Contrary to FBI Hooey, Steven Paddock Fits the Profile of a Convert

Noted Counterjihad activist Pamela Geller is not dismissing the Muslim convert motive behind Stephen Paddock’s mass murder terrorism. Geller is noted and yet also controversial. The American Left enjoys lying about Counterjihadists by calling them racists rather than people that expose the dark side of Islam. Geller on the other hand tips the Leftist hate scale off the meter.


In full disclosure, I find Geller a bit brusque. Nonetheless, she is passionate in pushing back the Leftist lies about Islamic acceptance as well as pushing back on the Left’s labelling Geller as a racist. The irony there is that Geller has a Jewish ancestry.


Here is Pamela Geller’s reasoning behind Paddock being an Islamic terrorist complete with photos of other elderly converts to Islam to prove her point to not completely dismiss the possibility.

JRH 10/11/17

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Contrary to FBI Hooey, Steven Paddock Fits the Profile of a Convert


By Pamela Geller

October 9, 2017

Geller Report


The idea floated by “intel” agencies that Steven Paddock didn’t fit the profile of a Muslim convert is absurd on its face, and further proof that the keystone clowns and their “profilers” at the FBI haven’t a clue. How can they profile what they refuse to acknowledge, learn about or recognize?


The fact is the FBI has nothing. Over a week after the monstrous slaughter, they have nothing and yet they have dismissed ISIS claims out of hand, despite the fact ISIS does not take credit for attacks that are not theirs. Not only did they take credit, they did something they never did before – they doubled and tripled down. The Islamic State (IS) featured an infographic on the Las Vegas attack in the 100th issue of its al-Naba weekly newspaper, and indicated that the shooter, “Abu Abdul Barr al-Amriki,” had converted to Islam six months ago.


Jihad is the only motive that makes any sense. And the fact that the FBI has nothing else points to that. That Steven Paddock left no digital trail might very well be deliberate – to show how incompetent our law enforcement agencies are. ISIS took credit for the downing of the Russian jetliner in the Sinai. Everyone in law enforcement dismissed that too. Until ISIS provided proof a couple of weeks later, that is. I suspect we may see the same thing happen here. The Vegas attack mirrors the sophisticated planning and secrecy consistent with more complex ISIS plots like Sinai explosion of Russian airliner.


We have been told that because Paddock was white and 64, it is unlikely that he would be a convert to Islam. Why? Islam is ideological – it’s not a race or an age. It’s a belief system. It’s also being said that if Paddock was a convert, Homeland Security is going to have to change their whole approach to jihad terror in the Homeland. We can only hope. Because this war has nothing to do with age, race or gender – it’s religious. And profiling is required. On the top of my watch list would be converts. Who would be attracted to an ideology that is the cause of hatred, misogyny, subjugation and slaughter?


What ISIS has to Lose if it’s Lying about Las Vegas


He was a happy-go-lucky guy who drank and gambled until he stopped.


He made multiple trips to the Middle East.


Sophisticated planning and secrecy consistent with more complex ISIS plots like Sinai explosion of Russian airliner.


As FBI investigates Vegas attack, remember its FAILED investigations of Orlando jihadi mass murderer, Boston bombers, Garland jihadis, Boston beheaders


Here are some older, white converts who have been convicted of jihad terror.


Muslim convert Jack Roche convicted of plotting with Al Qaeda to blow up the Israel embassy in Australia.


Muslim convert Valentine Vladimir Mazlovsky, ISIS solider.


Don Morgan, Muslim convert, ISIS supporter.


Daniel Patrick Boyd is an American who in July 2009 was convicted for his participation in a jihadist terrorist cell in North Carolina


‘Only Allah can judge me’: Muslim convert Richard Dart refuses to stand in dock as he is sentenced to six years in prison for terrorism offences


Muslim convert Sebastian Gregerson an Islamic State “soldier” convicted of plotting violent jihad was sentenced to four years in federal prison


And these gingers.


Jamaal Uddin
Jordan Horner


A member of the notorious “Muslim Patrol,” which threatened to “kill the non-believers.” Renounced his previous lifestyle of boozing and “seeing girls.” Jailed for assault and for using threatening words and behaviour.


Salahuddin al-Britani
Richard Dart

A middle-class white boy who became a Christian while working at a kids’ camp in the US, Dart was converted to radical Islam by hate preacher Anjem Choudary and later jailed for planning terrorist activities.


Sherafiyah Lewthwaite
Samantha Lewthwaite


A troubled child who sought solace with Muslim neighbours, Lewthwaite has a string of terrorist ex-boyfriends (some imprisoned, some dead), including 7/7 suicide bomber Germaine Lindsay – hence her nickname, the “White Widow.” Currently on the run and a member of terrorist group Al-Shabaab.


Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad
Tim Winter


Cambridge director of studies who once recorded a video describing homosexuality as a sinful and “inherent aberration,” and gays as “ignorant people who don’t know what their bodies are for.”


Brother Adam (centre)
MC Chippy


Chippy is not known to be an extremist, but his videos are used as a recruitment tool in Bradford and elsewhere. 


Matthew Hamza (centre)
Matthew Newton


Described by his family as a quiet lad, Newton started recruiting for the Taliban from a stall in Longsight market in Manchester. Jailed for trying to radicalise undercover police officers.


Abu Jibreel
Paul Mellor


Formally a Lance Corporal in the Irish Guards, Mellor turned his back on the Queen to become a self-declared “soldier of Allah.”


Abdul-Aziz ibn Myat
David Myatt


Myatt converted to Islam, becoming a notable apologist for suicide bombing civilians.


