Americans Need to See the Real Obama

Dem Dream Team

What does change mean to Barack Hussein Obama? It means accelerating Slanted Left social engineering internally and sticking their head in the sand externally. Think of how much worse it could be if Hillary succeeds in talking her despised fellow Democrat into the “dream ticket” run for the White House in 2008.


The extreme Black Power Leftist politically married to only a slightly less minuscular Lefty in Hillary would perpetuate and increase the social engineering in America in such things as a Christian Minister preaching from the Bible that homosexuality is sin would be a bigoted hate crime.


GW has sought out Arab consensus against Iran as a last choice to confront a nuking Iran because the Leftists or anti-American governments do not have the cajones to face oil rich and radical Islamic terrorist Iran. Obama’s world view would make negotiating with rogues, murdering terrorists and exporters of Islamist hatred his primary choice rather than the last choice. Obama would be in agreement of appeasement with Leftists in Europe and America. Gosh! Does it sound like Neville Chamberlain at the Munich Accords making a deal with a devil that had no intention whatsoever to keep the Accords? Kind of sounds like Ahmadinejad and Iran diplomacy stalling for more and more time to reach some kind of appalling goal – WMD. Indeed deception or the impossible “all or nothing” attitude seems to the primary negotiation tool of most of the Islamic Middle East. Does Obama believe he can make a deal with Islamist liars?


David Limbaugh has written a column that the McCain is boning up on the character and the friendships of Barack Hussein Obama to allow the real Obama to be seen by the American public before they make a choice for President in November 2008. Limbaugh has some excellent insight on the real Obama – YOU should read it.



Obama tells Tenn.’s GOP: ‘Lay off my wife’

Michelle Obama

Barack Hussein Obama is publicly criticizing the GOP for publicizing Michelle Obama’s campaign words made in public.


What a Democratic moron is this?


If Obama wishes or even demands the GOP to lay off his wife he should: 1) Not have her campaign with him; or 2) Tell Michelle to shut up.


The GOP delusionally bending to the doctrine of Political Correctness is attempting to comply with Obama’s heated criticism for the GOP National Chairman has publicly said the national level repudiates this kind of campaigning.


Dear God Heaven – AGAIN – If Barack Hussein Obama does not wish to have his sweetie under campaign scrutiny; then she must not participate in the campaign and keep her yapper shut.


JRH 5/19/08

Is McCain Like Kerry: Dubious Decorations to Exploit Politics?

George-Bud-Day (Col. ret.) 82 yrs 

Now I know John Kerry is not in the Presidential hunt in 2008; however when I read an interview of a fellow captive with John McCain in North Vietnam’s torture prison camp known as Hanoi Hilton, I immediately thought of the difference of what a Dem thinks of decorated hero and what real Americans think decorated heroes are.


Supporters of Kerry’s war record are those that directly served on his boat and the reports given and written by Kerry himself in which top brass read then awarded citations of valor and medals. So there are documented facts yet different interpretations of those facts exist. There is a mystery of Kerry’s discharge from the Navy itself. The thing is serious some dispute of the validity of the documentation. So even after the long delay of Kerry allowing his war record to be released, doubters of Kerry’s war record have a good foundation to doubt. Besides a true American hero does not trash his fellow military comrades directly after leaving the Service if he indeed performed the acts the disputable documentation portrays.


It is no wonder that Kerry is part of the cut-n-run crowd which is actually a disappointing huge amount of people, not just Democratic Party politicians.


So I have taken one more shot at Senator Kerry for this reason. There is man running for President in 2008 who also is Vietnam Vet and there is little mystery of his heroism during the war or after. That candidate is Republican John McCain.


There are Leftists that are trying to debunk McCain’s war record attempting to do a Left Wing version of Swift Boating. However there is little mystery in facts and the conclusions that follow as with John Kerry. After the Vietnam War, McCain did NOT jump on the “I HATE AMERICA” Left Wing gravy train to infamy as Kerry did.


I found this website that is blatantly stinging toward John McCain record as a POW throwing doubt on the veracity of McCain’s medals. It reads like the words of vets in the John Kerry mold; i.e. veterans that hate their nation and their Service. Then the site links to another person who offers his negative opinion.


The site unwittingly mentions that Colonel George “Bud” Day nursed McCain back to health after being taken as a POW.


Oops! Bud Day does NOT corroborate the website’s disdain for McCain’s heroism. READ HERE. (McCain’s military records – HERE.)



