Negotiating with Terrorists Rather than Defeating Them

Saeb Erekat (Pal.) - Condi Rice

Here is a classic example of the paradox of the Bush Administration. The Administration is obviously committed to fighting the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) or American troops would not be in Afghanistan and Iraq with some saber rattling toward Iran to boot.


The paradox is the Bush Administration is wooing Sunni Mohammedan nations that have been unofficially exporters of Islamist doctrine to Middle Eastern terrorists and to the West in a play to build an Arabic consensus against Iranian hegemonic designs. Most of Iran’s client States and terrorists are Shi’ite.


As part of this Arabic wooing the Bush Administration has come under the delusion that establishing a sovereign Arab nation called Palestine with land that is historically part of the Land of Israel AND won as the result of Arab invasions attempting to eradicate Israel will bring both peace and Arabic support for America against the psycho Iranian Ayatollahs and Shi’ites.


And so Secretary of State Condi Rice has harshly criticized Israeli plans to build dwellings for Jews in Eastern Jerusalem and the West Bank as counter productive to establishing that sovereign Arab nation called Palestine.


The Yahoo News article I read this at is entirely slanted to the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians with such expressions as land “won” by Israel in the 1967 war without mentioning the land was won resulting from a victory of an invading enemy bent on destroying Israel from the face of the earth.


Hello! The land won is the price the Arabs must pay for their continuous invasions of Israel. The land was lost by Arabs by Arab aggression and Israel won land that is part of their heritage. The Mohammedan claim that the land has always been Mohammedan is as delirious as the Mormon belief that the lost tribes of Israel came to America and became the Native Americans. The claims are pure historical theo-political lies to justify the death cult’s eradication of Judaism from the land that Mohammedans themselves conquered in war centuries earlier from Christian Byzantines and then non-Mohammedan Persians.


The Bush Administration needs to cut the crap and support the ONLY Western Style Democracy in the Middle East and quite dealings with Islamofascist Arab-Palestine terrorists and Islamic nations as if they are victims when in actuality they are aggressors.