Benghazi, Senate Hearings and Hillary Clinton

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013, before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the deadly September attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.  (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

John R. Houk

© January 24, 2013


Have you had an opportunity to listen to the hypocritical drivel proceeding from the mouths Secretary Hillary Clinton and the Dem Party Senators at the Benghazi Hearings? Does Obama own the Republican Party now? When the tough questions began Hillary would give the gruff evil eye and the GOP would back down. The disgrace of the ineffective GOP Senators to hold Hillary accountable even if she popped a gasket is shameful. GOP fear of BHO and Hillary is another reason for Conservatives to consider abandoning the Republican Party and begin building a grassroots national base for an alternative political party to confront the Leftist vision of the Democrats.


Anyway after listening to this politburo representation in the Senate I discovered a lengthy and yet concise report on the Benghazi Massacre that the Obama Administration could have stopped. The Accountability Review Board (ARB) led by Soros servant and Islamist loving Thomas Pickering basically gave anyone in the higher levels of the Obama Administration a clear pass (cough – high level as in President Obama and Secretary Clinton?). Independent examination of Benghazi data that was available imply Pickering’s panel and report was deficient in assigning accountability.


With this in mind Determine The Networks has that lengthy yet concise report that will bring more clarity to Benghazigate than Secretary Clinton’s contrived testimony which was more a Dem farewell party than an investigation.


Below I am going to post a hint of the DTN report which has analysis and timelines. Then I strongly encourage you to read the rest on the DTN site.


JRH 1/24/13

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Determine The Networks

Alert Sent: January 23, 2013 2:03 PM



This report examines the most significant events that occurred before, during, and after the September 11, 2012 Islamic terrorist attacks against an American diplomatic mission (and a nearby CIA annex) in Benghazi, Libya. The compound that housed the diplomatic mission possessed none of the security features usually found in such a facility: e.g., bulletproof glass, reinforced ballistic doors, a “safe room,” and high concrete barriers surrounding the buildings. It also lacked an adequate supply of trained security personnel. According to Congressman Darrell Issa, the Obama administration intentionally withdrew security personnel and equipment from the mission in Benghazi for political reasons, so as to “conve[y] the impression that the situation in Libya was getting better [i.e., safer], not worse.”

In March 2011, American diplomat Christopher Stevens was stationed in Benghazi as the American liaison to Libya’s “opposition” rebels—among whom were many al Qaeda-affiliated jihadists—who were fighting to topple the longstanding regime of President Muammar Qaddafi. Ambassador Stevens’ task was to help coordinate covert U.S. assistance to these rebels. In short, the Obama administration elected to aid and abet individuals and groups that were allied ideologically and tactically with al Qaeda.

Following Qaddafi’s fall from power in the summer of 2011, Ambassador Stevens was tasked with finding and securing the vast caches of powerful armaments which the Libyan dictator had amassed during his long reign. In turn, Stevens facilitated the transfer of these arms to the “opposition” rebels in Syria who were trying to topple yet another Arab dictator—Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. As in Libya, the rebels in Syria were likewise known to include al Qaeda and other Shariah-supremacist groups. So once again, the Obama administration was willfully helping the cause of al Qaeda and its affiliates. In addition to facilitating arms transfers, Stevens’ duties also included the recruitment of Islamic jihadists from Libya and elsewhere in North Africa who were willing to personally go into combat against the Assad regime in Syria. The U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi served as a headquarters from which all the aforementioned activities could be coordinated with officials and diplomats from such countries as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

As 2012 progressed, violent jihadist activity became increasingly commonplace in Benghazi and elsewhere throughout Libya and North Africa. At or near the U.S. mission in Benghazi, for instance, there were many acts of terrorism featuring the use of guns, improvised explosive devices, hand grenades, rocket-propelled grenades, and car-bombs, to say nothing of the explicit threats against Americans issued by known terrorists like al Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri. As a result of such developments, Ambassador Stevens and others at the U.S. mission in Benghazi repeatedly asked the Obama administration for increased security provisions during 2012, but these requests were invariably denied or ignored.

Then, on the night of September 11, 2012, the U.S. mission in Benghazi was attacked by a large group of heavily armed terrorists. Over the ensuing 7 hours, Americans stationed at the diplomatic mission and at the nearby CIA annex issued 3 urgent requests for military back-up, all of which were denied by the Obama administration. By the time the violence was over, 4 Americans were dead: Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith, and two former Navy SEALS, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, who fought valiantly (but unsuccessfully) to drive away the attackers.

