Failure to Examine Character

BHO character assoc

Last night’s Presidential debate effectively demonstrated differences between Barack Hussein Obama and John McCain on taxes, entitlement social programs and foreign policy. Thing is both BHO and McCain showed a great grasp of their positions. This only plays to voters who have made up their minds. Indeed the debate was sanitized that I am concerned that uncertain voters began to lean toward BHO merely because these particular rehashed policy stands favors the candidate who claims he stands for change in Washington DC.


Questions were not asked of either candidate that would establish the kind of person each candidate is. The “Keating Five” withstanding, a character examination would definitely favor McCain.


If McCain effectively responded with the same transparency he provided when the Keating Five scandal tried to stick to him in the 80’s, then BHO would be left to respond to a plethora of character deficiencies. Hmm … what kind of dye would be cast with an easily answered Keating Five scandal or a plethora stand-offish shaded answers that smack of lying?


If the GOP and the McCain campaign can just catch this and develop an effective counter to the Keating Five, Barack Hussein Obama’s character WILL be exposed as wholly deficient to be a leader of the United States of America.


As Frank J. Gaffney says, Characters count.


JRH 10/8/08

McCain is One of the Keating Five

GD America - Obama 08

Sarah Palin takes advantage of the NY Times story connecting Bill (the bomber) Ayers and Barack Hussein Obama.


BHO digs up some cherry picked news clips on a scandal John McCain was involved in yet was totally exonerated. BHO even a 15 minute Internet video created high lighting Leftist half-truths. Remember that Leftists lie.


Here are some character considerations of Barack Hussein Obama:


·      Bill (the bomber) Ayers


·      Jeremiah (the racist Black Supremacist Pastor God Damn America) Wright


·      Louis (anti-American, anti-Semite, racist, Black Supremacist Nation Islam) Farrakhan


·      Forged Birth Certificate (Even Conservatives think this might be a myth)


·      Tony (the criminal lobbyist, slum lord, political fixer, Obama house) Rezko


·      ACORN (the Leftist register unqualified voters – the deadObama legal consultant organization)


If I dig some digging I undoubtedly will find more dubious ties that shape BHO’s character.


Now let’s see: the biggest political scandal on John McCain is the Keating Five. The Keating Five were four DEMOCRATS and Republican John McCain.


Here’s the deal about John McCain’s involvement with the Keating Five. He was totally exonerated by the prosecution and WAS NOT censured by the Senate. The only harsh action by the Senate ethics committee was that McCain used “bad judgment.”


Now how does that compare to the mysterious secrets that Barack Hussein Obama is associated with? There is NO COMPARE there!


If BHO believes that John McCain’s association with the Keating Five is reprehensible, why does BHO use former Senator John Glen (D-OH) as a political surrogate? Glen received the exact same exoneration as John McCain including the slap on the wrist from the Senate as using “poor judgment.”


Dear God in heaven! Not only was John McCain exonerated but afterwards was completely transparent to the Mainstream Media with the press interrogation. One definitely cannot say that about Obama’s critics. When criticism is leveled against Obama he and his surrogates whine that past associations are irrelevant, cry racism or imply that character is not as important as issues. Of course character was irrelevant concerning Mr. “I did not have sex with that woman” to the Mainstream Media and a deceived past electorate as well.


JRH 10/7/08

Michigan: Vote McCain/Palin

McCain-Palin 8-29-08

This is for Conservative values voters in Michigan concerned to about the O so public announcement that the McCain campaign has pulled out of your State to concentrate on swing States that have closer numbers in the polls.

Just because the McCain camp pulled out does not mean it is a surrender of the State to fringe Leftist Democrats lying about change. Rather it is an encouragement for independent pro-McCain organizations to be involved on a grassroots level in Michigan.

So when you see the ads in Michigan or any of you voters outside of Michigan that receive requests for pro-McCain donations from independent Conservative organizations – give.

If you do not want the Marxist tax raising alternate lifestyle supporting change that Barack Hussein Obama is brandishing, then vote McCain and support anti-Obama organizations.

JRH 10/6/08 (Hat Tip MAF Freedom PAC)

Sick’em Saracuda!

BHO - Liar Liar

Have you noticed that the McCain campaign has finally decided to expose the character flaws of Barack Hussein Obama?


