A President Obama will Gut U.S. Military

BHO Poison for USA

If elected President on November 4, 2008 Obama intends to gut the U.S. military to reverse the Reagan strategy of peace through strength (Reagan policies aided in bringing down USSR) to the ludicrous delusion of peace through de-militarized weakness.


Many critics of the Reagan “peace through strength” doctrine claim the USSR was in route to a collapse regardless of Reagan military growth. This is Leftist revisionism not taking into account that peace through strength may have prevented a Soviet Union act of desperation utilizing nuclear threats or launches in an effort to even the super power playing field.


The American military build-up probably prevented any acts of Communist Soviet confrontation. It is the very reason ex-Communist ruling elites are going nuts of the Missile Defense Shield being built in Poland and the Czech Republic. The Shield would give America/NATO forces an advantage to a remilitarizing Russia.


Barack Hussein Obama’s strategy of giving up everything plus the kitchen sink will turn America into a paper tiger ripe for the Islamofascist Crescent to slash the paper in future attacks.


Here are some excerpts from a MAF Freedom Pac email sent out to alert America of the BHO intent to gut our Military:




Just as the Taliban and other American-hating Jihadists are staging new attacks on America and her allies, liberals in Congress want to cut the United States’ military by another 25 percent. This is outrageous and will put the United States at high risk for another 9/11.

Rep. Barney Frank, (D-Mass.) wants to give more money to food stamps and cut military spending by 25 percent. Read about this outrageous proposal here.

"We’ll have to raise taxes ultimately. Not now, but eventually," Frank told the Standard Times.

“In the middle of a war on two fronts, Barack Obama plans to gut the military. He also wants to dismantle our nuclear arsenal. And he wants to keep you in the dark about it,” according to Investor’s Business Daily.

MAF Freedom PAC has been throughout the country fighting for pro-troop candidates. Liberals have HUGE warchests, and they want total control of the presidency, House and Senate so they can raise taxes and decimate our military.


Can you imagine the nightmare of Obama as Commander in Chief with an anti-military Congress to rubber stamp his leftist policies? Even a McCain presidency will need a cooperative Congress.

Ronald Reagan just proved that PEACE through STRENTH works! Yet, we have the potential of electing a Congress that believes WEAKNESS will make our enemies love us and end threats against us. How naïve? They are no different than the nuclear freeze crazies during the Reagan era who thought the way to defeat communism was to submit!

We cannot submit to radical Islamic terrorism, which is exactly what we will end up doing if we don’t keep up our military strength.

If he is elected and the Democrats increase their numbers in Congress, the Barney Frank liberals will take us back to the days when our military was devastated and Osama bin Laden took advantage of our weaknesses to attack on Sept. 11, 2001.



Obama and a larger liberal Congress will be downright dangerous to America’s security. Join MAF-PAC as we fight through the last days of this important election.


Note the link to Investor’s Net Daily. This is where you want to go to read some specifics of how BHO lies. He tells his fellow traveler Leftists that he will gut the American Military, yet at nearly all Mainstream Media (MSM) BHO talks about how if elected President he will be tough on terrorism seeking to kill Osama Bin Laden if the opportunity arises. HELLO! If BHO keeps his promise to his fellow travelers he cannot keep his promise to the American voters about being tough on terrorism. The two promises are diametrically opposed to each other.


You really should READ THE IND editorial!


JRH 10/26/08

The ZombieTime Goods on BHO Lies about Ayers

WOW! I am certain by now anyone that is half way paying to the Presidential race 2008 is aware of the McCain camp (and more so my fellow Slanted Right writers) saying that Bill Ayers has had a highly influential connection to Barack Hussein Obama.


BHO has brilliantly attempted to fool voters (with the heinous collusion of a pro-Obama Mainstream Media) that he barely known Bill Ayers. I say brilliant because voters are so sold on BHO that his poll numbers have been consistently higher than John McCain’s numbers. I have to reiterate that polls are deceptive for there seem to be as many polls showing nearly double digits in a BHO poll lead while other polls show a mere single digit lead. The incredible point though is the Barack Hussein Obama according to the polls is in the lead.