In the wake of the violence, the Obama administration immediately and persistently characterized what had occurred in Benghazi not as an act of terrorism, but as a spontaneous, unplanned uprising that just happened, coincidentally, to take place on the anniversary of 9/11. Moreover, the administration portrayed the attack as an event that had evolved from what began as a low-level protest against an obscure YouTube video that disparaged Muslims and their faith. In reality, however, by this time U.S. intelligence agencies had already gained more than enough evidence to conclude unequivocally that the attack on the mission in Benghazi was a planned terrorist incident, not a spontaneous act carried out in reaction to a video. Indeed, the video had nothing whatsoever to do with the attack.

Given these realities, it is likely that the Obama administration’s post-September 11 actions were aimed at drawing public attention away from a number of highly important facts:


§  the U.S. mission in Benghazi had never adopted adequate security measures;


§  the administration had ignored dozens of warning signs about growing Islamic extremism and jihadism in the region over a period of more than 6 months;


§  the administration, for political reasons, had ignored or denied repeated requests for extra security by American diplomats stationed in Benghazi;


§  the administration had failed to beef up security even for the anniversary of 9/11, a date of obvious significance to terrorists;


§  the administration, fully cognizant of what was happening on the ground during the September 11 attacks in Benghazi, nonetheless denied multiple calls for help by Americans who were stationed there;


§  the administration had been lying when, throughout the presidential election season, it relentlessly advanced the notion that “al Qaeda is on the run” and Islamic terrorism was in decline thanks to President Obama’s policies; and perhaps most significantly,


§  throughout 2011 and 2012 the administration had been lending its assistance to jihadists affiliated with al Qaeda, supposedly the organization that represented the prime focus of Obama’s anti-terrorism efforts; moreover, some of those same jihadists had personally fought against U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.        


This section of Discover The Networks explores the significance of the events in Benghazi and of the Obama administration’s response to READ THE REST


Benghazi, Senate Hearings and Hillary Clinton

John R. Houk

© January 24, 2013




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Are Western Governments Volunteering Dhimmitude?

Imran Firasat 2 cropped

John R. Houk

© January 14, 2013


Now this sounds crazy to me, let’s see if you agree.


Imran Firasat used to be a Muslim living in Pakistan. He converted to Christianity in a nation that places a lot of faith in Islamic Sharia Law. Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws are based on Sharia Law. Thus the Blasphemy Law that agrees with Sharia is a death sentence for leaving Islam to any other religion.


I am uncertain of the details, but the good news for the Christian convert Imran Firasat was the offer of refugee status in the nation of Spain.


At some point while living in Spain Firasat became an activist exposing Islam as a religion of hate when it comes to non-Muslims, especially after a Muslim becomes a non-Muslim. In America we take religious freedom for granted almost as holy writ in our Constitution. That right of religious freedom right after the ratification of the U.S. Constitution with the passing of the first ten Amendments to the Constitution that have been termed the Constitution’s Bill of Rights.


The First Amendment guarantees Americans Religious Freedom, Free Speech, Free Press and the right to addresses grievances to the government.


European nations have diluted Free Speech if an individual is found to be offensive to another religion. The word “religion” is a pc tool meaning – do not offend – Muslims and homosexuals but offend Christians all you want. If you read or listen to any pro-Islam or homosexual activist media and those sites specifically encourages violence or death to Christians or Jews it is unlikely that any Western government will take legal action to hinder those attacks. AND contrarily if a Biblical believing Christian condemns Islam as an anti-Christ religion or condemns homosexuality as an ungodly and sinful lifestyle, Muslims and homosexuals in most Western governments can take legal action civilly (primarily) and criminally (gaining ground) against that Christian. In America the First Amendment still prevails; however American Leftists having been attempting to dilute Free Speech to European standards for years.


This is where the bad news enters for Imran Firasat. As an ‘Expose Islam’ activist Spain has revoked Farasat’s refugee status and is in the process of deporting back to Pakistan. Does the Spanish government know what will happen to ex-Muslim Farasat upon a return to Pakistan? OF COURSE THE SPANISH GOVERNMENT KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO A DEPORTED FIRASAT!