I say it is about time; however anti-McCainites and pundits enmeshed in political correctness are condemning the expose as a tactic to get American’s minds off the economy and/or a heinous racist ploy to appeal to the prejudice or to incite prejudice against Afro-American Obama.


The tactic on the first count probably has some truth in it but not the truth Leftist Democrats and BHO would have you believe. There is a lot of bipartisan blame to go around on the current economic crisis in America. The Democrats are just as culpable if not more so as the Republicans. After all it was Democrats (whether in minority or majority) that blocked Republican attempts to reform the lending practices of Freddy and Fannie. Congressmen Barney Frank and Senator Chris Dodd were whole hearted supporters of making sure bad loans were provided to people who did not have the means to keep the payments up. Man you should watch Bill O’Reilly try to pin down Barney Frank as a lying Leftist Democrat on this issue. In true Leftist form Frank used the spin of lying to try to place blame of Republicans while simultaneously saying he led squeaky clean legislation to reform Freddy and Fannie. Even confronted with Frank’s own words the Congressman still tried to spin the illusionist lie.


So is the McCain campaign wrong for focusing on Obama’s character rather than the Democratic Party screw-up of the economy? Absolutely not! It is Leftist lying that contributed to the banking crisis of 2008 and Barack Hussein Obama may be a typical flawed lying Democrat. Character matters in leadership.


Have you noticed that every time an Afro-American of the Leftist persuasion comes under scrutiny for his or her beliefs that the wall of racist accusation built against the critic? That is exactly what the Obama campaign is doing to attempt to shut up Sarah Palin and potential character examination of Obama by the McCain camp.


I pray that Palin’s public speeches that entreat voters to examine Obama’s character are just the first of the one-two punch of the McCain Campaign. Let’s hope McCain has the cajones to do the same on Tuesday’s Presidential Debate. Let’s pray McCain is skilled enough to counter Obama schmoozing that past association and that long term mentoring and that long term admiration of Marxists and Black Supremacism is handled effectively. I say that because Barack Hussein Obama with the aid of the Mainstream Media has effectively to date pooh-poohed all those Obama character deficiencies as irrelevant. Dear God in Heaven! A quarter century of engulfment with that kind of rhetoric cannot be dismissed with an “I was eight” with this one guy and “I never heard” such things with others. That is a lame voter that falls for that!


Now late last night I cross posted a defense of Sarah Palin’s Obama attacks from the Ace of Spades HQ. In that post there was an excerpt from the Tammy Bruce blog that pertained to the dubious nature of BHO’s past. I did not read much past the excerpt last night but I did this morning.


Whew! The post is awesome for it posits the wonder in one’s mind how Barack Hussein Obama has escaped scrutiny with a near complete blackout by the Mainstream Media. Do yourself a favor and read it. It could be the McCain Campaign talking points of who BHO really is.


JRH 10/6/08

Wrong for 36 Years

Palin-Biden Debate 2008 (Brett Noel)

I pray you read this remarkable write-up about Senator Joe Biden before you watch or listen to tonight’s debate.


As you listen to the answers or responses in this Vice-Presidential debate between Governor Palin and Senator Biden you need to realize Biden is not the image the Left Wing Mainstream Media has painted of him and Palin is not the person that lying Leftist pundits have painted of her.


Read the Human Events portrait of Joe Biden.


JRH 10/2/08

MO Governor Blunt: BHO Truth Squad “Police State Tactics”

Here is a WorldNetDaily Update on Barack Hussein Obama’s Missouri Truth Squad. Missouri Governor Matt Blunt calls the Obama campaign and the Democrats adhering to BHO’s censorship strategy as “police state tactics.”


JRH 9/28/08

Randi Rhodes is a Leftist Liar

Ann Coulter is right: Leftists LIE.


Randi Rhodes an ex-host for the now bankrupt Air America is doing her Leftist best to lie about both Senator McCain and Governor Palin.


According to Rhodes McCain had a cushy time at Hanoi Hilton and Sarah Palin is a pedophile of teenage boys.


You would think that if Rhodes was going to successfully Swift Boat the McCain campaign she could get a significant amount of fellows that would corroborate her lies. I mean the original Swift Boat Vets against Kerry were significant whether their version corroborated John Kerry or not.