Now I can understand Leftist voters being gaw-gaw for BHO, after all Leftists are made from the same Left (Communist/Marxist/Socialist) political DNA. I can understand that the stalwart Slanted Right voters are against BHO.


What I cannot understand is how America’s centrist and undecided are leaning toward a Barack Hussein Obama Presidency!


BHO has pulled off one of the greatest character flim-flams in American political history (to date).


I believe I have discovered one of the most definitive blog posts on Bill Ayers. Ayers condemns (or hypes if you are a Leftist) himself in his own words as a murdering Communist bent on the delusion of overthrowing the U.S. government and exterminating Americans who did not tow the fantastical new Communist government line. The number I read was a willingness to kill over 25 million Americans.


I am going to cross post this at SlantRight.com the best that I can. I write “the best that I can” because the ZomieTime.com post has numerous scanned copies of Bill Ayers and wife Bernadine Dohrn’s published American-Terrorist Communist Manifesto entitled Prairie Fire. To view the actual scans GO THERE.


JRH 10/25/08 (Hat tip NetRight Nation)

ABC Says Hannity Listeners Can’t Hear NRL PAC Message

Here is the National Right to Life PAC organization radio ad that the ABC network refused to air because it was "electioneering." HELLO! Political Action Committees are allowed to electioneer. The real point ABC was making is that the ad proves that Barack Hussein Obama is a liar.

JRH 10/11/08

Obama’s Political Mentors: Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn

B. Ayers & B. Dohrn

The next time Barack Hussein Obama says he was unaware that Bill Ayers or Bernardine Dohrn were murdering thug Communist terrorists homegrown in an America and hate the American way of life, KNOW THAT BHO IS LYING!


The next time someone asks BHO or one of his Campaign spokesman when there was awareness that Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn were murdering terrorists and you read or hear this answer (or a combination of answers): I was eight years old when the Ayers and Dohrn were terrorists or Let’s talk about the economy instead because that is more relevant than the character of people in my early days of politics or I never knew until recently Ayers was a terrorist or Let’s not talk about Ayers being a terrorist, lets talk about John McCain being one of the Keating Five.


Then KNOW that Barack Hussein Obama is dodging a truthful answer and is a liar particularly when Campaign surrogates say the lie “Asked and answered.” The Ayers connection has been asked a plethora of times and answered with mystifying non-corroborated denials and a tap dance of obfuscation.


JRH 10/9/08

B. Dohrn & B. Ayers

Obama Youth Junior Fraternity Regiment

Being a good Leftist, Barack Hussein Obama’s community organizing skills have taken him to the role of Youth Indoctrination.




Do you want a President that will use the apparatus of the State to indoctrinate your children with Leftist ideology and morality? If you do I guess you do want to vote for BHO.


JRH 10/4/08

Obama’s Leftism

BHO Communist

Joshua Muravchik writes about how Barack Hussein Obama is quite enigmatic about his past associations and that his life has been surrounded by Communism as well as racist black Supremacism.


JRH 10/1/08

Obama: Censor Them into Submission

Barack Hussein Obama is attempting force feed censorship AGAIN (and AGAIN and AGAIN and probably more). Before it was pressure on big media not to run an anti-BHO ad, now BHO is enlisting Democratic Party cadres in law enforcement (Prosecutors and elected police, i.e. Sheriffs) to persecute anti-BHO ads. The State of choice this time is Missouri.


The premise for the public is to make sure the ads are truthful; however isn’t it curious that elected law enforcement isn’t examining both anti-BHO and anti-McCain ads? Barack Hussein Obama has ordered his cadres to give special scrutiny to ads critical of his campaign or record or past.


It is fascinating that these KKK tactics of the Left is supposed to be very civil rights violations that the Democratic Party stood tall with anger in the ‘60’s. Yet here is the Democratic Party and/or Barack Hussein Obama using the intimidation of elected officials to block pro-McCain ads and to allow unhindered pro-BHO ads which have already been stained with Leftist lies or twisting of the truth.