Firasat would be arrested stuck in a Muslim prison to experience abuse from Muslim guards and Muslim inmates then convicted to await execution. A convicted ex-Muslim might be murdered in jail awaiting his execution.


NOW does that sound crazy or what!?


Firasat’s expose Islam fervor led him to make a 70 minute documentary entitled “The Innocent Prophet”. This should not be confused with the so-called parody and poorly made movie entitled “The Innocence of Muslims” which President Obama attempted to blame for the Benghazi Massacre of American Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans.


Firasat’s “The Innocent Prophet” is a professionally accomplished documentary that exposes Islam from its own written texts. (As long as Youtube keeps it available) Thanks to the Gates of Vienna below is Firasat’s documentary The innocent Prophet:



Here is a moment of full disclosure: Leftists and Muslim apologists as well of some Spanish media that are considered to the Right politically published reports that Imran Firasat was wanted for a grisly murder in Indonesia. He was in fact exonerated of the charge. Here is an excerpt from Aquí Confidencial with a Google English translation:


Imran Firasat went from freedom fighter to ‘kebab Ripper’ by a false accusation. After proving his innocence wants to clear his name.


A single complaint can change anyone’s life, let alone three. Breaking an image and a stamp of guilt on the forehead of an innocent is as simple as make the slightest media attention with controversial accusations. Imran Firasat can tell. This 33 year old Pakistani renounced Islam and settled in Cantabria in 2004, looking to start a new life in the West. Years later, he would face charges of all shapes and sizes, from robbery by intimidation scam, through the bloodiest of them all after dismemberment murder. All of them proved false.

For Imran cause is more than clear. Speaking to DAILY HERE, explains that after his arrival in the region, started a blog in which he expressed his disagreement with his old belief and denounced the violation of human rights that shield certain countries under Islamic law enforcement. His particular condition caught the attention of several media, both national as Cantabrians, which allowed him to publish articles and opinion columns in a dozen rotary and television networks.

As in his country, this stiff opposition to Islam (eventually publishing on your website even caricatures of Muhammad, considered crime to this religion) earned him many detractors and death threats which he attributes to “Muslims living in Spain “. Imran said his last text, published in the newspaper ABC, provoked strong physical attacks and insults against him. Fearing for the integrity of his wife and two children, born in Cantabria, Spain decided to stop for a while. After his departure began the first legal difficulties: a complaint for fraud by former associates of his wife, who ran next to a kebab restaurant, which also accused him of fleeing the country.

The media previously published their views not happy even tried to contact him, assuming valid accusations. Imran says first that “I never had no intention of returning to Spain because it is my country.” “There were problems between the partners,” he adds, “I never cheated” argument demonstrated after being acquitted of this charge.

In this period he settled temporarily in Indonesia, where he stuck to his anti-Islamic crusade in the network and on the street, prompting a strong rejection and persecution that led him, after being expelled from China, to seek political asylum in Spain. Once awarded this degree, in the past year 2010, the Jakarta police made an international arrest warrant for the crime of kidnapping, murder and dismemberment, under penalty of death replaceable by a prison term of 15 years. (Aquí Confidencial; by Guillermo San Emeterio, 25/05/2011 21:27 – Google Translation)


In an article at WND by Taylor Rose draws the scenario that Spain is setting the precedent to comply to the desires of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (formerly ‘Conference’) to criminalize all considered insults to the religion of Islam.


Such a precedent if implemented in all of Europe essentially turns Europeans into dhimmis. This dhimmitude is not by bloody conquest as in the past but by striking oil-economic fear into the West that in turn enacts laws that criminalizes anything that is perceived as an insult to Islam.


AGAIN I ASK: Does that sound crazy or what?


JRH 1/14/13


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A New Academic Discipline: Fjordmanology

OSLO 20110804. VG møtte den mystiske bloggeren "Fjordman" (Fjordmannen) - i Frognerparken, Peder Jensen fra Ålesund.   


I am a huge reader of Fjordman. Thanks to the massacre of Anders Breivik in Norway Fjordman’s real name – Peder Jensen – has been made public which place a target on his back for purist Muslims to attempt to assassinate him. Also thanks to the nut job Breivik Counterjihad writers and teachers have been ridiculed as Right Wing haters by Leftists and MSM writers especially in Europe. Fjordman should be a hero in exposing the dark side of Islam instead his home nation Norway has nearly joined the ‘Fjordman’ name to be as notorious as the Norwegian murderer Breivik.