If Rhodes has a bunch of eye witnesses corroborating her lies she is not sharing the validity of her sources. It is an example of fishing for lies to tell them as fact. I believe that is called deception.


On September 8, 2008 Rhodes claimed McCain was called “the Prince” by his captors because he was given preferential treatment.



She is a moron. McCain was called “the Prince” because he was the son of an Admiral and grandson of another Admiral. When the North Vietnamese found out whom McCain was I am guessing the only preferential treatment he received was being patched up from his Fighter Jet crash and the abuse of his original captors. After McCain miraculously survived the neglectful medical patch work he was thrown for dead among two other POW’s who nursed to life. Ironically the website Vietnam Veterans against John McCain provides a US News & World Report article of McCain telling his story. The website uses the article as if it is an indictment against John McCain because McCain said things like give me medical attention and I will tell you military information. Of course neither the article nor McCain relates if he actually gave information; however it does relate they weren’t going to give medical attention until they found out who the father of McCain was. Also the article talks about the horrendous torture McCain received. How all this is an indictment on Kerry is beyond me, it corroborates that McCain is a hero. The VVAJM is a Leftist joke full of innuendo and twisted words about McCain’s POW experience which is so far away from the truth that only a Leftist or an idiot would believe it.


If you want first hand witnesses talk to people like Bud Day. Day was a fellow POW and paints a different picture than the Leftists are trying to paint.



Then on September 12, 2008 Rhodes implied Governor Palin was a stalker of teenage boys.



My God if there were time for a civil suit to nail this egregious lie by Rhodes I would think Palin would follow through with it. As it is now, there are so many lies being told about Palin that it is entering the realm of the ridiculous.


Can America afford this kind of mentality running America for four years? Dear God American voters wake-up and realize what Obama represents.


JRH 9/16/08

Dem Attacks on Palin Experience Ironically Apply to BHO

McCain-Palin Banner

The fringe Leftists in the Democratic Party are being vile toward Sarah Palin. The Democratic Party leadership aren’t being vile however they being hypocritical. The main Dem talking point about Palin is she is inexperienced and zero foreign policy experience.


The irony is as a Governor, Palin has accomplished more substantive actions than Senator Barack Hussein Obama has as a State Senator in Illinois and as a Senator representing Illinois to Congress. Palin has as much foreign policy experience as BHO. Just because BHO did a whirlwind European receiving the adulation of non-Americans who dislike President Bush does not make BHO experienced in foreign policy.


Robert Novak has an excellent take on Sarah Palin that rubs the Leftists and Dem leadership the wrong way.


JRH 9/3/08

To Leftists: What Goes Around Comes Around

Fascist Leftist Dems

O my God, the duplicity of Leftists, Democrats and the Obama Campaign stooges is becoming old very quick.


Once Sarah Palin was announced as John McCain’s VP choice, the Dem Dummies’ first reaction was to attack Palin’s experience. As if Obama as a Presidential candidate could claim vast amounts of experience. The McCain camp immediately pointed out that Leftist hypocrisy.


Then the next day the Left Wing Mainstream Media tried to punch a hole in Sarah Palin’s integrity vainly attempting to directly link the Alaskan Governor to using State resources to fire a State Trooper. O yes the State Trooper abused the law of the land in relation to a bitter divorce from Sarah Palin’s sister and the threatening to the life of Sarah Palin’s father. Did the Left Wing MSM happen to mention that State Trooper Mike Wooten is still a State Trooper?


The abusive Slanted Left is relentless. NOW the Slanted Left tried to paint a picture that Sarah Palin’s youngest born was actually the child of her 17 year daughter Bristol Palin. The reality is the Lefties are wrong AGAIN!


Sarah Palin had to make public another portion of her family’s private life because of the lying Leftists. Bristol Palin is about five months pregnant and as of this date intends to marry the unborn child’s father. The April 18, 2008 birth of Trig Palin and Bristol Palin’s current pregnancy is a time line that cannot fit the Leftist accusations that Trig is Bristol’s baby.


This last muckraking by Leftists in favor of BHO should recall BHO’s public anger when independent Conservative campaigners went after Michelle for saying "For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country." Of course Conservatives are not going to comply with that; however to avoid hypocrisy you would think the so-called candidate for “Change” would chastise his fellow fringe Lefties for going after the Palin family even before Labor Day Week-end passed. Check out Michelle Malkin’s comments on the BHO camp’s duplicity in this matter. Malkin’s comment exposes the difference between pro-life and pro-choice. That’s right the difference between baby-killers and those that believe in the sanctity of human life.