Obamacide – Obama’s Church Reprinted Hamas Manifesto

TUCC Support of Hamas (Obama's Church)

I continue to wonder how Obama can condemn racist statements and support a church that supports terrorism (viz. Hamas) and can still say he is above the racist anti-American beliefs of those associated with for years.


In the midst of all the Obama denials and condemnations of past and present associates, there is an amazing amount of evidence emerging that the eloquent Barack Obama is merely just another two-faced fringe Leftist trying to deceive his way into the White House.


JRH 3/22/08


Obamacide – Obama’s Church Reprinted Hamas Manifesto

March 18, 2008


If this isn’t Obamacide then we may have to start calling him Teflon Barry.


From BizzyBlog comes evidence that Obama’s church not only has anti-white, anti-American feelings, but may also have a pro-Hamas bias. The July 22, 2007 Trinity United Church of Christ bulletin reprinted an article written by Mousa Abu Marzook, deputy of the political bureau of Hamas. Originally printed in the LA Times as “Hamas’ stand“, Pastor Wright added a new title, “A Fresh View of the Palestinian Struggle”. The Times was criticized for giving a “Platform To Genocidal Terrorist.” Where does that leave Obama’s church? Marzook is a known terrorist and created an extensive Hamas network in the United States.


The smoking gun is here in Obama’s church bulletin. Was Obama there? Does he support Hamas? Expect Obama and his supporters to simply ignore this tacit if not direct support of a terrorist organization.


Update: Obama Foreign Policy Advisor Robert Malley an Avid Hamas Supporter – Father was Confidante of Yasser Arafat.


Update from BizzyBlog – 3/22/08



“Creeping Sharia” is a phenomenon occurring across the free world. We’ll define it as “the slow, deliberate, and methodical advance of Islamic law (sharia) in non-Muslim countries” (literal definitions below).


To the general public, justifiably pre-occupied with work, family, pleasure, dreams, hopes, goals, and the stresses of each, “creeping sharia” goes mostly unnoticed. Until, that is, a particular event generates enough concern from those who focus on the “creep” that the general public takes notice. These singular events are sometimes less worrisome, but taken in whole, the uncoordinated yet explicit goal of the ummah and worldwide caliphate become obvious and alarming.


Hence the birth of the “creeping sharia” blog.


The blog will focus on “creeping sharia” in the United States however major events in other … READ MORE ON THE ABOUT PAGE.


Does America Really Want a Dem in the White House?

Islamist White House

A lot of people think the Democratic Party is on the fast track to winning the White House in 2008. Of the many people, the prediction is Barack Hussein Obama will be that Democrat.


With that in mind, the primary theme of Obama is the word “change.” The only defining allusion to the word “change” at this moment is something different from the status quo of Washington politics. Anyone with any sense is aware that a fringe Leftist like Obama is not going to change the status quo of politics in Washington. He will be just as polarizing receiving enmity from the Right as GW received enmity from the Left.


The first item of “change” will be for a Democratic Party President to bring the troops home from Iraq preventing victory which is now just a hands grasp away and probably throwing the oil rich Iraq into a chaos with an Iranian predator next door.


Thus leaving Iraq would probably lead numerable bad things, of which the Saudis and Europe will clamor for the return of the American military to clean up.


A chaotic Iraq will lead to an invasion from the north from Turkey to make sure oil endowed Kurds do not form an independent nation. A chaotic Iraq will lead to a civil war between Sunnis and Shias that has nearly been solved by the current Troop Surge. Then Iran will make its play to either create a Shia Islamist Iraq or simply annex the Shia dominated part of Iraq next door to Iran.


The in between time of the Democrats removing troops from Iraq and an impending chaos in Iraq, an international proclamation that transnational terrorism (of which al Qaeda appears to be the most notorious to Americans) has defeated the most powerful nation in the world – the United States of America – will be shouted from the Islamist roof tops.


This will place some swagger on some goals of transnational Islamist terrorism to spread Islam by further terrorism and embolden Western Islamists to require more concessions in the rule of law to practice Sharia Law as opposed to the Rights and Liberty oriented values of Western Culture.


Since Europeans tend to be appeasement minded lefties supporting many of the issues of why Islamism exists, the rule of law debate between Islam and Western values is already an issue.


In America where Islamist dominated organizations in private yet publicly deluding the American public and Left that they are of a moderate nature, will begin to emulate their Islamist brothers in Europe. The demand for Sharia exclusivity apart from Constitutional Law will begin. This kind of demand will undermine the current Leftist stand on Separation of Church and State as the Islamic religion is given government privileges and perks to practice Islam under government protection and involvement all in the name of the delusion of multiculturalism.