Here is an example of this blind idiocy from a post from the Gates of Vienna.


JRH 1/5/12

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A New Academic Discipline: Fjordmanology


Posted by Baron Bodissey

12/27/12 7:58 PM

Gates of Vienna


This morning Fjordman sent out the following tweet:


An entire academic Fjordman-industry is now developing. When will Norway produce the first PhD thesis in fjordmanology?


He was referring to an article in På Høyden, the online newspaper of the University of Bergen. I don’t have a formal translation, but using Google, and with additional help from Henrik Ræder Clausen, I was able to piece together the latest news from Modern Multicultural Norway.


A Norwegian professor of “digital culture” named Jill Walker Rettberg has helped midwife a new fellowship that will investigate extremism on the Internet. According to På Høyden:


“22 July forced us to see that there is a lot of extremism on the net,” says Professor Jill Walker Rettberg. Now the Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies has announced a fellowship that is designated for research on extreme speech on the web.


The new scholarship was added to the Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies. “There has been little research on extremism on the Internet, at least from a humanist perspective,” says Prof. Walker Rettberg.


Generally speaking, she is positive about the internet:


“The network is global. It’s wonderful if, for instance, one has a very specific disease or a child with special problem — then one can make contact with the few others who are in the same situation. But it is also easier to find other people who have the same and perhaps equally quirky viewpoints as oneself. One talks about a filter bubble or an echo chamber — it means that one only sees those who are similar to oneself,” says Walker Rettberg.


She adds: “Analyses can focus on language, rhetoric, ideology, visual instruments, aesthetics, discourse or social networks… We want to build up expertise in this field. The debate has shown that there are many views — but there is little scientific research.”


Norwegian academics are known to be scrupulously fair and even-handed in their dispassionate scholarly investigations, so we can be certain that the new discipline will take at least a cursory look at left-wing extremists, and maybe even Islamic radicals.


However, the reader is left in no doubt about the real meat of the matter — the dreaded Fjordman:


One of bloggers focused on by the media after 22 July was Fjordman. He was mentioned in Anders Behring Breivik’s manifesto, and it has been said that he was Breivik’s mentor. Fjordman is a radical right-wing anti-Islamist. Among others, Marie Simonsen — the political editor of Dagbladet — has charged that he is an extremist who calls for political violence.


Prof. Walker Rettberg adds, “I knew about Fjordman before 22 July, but I had not made a close examination of what he said.”


All that will change as soon as all that petroleum-backed grant money starts flowing into the Department of Aesthetic Studies. A tireless and fully-funded investigator will leave no stone unturned as he, she, or it gets to the bottom of the dangerous xenophobic right-wing extremist phenomenon known as “Fjordman”.


Obviously, the most qualified candidate for the new position is Fjordman himself. After all, who knows more about Fjordmanology than he does? Just think of the research time and effort that would be saved if he were to take up the fellowship!


I think he should apply for the job.


*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Jill Walker Rettberg talks about the “echo chamber” that all of us right-wing extremists inhabit. And what she says is true enough — I’m certainly preaching to the choir here 99% of the time.


But what would you call the mainstream media, especially in Norway, if not an “echo chamber”? Doesn’t Prof. Walker Rettberg inhabit a “filter bubble” of her own?


After extensive research into the topic of left-wing extremism in the media, I have come to the conclusion that their primary gripe with the Internet is that it has broken their monopoly on the cultural echo chamber. Now all of those “right-wing extremists” and “xenophobes” can establish their own echo chambers, where they are able to send their racist yodels bouncing back and forth across the virtual valleys of the digital uplands.


And the reach of these new filter bubbles is enormous. The echoes resonate across the entire globe, with millions of people on six continents listening in on them.


This must be galling for a tenured professor of digital nonsense, who is only able to be heard by a few thousand like-minded academics because the state delivers dump truck loads of kroner to her department to support all the claptrap and flapdoodle that passes for “research” in the modern Norwegian academy.


Pull out the petrodollars, and all those professors of comparative cultural oppression would be reduced to boning herring in the canneries, as were their foremothers a hundred and fifty years ago.


Let them shovel out the mammon to themselves while they can. Their time is short.


As a wise man named Lao Tzu said more than two millennia ago:


This is not the way of Tao.
Whatever is contrary to Tao will not last long.