One parting shot at Obama’s Campaign: With all the hullabaloo over the Dem VP candidate in Foreign Affairs experience, you would think he would make better choices with his words.


Reportedly Biden told the officials he opposed "opening a additional military and diplomatic front" against Iran.


"Israel will have to reconcile itself with the nuclearization of Iran," Army Radio quoted Biden as telling the Israelis.


Army Radio said that at that time Israeli officials were shocked by Biden’s comments. (Newsmax)


The “Army Radio” of the Newsmax article is actually the “US Jewish Army Radio.” Israeli Newspaper Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post picked up the Army Radio report. Since those newspapers broke the news Senator Joe Biden has denounced the report as lies instigated by the anti-Obama pundits. Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post have both published the Biden denial mostly because the Army Radio report was based on an off the record meeting and thus are not naming the source of the information or who else attended the meeting.


Since there is no named source Biden is relying on his Congressional and MSM reports of being extremely pro-Israel to debunk the Army Radio report.


So what is my parting shot point?


If Obama’s camp is going to dish dirt, the McCain camp is not going to stand there as a target for Leftist lies.


JRH 9/1/08 (Hat Tip ccpga)

Leftist Dems Try to Play Alaska Scandal Against Palin

Walt Monegan

I wonder how much traction the Democratic Party Leftists will get from the instigation of a sour grapes loser Andrew Halco. Halco lost to Palin in the 2006 gubernatorial race in Alaska.


As is typical of Democrats they have taken facts and are attempting to twist them into a scandal. The scandal seems to have two names – Troopergate and Wootengate – named after a State Trooper who was married to Palin’s sister.


The web of deception spun by Halco has Governor Palin firing (former) Department of Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan (July 11) for not firing Trooper Wooten who has been an alcoholic, child abuser and (probably) a wife beater.


If I was the Governor of Alaska and my sister was receiving fearful occurrences from an officer of the law, I would fire his butt too. I mean ex-brother-in-law Wooten has threatened to kill Governor Palin’s father and to bring down her administration in a spun web of deceptive scandal.


Evidently it is unethical in politics to protect your family from personal harm from psycho former in-laws. The good old boy Democrats of Alaska have seen this as an opportunity to slow down the Queen of anti-corruption by launching an investigation into sourer loser Halco’s twisted lies.


I suspect when the scrutiny becomes very public and details are released and Wooten turns out to be a bad husband and a bad father the Dems will begin to look bad for digging dirt that was planted under a rock.


As for Monegan, it is the Governor’s prerogative to fire him. Her explanation for the firing was because Monegan was not dealing with alcoholism in rural Alaska. Evidently it is true Monegan was receiving pressure about Wooten however the link between Palin ordering the pressure and her staffers showing initiative is not the there. Obviously Monegan has to be unhappy about being fired and in his mind connected his firing over the Wooten issue. Monegan even admits in a Washington Post article meant to make Palin look bad:


“She never directly asked me to fire him”.


Monegan is quoted in the Anchorage Daily News article dated August 30 as saying this:


"For the record, no one ever said fire Wooten. Not the governor. Not Todd. Not any of the other staff," Monegan said Friday from Portland. "What they said directly was more along the lines of ‘This isn’t a person that we would want to be representing our state troopers.’ "


Dear God in Heaven, if you want to find some scandalous behavior look at the Democratic Party nominee for President. From associations to Black Supremacists (Jeremiah White and Louis Farrakhan), corrupt fund raisers/lobbyist (Rezko), Marxist anarchist murdering terrorists given a legal pass to become a University Professor (Ayers) and links to actual Islamist terrorists of the Arab-Palestine kind (Robert Malley and Mazen Ashabi); I think a little tit-for-tat investigation will reveal a clean Governor Palin and at the very least a tainted Presidential nominee and at the most a corrupt politician saying change with his mouth and fringe Leftism with his actions.


The real scandal is that Mike Wooten even now remains an Alaska State Trooper.


JRH 9/1/08

Sarah Palin (Barracuda)