Mohammedan intolerance however the music video was propaganda praising Hamas and there efforts to spread chunks of Jewish meat.


I watched the video which has an English subtitle translated by MEMRI TV from the Arabic. It is a heinous example of hate speech that definitely incites “agitation against an ethnic group.” There is zero satire in the music video. After a vivid portrayal in song and video of Hamas training (in sky masks) glorying in the intention of murdering Jews (Can you say Nazi Final Solution?), the post script to the music video is a dedication to the Arab and Palestinian community in Sweden.


Hello Europeans. Hello Swedish people. This is a reference to the death bounty placed on the head of Lars Vilks for drawing the Modoggie cartoons. The threat will have to make Vilks watch his back for some time to come. Mohammedans are quite serious about their intolerance and exacting murder to bring that good feeling about themselves for defending their faith from perceived verbal insults.


Then a realization hit my mind like a ton of bricks.


All this Holy Land Discovery (HLF) discovery being made public about the Muslim Brotherhood having an agenda to Islamicize America coupled with the reason for the prosecution of the HLF – Acquiring American donations and funneling it to Hamas; reminded me Muslim Americans are actually fueling this hatred from money earned in America and illegally distributed to Hamas for their Islamofascist crimes.


Friends the War on Terror is not just a concern about the war in Iraq. These terrorist organizations are transnational in nature and growing more confident in an agenda that I pray is utopian and unrealizable: the striking of fear via terrorism combined with the infiltration of Western Democrat/Liberty infrastructures to utilize our way of life to heinously and deceptively destroy the American way of life.


As write this piece the Mainstream Media (MSM) and even Fox News is focusing more on nabbing O.J. Simpson by any legal means necessary to make up for past botched up trials rather than the significance of the Holy Land Foundation and the HUGE list of named unindicted co-conspirators that connects to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Which is more relevant to the lives of Americans: a former All-Pro football player spiraling toward a dead end life or the security and the protection of the American way of life from International/transnational conspiracists?


Dear God in Heaven, one of the big dog financiers (Ahmadinejad) of transnational Islamofascist terrorism is attempting to visit the 9/11 site in New York City to lay a wreath for the dead. And I don’t know about you but that smacks more of gloating than remorse for the deaths of Americans on their own soil working to making a living for self and family.


Dear God in Heaven let’s view a MSM press focus on the infiltration of Islamists in America. Let’s forsake the stigma of the fear of not being politically correct enough to expose these organized fifth column designs to subvert America.


In the beginning of such a campaign a few innocent Mohammedans that love America may get hurt; however it will force the hand of the so-called silent majority of Mohammedans to be more vocal of their denunciation of Mohammedan organizations that claim to represent Mohammedan interests and civil rights in America. The reality is a significant amount of Mohammedan organizations (most prominently CAIR) are less concerned for Muslim-American civil rights than they are in manipulating America’s system to Islamofy America and persuade moderates toward Islamist Theo-Political ideology.


I am all for joining Moderate Muslim-Americans to expose and aiding in the prosecution and if need be expulsion of insidious Islamists in America. When Muslim-Americans truly act a part of America, i.e. assimilate to American culture; THEN the beginning of the end of the War on Terror will occur.


As long as Islamist Theo-Political ideology dominates the Mosques and madrassas in America then moderate Muslim transformation toward inner peace rather than violent outward assertion will not occur.


Honestly the silent majority of moderate Muslims must become vocally active like Youssef Ibrahim or Islamism will be the growing and dominating force behind modern Islam. If the minority Islamists begin to dominate their culture as the minority Nazi movement began to dominate Germany in the “30”s, then there will be global blood and unimaginable loss of human life.