Follow Fjordman on Twitter: Fjordman@Fjordman1


The Lao Tzu quote is from Chapter Fifty-Five of The Tao Te Ching.


At the siege of Vienna in 1683 Islam seemed poised to overrun Christian Europe.

 Battle of Vienna 1683

We are in a new phase of a very old war.

Thoughts on Eric Allen Bell – Christianity and Counterjihad

Eric Allen Bell

John R. Houk

© January 4, 2013


I received the email entitled “Mark My Words” from Eric Allen Bell about eight days ago. Bell’s email relates that he is disturbed by both the Liberal media and what he calls radical Evangelicals. Evidently Bell did not like the criticism from Christians that were displeased with Bell’s humanist/mystic (kind of New Age mysticism) beliefs. Bell as a Leftist is critical of Christianity. I suspect Bell does not buy into the man/God died physically on the Cross and arose from the grave in a glorified physical body bring Redemption to all who Believe on the risen Savior. Many Left Wingers question the existence of a divine entity called Jesus.


After Bell did some checking into the real nature of Islam as opposed to the propaganda fed to Westerners and Americans, I am guessing Allen broaden his distrust of Christianity to include Islam because Islam is a bit militaristic in protecting its values and converting non-Muslims.


Anyway in looking up Bell’s info I made the unfortunate discovery that Bell seems to have shut down anything to do with counterjihad including his Global Infidel TV. If you try to use the Global Infidel TV url you are redirected to Global One TV which seems to be focused more on New Age mysticism than counterjihad. In my quick perusal of the website I found zero on informing about the counterjihad movement to expose that there is more violence in Islam directed toward non-Muslims than should be acceptable by Western and American culture.


I have applied to Bell’s Global One TV web community not because of the New Age content but because I had hoped Bell would find room there to also expose the nefarious side of Islam. As much as Left and Right are polarized by their political-social-religious agenda, they should all agree that Islam is intolerant to everything and anything to do with Liberty no matter how that concept is defined by the Left and Right.


Below is an email I sent to Bell which I am uncertain if it will go through if he ended his Global Infidel email address. However you may desire to skip what I wrote and read Eric Allen Bell’s email first and then read my email to him.


Mr. Bell I have to tell you I am a Christian Right person with a little bit of Neocon thrown into the mix. Definitely I am disappointed about any anti-Jesus remarks you may have made; HOWEVER I find it pleasing that you as a Liberal have woke up about the threat of Islam. The Left and the Right are quite polarized in America today, yet one thing that should unite the American Left and American Right. That united appeal is that Islamic Supremacism has one goal of global domination eliminating both the Left Wing causes and the Right Wing causes. As far as Islam goes, I am on your side!


So that you get an idea of just how counterjihad Bell was listen to a bit of this interview between Bell and Josh Hasten a mere two and a half months ago – Oct 12, 2012.


VIDEO: Eric Allen Bell – #Savage Islam – on Israel National Radio


JRH 1/4/13

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By Eric Allen Bell

Sent: Dec 27, 2012 at 7:10 PM

Sent by Global Infidel TV

Now Called: Global One TV (Entirely different direction from GITV)


MARK MY WORDS, AS ONE DAY THEY WILL BECOME SELF EVIDENT: I am already dealing with over 100 death threats from Muslims, a significant percentage of which are probably viable, according to FBI Counter Terrorism. However, generally speaking the Evangelicals give me no credit for that, or going onto the news and telling MILLIONS of people the truth about the dangers of Islam repeatedly, or going onto radio and doing the same, all over the world. The only thing they fixate on is that I criticized Jesus. When it comes to the effectiveness of countering Jihad in America, Evangelicals are generally speaking NOT our greatest strength (as they would like to believe), but in fact OUR GREATEST LIABILITY. Radical Evangelicals are the main reason the Counter Jihad movement is not taken seriously – not the Liberal media. Sam Harris and Bill Maher can speak at length, on CNN and MSNBC critically of Islam, without being interrupted. The Liberal Media is not what is holding us back. As long as the fight against Islamization in America remains dominated by Evangelicals, Islam will continue to infiltrate our government, our media, our courts, our schools, our culture. Because the loudest voice opposing this has a clear and transparent agenda – and that is to use this issue as a front to advance Christianity.


– Eric Allen Bell


Thoughts on Eric Allen Bell – Christianity and Counterjihad

John R. Houk

© January 4, 2013