Thus all those years of work by the Left to rid the local, State and Federal government of Christian heritage will become a hypocrisy as Islam is protected by the Government. For example it will be a hate crime for Christians to condemn Islam according to Biblical Scriptures but it will be Freedom of Speech for Islam to proclaim its superiority over all other religions and those religions that criticize Islamic superiority will be a hate crime. Can anyone say self-imposed dhimmitude?


The Islamist deception is already spreading in America’s public domain via the so-called moderate non-profit Islamic organizations and non-profit Islamic civil rights organizations. Islamists are highly involved in American Mosques and American Public and Private Schools.


Steven Emerson recently has wrote a blog post which I found at Political Mavens criticizing the Mainstream Media (specifically the New York Times in this instance) for proclaiming moderate bona fides to obvious Islamists who wish to bring down the American way of life by hook or by crook.


In this case the Islamists are members and speakers the Muslim Students’ Association (MSA), which was directly founded by the Muslim Brotherhood out of Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood’s roots reach all the way back to the cooperation of Hassan al Banna and Amin el-Husseini that supported and received support from Adolf Hitler due to a mutual hatred of Jews.


Steven Emerson demonstrates there is ABSOLUTELY nothing moderate about the MSA which is highly involved on American University campuses nationally.


Is this the scenario you as an American wish to get rolling by supporting the Democratic Party? God Almighty I pray not! Vote Republican!

Did Obama Engage with Homosexual Sex with Larry Sinclair?

Well, well, well – the beginnings of scandalous alleged accusations that Democratic Party communicating wonder Barack Obama has been involved in illicit homosexual sex and a participant of illegal drugs as late as 1999 has been level by a homosexual by the name of Larry Sinclair.


Of course the Mainstream Media is taking a hands-off approach about the alleged accusations of Sinclair because Obama is the current darling charismatically promoting change yet not detailing any substance of change.


I am guessing no one will touch Sinclair’s allegations until he can demonstrate physical evidence to back up his story. Sinclair does seem determined to out Obama for he has filed civil public documents outlining the allegations in a civil suit.


If Sinclair manages to gain any traction in his exposé civil suit I wonder what the Obama and Democratic Party spin machine will be. For example homosexuality is not a criminal offense however Obama is married. Would Obama’s wife pull a Hillary and look the other way if truth is discovered in the Sinclair allegations?


Participating in controlled substances, i.e. using prescribed drugs abusively or drugs described as illegal narcotics could be a legal issue for Obama if the allegations are proven true. I mean Obama was a member of the Illinois State Congress in 1999 allegedly breaking the law.


Or will the devout believers of Obama’s promise of (empty) change lead voters themselves to look the other way. After all Bill Clinton perjured himself about being a sexual predator and was impeached by the House and exonerated by a Party line vote in the Senate and still remained popular with his Left Wing constituency who could care less about immoral acts in the White House.


I am pondering here: I wonder what the Mainstream Media would do if the reputation in question was the leading candidate for President in the Republican? Here is another thought: knowing the penchant for Social Conservative to be outraged at immoral behavior of the Left; is the Obama story a Hillary strategic planted story in collusion with Larry Sinclair to take Democratic Party votes away from Obama to win the Democratic Party nomination for herself?


Anyway it is all fascinating dirt that is closer to the present than the accusations of being a closet Muslim because of Obama’s childhood and youth.


The mud is beginning to fly.



A Single Vote Could Give Al-Qaeda Victory over America


The Global War on Terror (GWOT) and terminating transnational terrorists such as al-Qaeda should be the primary focus of the next President of the United States.


Obama and Clinton either offer sweet slogans to woo the youth or highly socialized programs that are utopian and sound good yet essentially will cost the taxpayers a bundle. The fringe Democrats as a whole wish to continue a transformation of America into Secular Humanism in which Americas Christian heritage is proclaimed archaic and alternative lifestyles are validated as morally relative. Thus the homosexuals will call Christians hate mongers (the ones that are Scripture oriented anyway), the abortion mills will prosper, all mottos of God related to government will be erased (e.g. In God We Trust), the southern borders WILL be opened to Hispanics to make America a two culture nation and probably more I have missed.


Obama and Clintons biggest card to get elected is to prove that American lives are being wasted in a war that is lost. The Mainstream Media (MSM) being left oriented runs propaganda to brainwash the American public that the GWOT on terror being fought in Iraq is lost. The facts are very much to the opposite of the propaganda.