Abdullah Deen


Former drum and bass MC, Millwall fan, cocaine dealer and self-employed perfume salesman before his conversion to radical Islam.


Pamela Geller’s shocking new book, “FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA” is now available on Amazon. It’s Geller’s tell all, her story – and it’s every story – it’s what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

Pamela Geller is the President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), publisher of and author of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America and Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance. 


Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

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      1. – Learn The Truth One Page At A Time

        The deception is so grand, that sometimes it’s hard to see how it all fits together, or makes any sense. Most people don’t want to know the truth, so pushing it on them is like casting pearls before swine.

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        too busy to read a book or even an article, or watch a long video.

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        Here is the same crisis actor who was supposedly a former classmate of the alleged Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza; who now is the sister of James Foley who was supposedly beheaded on the fake video. –

        Please read more:

        I must repeat: “We are in the Last Days.”

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    1. Thanks for the link Futuret.

      “CCTV Shows Police Take Down Of Female Cancer Patient Hannah Cohen After Problems With TSA”

      “TSA: Authority Run Amok”

      “TSA agent arrested for stealing $5,000 from passenger”

      “TSA agent caught stealing cell phone”

      More from Adam Kokesh:

      “Rand Paul Refuses TSA Pat-Down”

      “Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) Obliterates Stunned TSA Acting Administrator”

      ! WE WON’T FLY !

      What can we say? Mad Mad Mad Mad World.

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      1. The End Of The MAD

        “The Next Manhattan Project and the New World Order :: By Britt Gillette”

        * Since 1949, mutual assured destruction (MAD) has been the linchpin of international peace. Fear of total destruction, the idea no one can win a war between two nuclear powers, is all that’s kept us from World War III. But all that is about to change, and Vladimir Putin knows it.

        New technologies will one day render MAD obsolete. Artificial intelligence, molecular manufacturing, quantum computers, new missile defense systems, and other technologies will radically alter the balance of power. What if a nation can disable enemy missiles before they’re launched? Or, even if they are launched, what if they can shoot down those missiles before they reach their target? New technologies will make both scenarios possible.

        Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have given the world a glimpse of unmanned drone technology. What happens as those drones become smaller and more powerful? What happens when swarms of drones the size of bees or mosquitoes attack a conventional army? What if they attack nuclear warheads? What if swarms of tiny submarines hunt down and disable nuclear submarines? New technologies will make these scenarios possible as well.

        * The nation that first develops artificial intelligence and molecular manufacturing will have an enormous military advantage over the rest of the world. MAD will be obsolete, and the leading nation will have superior weapons. This nation will have two choices. It can sit on its advantage until other nations catch up. Or it can use its advantage to the conquer other nations. It will choose the second option. How can I be so sure? Because the first option will result in an unstable arms race that will probably lead to worldwide annihilation. Remember, MAD will no longer be effective. And post-MAD weapons will be even more powerful than nuclear weapons.

        So it’s inevitable the leading nation will use its advantage to set up a global empire. Vladimir Putin knows this. That’s why he said, “the one who becomes the leader in this sphere will be the ruler of the world.” I’m sure Putin imagines he’ll win the race and establish a world empire for himself. But regardless of who wins, the leading nation will draw the same conclusion – global government is the only available course of action.

        * What the Bible Says

        Those who study Bible prophecy have long known what the Bible predicts for the end times. The Bible says a global empire will exist, one that rules every person on earth (Revelation 13:7). This empire will crush and devour the whole world (Daniel 7:23). And when it does, it will control almost every aspect of human life – to the point of determining “who can buy and who can sell” (Revelation 13:17).



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    The Elite (Occultists / Kabbalists / Globalists) seem to boost their actions to hide the Truth.

    – Youtuber “OroraMonroe” just blew up the official story on the Las Vegas shooting! Notice how they’ve taken the Las Vegas shooting totally out of the news cycle now? That’s what they do when their lies aren’t working! She sums it up best by saying, “They are lying about EVERYTHING!” in this video she goes over what really happened versus the fairy tale they’ve told us. –

    Totally Disappearing (We can’t find that page yet)

    “Massively Major! Shocking Saudi Coup! Something Very Big Going Down in Saudi Arabia & the Mandalay Bay Connection (Videos)”

    Keep Asking Questions

    – Like most undercover U.S. arms deals, this theory involves Saudi Arabia. A country whose leaders have a large connection to Vegas. In fact just back in August, the Saudi Arabian Air Force suddenly booked an entire Vegas hotel tower in a story that went largely unnoticed at the time. Beyond that one of the leading Saudi Prince’s, owns almost a 50% stake in the Four Seasons Hotel chain including of course their Vegas location. Which just happens to actually be a special luxury hotel located on the top 5 floors of the Mandalay Bay Resort. The same location the shooter fired from. –

    – Finally there is the fact that the FBI seems determined to hamper and control the investigations being made by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department at every turn. Even Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo admitting he can’t comment on a motive because “The FBI took all digital and electronic evidence into custody and is evaluating.”

    Who knows what the real truth is, or if we will ever know it conclusively. Regardless of whether it was a carefully orchestrated operation meant to ensure our freedoms are even more thoroughly stripped from us. Or yet another example of Deep State intelligence disavowing one of it’s own like the above lays out. Or even as the President suggested, just an act of lone evil. It is important to keep asking questions. Only by doing so is there any chance for the truth to be revealed, and it’s only those that want said truth to stay hidden that would ever think looking at all the possibilities is something to be discouraged. –


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