Here is another fascinating implication: Obama’s enlistment of Democratic Party law enforcement in Missouri to investigate truth in political ads means Barack Hussein Obama and Democratic Party law enforcement determines the litmus test of what is a lie or a truth in political free speech. Is this even Constitutional to utilize government resources in a matter that seems should be handled in civil litigation?


JRH 9/27/08

BHO Accuses Taheri of Distortion, Taheri Rebuts with Facts

Yesterday I posted Barrack Hussein Obama Skullduggery based on Amir Taheri exposé that BHO demanded the Iraqi government cease negotiations with the Bush Administration to send American Troops home.


Since then Move America Forward Freedom PAC produced a brief political ad utilizing the Taheri information to get the word out on Barack Hussein Obama hypocrisy.


The Barack Hussein Obama campaign has repudiated Taheri claiming his article was full of distortions.


Taheri came back with another article displaying BHO duplicity in a vain attempt to spin the facts. Taheri busts him pretty good with reality. If there were any distortions, it is on the part of Barack Hussein Obama.


In an email sent out to MAF Freedom PAC supporters, the obvious was stated about BHO:



Obama’s campaign is now trying to cover-up his abhorrent anti-military position he took with the Iraqi foreign minister, but never thought would be revealed to the American people. He has shamelessly tried to claim that people are mixing up two different documents being negotiated — the Status of Forces Agreement and the Strategic Framework Agreement, which sets the terms for U.S. military involvement in Iraq.


But the New York Post columnist ripped apart this phony explanation. He cited an NBC report that proved Obama is either forgetful or plain lying. Taheri uses specific examples of why Obama’s defense is flawed.



It is beginning to become evident that the one time Leftist Messiah is a liar and is attempting to deflect his lying status by accusing others of lying.


Check Melanie Morgan’s list of prominent blogs writing on this subject: MelanieMorgan.com.


JRH 9/18/08

Will Hillary Replace Biden?

Obama-Hillary CheGuevera

Apparently the rumor mill is speculating Governor Palin may drive Obama to dump Senator Joe Biden as his VP nominee.


Both Biden and Slick Willie Clinton may have contributed to this rumor.


First Biden in a speech spoke endearingly of Senator Hillary Clinton as a friend, colleague and a person not only qualified to be a Vice-President but a President as well. Biden went on to say Hillary may have been an even better choice than him.


Second BHO went to hang out with Slick Willie for a couple of hours on 9/11. The media picked up on some parting comments from Slick which indicate BHO will win in November handily.


Who knows what was discussed behind closed doors.


To happily contradict Slick Willie, if Biden leaves the Democratic ticket for any thing other than medical reasons it will be a demonstration of desperation by the Democrats and BHO. No matter how the BHO Campaign would spin such a decision, the Republicans could crucify BHO as indecisive and politics as usual to win. That would dismember his core campaign of “Change.”


Now Hillary is no slouch to politics. If the rumor pans out and Biden leaves, then the Hillary political machine will make some very good pot shots; nevertheless a McCain/Palin smart campaign could well overcome Hillary’s pot shots by sticking to a BHO indecisiveness that could only be dealt with if Hillary and BHO switch Offices before the election.


JRH 9/12/08


Hammer & Cickle

I was in the doctor’s office for a check-up and caught Barack Hussein Obama talking about education television. Unfortunately the only the thing I can remember is this:


“John McCain just doesn’t get it.” (In a hostile voice)


Then off the top of my head BHO went on to say that America’s young needs a better quality education. My thought that I muttered under my tongue: “Yeah a government funded socialist Secular Humanist indoctrination.”


By indoctrination I meant a little Red Brigade teaching NON-CHRISTIAN morality and emphasizing alternate lifestyles denigrating religion (especially Christianity) as myths that rural folk need to rely on.


Then I read a Judith Klinghoffer article that specifically validates my thoughts on BHO’s plan for America’s education.


I may have touched on this on an earlier post; nonetheless this was brought to mind from watching a BHO speech earlier in the day criticizing McCain on education. Trust me whatever education plan McCain has (good, bad or ugly), it will be better for Americans than the Leftist concept of BHO.


JRH 9/9/08