In fact Iraqi politicians are saying the same thing that Conservatives that want to WIN the GWOT are saying; viz. that an American pull-out would cause a regional instability that would lead to a genocidal blood bath in which transnational terrorists such as al-Qaeda would proclaim themselves the little spark that defeated the most powerful nation in the world the Great Satan America.


This would lead to a rallying cry for more terrorist activities in the West because Islamist terrorists are not merely in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, the Palestinian side of Israel or wherever to merely give America a black-eye. NO! The rallying cry would resound to the past of Mohammedanism founder Mohammed: it is a vision to take the Theo-political cult globally and force world submission to Allah and its harsh Sharia Law.


This is a vision to ultimately terminate Western variations of Democracy and civil rights and replace them with Mohammedan supremacist thinking.


I found a blog post at Truth in Conviction by J. Grant Swank, Jr. I do not agree with everything Swank writes, particularly in this article. However Swank places the GWOT in perspective and what would happen if Obama or Hillary won the White House AND why McCain should be the man in the White House. Swank seems to insinuate a belief that Obama will win the White House to Americas detriment. Swank also insinuates that McCain is the best man to be in the White House to win the GWOT; however because of his age and lack of charismatic connection to younger voters, McCain will ultimately lose to Obama.


Read Swanks post entitled OBAMA / CLINTON INVITE AL QAEDA US-TAKE OVER. For me the post is an example as to why Conservatives need to get over the negative issues McCain presents and unite behind him to keep the fringe Dems out of the White House.



Obama bill: $845 billion more for global poverty

Barack Obama 2

Here is an example of Americas future with a fringe Democratic Party President. Obama wants to solve Global Poverty on the American tax payer which incidentally may have United Nations oversight with those taxes collected for poverty outside the USA. I am telling you Conservatives that McCain is a much better choice than to allow this to occur.


JRH 2/15/08

Clinton replaces campaign manager

Maggie Williams (Clinton Cam Mngr 2-10-08)

The Clinton political machine is running scared! There has been a campaign staff shake-up.


JRH 2/10/08


Clinton replaces campaign manager


By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer

Yahoo News

February 10, 2008 7:00 PM CT


WASHINGTON – Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton replaced campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle with longtime aide Maggie Williams on Sunday, engineering a shake-up in a presidential campaign struggling to overcome rival Sen. Barack Obama’s financial and political strengths.


The surprise announcement came hours after Obama’s sweep of three contests Saturday and shortly before the Illinois senator won caucuses in Maine on Sunday.


Determined to stem the tide, Clinton turned to a longtime confidante to manage her operations while the campaign acknowledged that she made a private visit to North Carolina this week to seek the endorsement of former rival John Edwards. Her rival Barack Obama was planning his own meeting Monday with Edwards, who confidants said was torn over which candidate to back.


Campaign aides said Solis Doyle made the decision to leave on her own and was not urged to do so by the former first lady or any other senior member of the team. But it comes as Clinton struggles to catch Obama in fundraising and momentum and faces the prospect of losing every voting contest yet to come in February.


Solis Doyle announced the shift in an e-mail to the staff on Sunday.

"I have been proud to manage this campaign and prouder still to call Hillary my friend for more than 16 years," Solis Doyle wrote. "Maggie is a remarkable person and I am confident that she will do a fabulous job."


Solis Doyle said she will serve as a senior adviser to Clinton and the campaign, and travel with Clinton from time to time.


Williams, who served as Clinton’s White House chief of staff, joined the campaign after the New York senator narrowly won the New Hampshire primary Jan. 8. She will begin assuming the duties of campaign manager this week.


"I think this is one of the most important things I could be doing," Williams told The Associated Press. "I don’t think you can accept one of these jobs unless you care about the future."


After Clinton’s third-place finish in Iowa, Williams and other top strategists were brought aboard to help hone the political operation and sharpen Clinton’s message. According to campaign aides, Solis Doyle, who has two young children, made the decision to step down as campaign manager at the time and agreed to stay on until Super Tuesday, Feb. 5.


The staff shake-up caps a week in which Clinton grabbed the bigger prizes on Super Tuesday, winning New York, California and New Jersey, but Obama prevailed in more contests. Obama won the popular vote in 13 states, while Clinton won in eight states and American Samoa.


Both Clinton and Obama have been competitive in fundraising for most of the campaign; each raised more than $100 million last year. In the last few weeks, however, Clinton lagged behind Obama as he raised $32 million in January to her $13.5 million, forcing her to lend her campaign $5 million before Super Tuesday. The campaign said Saturday that it had raised $10 million since the beginning of February.


Obama enjoyed a three-state sweep Saturday night, winning the Louisiana primary and caucuses in Washington state and Nebraska. He has the potential to pad his victories in contests Tuesday in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia, as well as next week in Wisconsin and his native Hawaii.


Clinton is hoping to prevail on March 4 when Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island and Vermont vote.


In a statement, Clinton praised Solis Doyle and said she looked forward to her continued advice in the coming months.


"Patti Solis Doyle has done an extraordinary job in getting us to this point — within reach of the nomination — and I am enormously grateful for her friendship and her outstanding work," Clinton said. "And, as Patti has said, this already has been the longest presidential campaign in history and one that has required enormous sacrifices of everyone and our families.


"I look forward to her continued advice in the months ahead," Clinton added.


"Patti and I have worked with Maggie Williams for more than a decade," Clinton said in the statement. "I am lucky to have Maggie on board and I know she will lead our campaign with great skill towards the nomination."


The daughter of Mexican immigrants who cut her political teeth in Chicago, Solis Doyle served as Clinton’s scheduler for eight years in the White House and began overseeing her political operation during her first run for Senate in 2000.


But Solis Doyle’s appointment as Clinton’s presidential campaign manager last year surprised many Democratic operative including some in Clinton’s inner circle, who believed she did not have sufficient political experience to run the operation.


Clinton aides loyal to Solis Doyle say she proved the naysayers wrong, smoothly managing a staff of several hundred and a budget that swelled to well over $100 million while leaving most of the campaign’s major strategic decisions to others — particularly Clinton pollster Mark Penn and media adviser Mandy Grunwald. But she was also criticized by others for, among other things, failing to anticipate and plan for Obama’s fundraising prowess.


Money will be crucial for a drawn-out fight for the party’s nomination, an historic struggle between Clinton, who is seeking to become the first female commander in chief, and Obama, who would be the first black president.


The Democratic Party’s system of awarding pledged delegates proportionally and the oversized role of superdelegates, the 796 lawmakers, governors and party officials who are not bound by state votes, meant that no candidate had a commanding lead.


According to The Associated Press’ latest survey, Clinton had 243 superdelegates and Obama had 156. That edge was responsible for Clinton’s overall edge in the pursuit of delegates to secure the party’s nomination for president. According to the AP’s latest tally, Clinton has 1,125 total delegates and Obama has 1,087. A candidate must get 2,205 delegates to capture the nomination.


The delegate numbers increased the possibility of a protracted fight for the Democratic nomination, perhaps lasting through this summer’s national convention in Denver.



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Super Tuesday is Yesterday

American Flag Ballot Box

Super Tuesday has come and gone. The waters are a little less muddy but they are still muddy.


For the Democrats Hillary asserted herself as a front runner however by no means eliminated Obama from nipping at her feet.


For the Republicans the once down for the count McCain has beat the ten-count to be ahead in points. Romney had a surprisingly disappointing showing and Huckabee had a surprisingly strong showing; however that combination seems to have cancelled each other out giving the old man McCain new vigor toward a nomination win.


In politics things can change but it appears Huck’s strong show may embolden him to go all the way through the primary process even if it is a loosing effort in the hope that miracles will continue to boost him toward an unlikely nomination.


Romney was seriously hurt by Super Tuesday. He has the money to stay in the race; however at this point the businessman needs to calculate the profit and loss and decide on a strategy that could make him a king maker or part of the winning nominee’s team in some influential manner. Of course as I have said, politics change. Any unforeseen occurrence could rearrange the fortunes of the Republicans top three candidates at any moment.


Which Republican do I support? I just cannot come up with a clear choice; however I do not suffer from a McCain Derangement Syndrome that might lead to a certain Democratic Party victory. A Dem victory although expected is not a shoe-in and is abhorrent to me.


I cannot vote for a Mormon to win the nomination because of my religious beliefs; however I will vote for a Mormon over a Democrat any day of the week especially in November 2008.


I like Huck’s self-proclaimed Social Conservatism and his stand of not being ashamed to be a Christian; however there are elements of taxation and immigration that bother me about Huck. Still I will vote Huckabee in November above any Democrat nominated. The Democrats are simply to fringe to the Left and although I know they think they are helping Americans by denigrating military confrontation with Islamofascists they are really emboldening the Islamofascists with greater confidence to continue acts of terrorism that could once again reach the land of Purple Mountain’s Majesty.


I’ll see at the Republican Convention who I will ultimately vote for in November. And may all Republicans set aside their differences and stand united behind whoever that winner is. The Democratic Party platform of “Change” is a change to the Left and that will not be good for America.