Impeach Trump Cabal Destined to Come to a Screeching Halt

Judi McLeod writes of the eventual failure of the unhinged Dem Party and the Leftist MSM efforts to impeach President Trump. My take on her reasoning is that the Americans are not idiot fools believing everything the Left says which is nothing but transparent desperation.


The below quote is the tease McLeod uses to inspire the reader to proceed:


How do you IMPEACH a president like that, pretenders-to-the-presidency Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other pitchfork and torch carriers in the ‘Impeach Trump cabal’? Only by utterly ignoring all sanity.


JRH 5/21/17

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Impeach Trump Cabal Destined to Come to a Screeching Halt


By Judi McLeod

May 21, 2017

Canada Free Press


IF a malevolent MainstreamMedia-Politically-Progressive Complex can, at will, take down President Donald Trump with baseless accusations and innuendo, then what’s to stop them from doing the same to any private citizen from any walk of life?


Saul Alinsky originated freeze, isolate, charge, find guilty without truth or trial is what Democrats use to get rid of all enemies, not just presidents they hate.


Impeachment, Democrat style, overrides the rule of law, tosses truth out the nearest White House window and ignores the pain-filled cries of the people.  Forced impeachment that grows from a psychopathic obsession translates into to the rule of politics over natural law.


Unhinged Democrats, desperadoes in exile, are courting anarchy in their obsession to remove a duly elected president from office

November’s election left the Democrats in exile, a state in which they landed on their very own. With MSM help they decided to go on as if Hillary Clinton and not Donald Trump won.


Unhinged Democrats, desperadoes in exile, are courting anarchy in their obsession to remove a duly elected president from office.  They need to get a grip on reality; to get past the screeching of Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.  They need to recognize that a hate-filled ex-president claiming leadership from a return to community organizer activism is not real reality.


It’s coming on to the dreamy month of June, and amid the droning of pollen-seeking bees, we’re hearing every day about a coming FORECD Impeachment.


Democrats who count on survival as vital should be waking up to the real possibility of remaining in exile for the foreseeable future having, under Obama’s reign, lost thousands of colleagues in elections like the one that brought Donald Trump to the Oval Office.


Ironically, they have become the same breed they call their political opponents: “Dinosaurs”.


There’s another world beyond America that puts the economy and the continuation of the Free West above Impeachment.


As recently as this weekend, came the most visceral of truth that Ambassador of Hate Barack Obama’s 8-year-long mission to sow hatred of America among her perceived enemies was a big fail.


Trump got the royal treatment in Saudi Arabia—and he never had to grovel to the Saudi king to get it.


Obama, then president Obama bowed deeply to Saudi King Salman in 2009. On a red carpet rolled out for him, President Trump shook hands with the Saudi king.


Groveling doesn’t earn a world leader respect, it only shows weakness and vulnerability. Melania Trump didn’t wear a head covering as Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton did on Muslim turf.  Paying lip service to a foreign culture doesn’t necessarily cut it.


Pictures prove that Obama’s last bow wasn’t to King Salman:


VIDEO: Obama Bows to Saudi King


“Then-President Obama also notably bowed to Japanese Emperor Akihito:(DailyCaller)


VIDEO: Barack Obama bows to Japan’s Emperor Akihito


“Obama also bowed to then-President of Mexico Felipe Calderon in 2012. Finally, in 2013, Obama shook hands with and bowed to Cuban communist Raul Castro.”


How the public feels about Obama’s deep bow and Trump’s handshake can be read in a single Tweet:


Trump doesn’t bow & Melania doesn’t wear a headscarf. America is finally being represented properly overseas.— Alana Mastrangelo (@ARmastrangelo) May 20, 2017 [Blog Editor: I couldn’t get the Twitter link to work. The Twitter handle @ARmastrangelo is to Alana Mastrangelo. The Tweet for 5/20/17 pertaining to President Trump visit to Saudi Arabia says this: “Unlike Obama, there will be no apology tour with President Trump. Ever. America is back.”


In 2009, Obama sent a message back to the masses: ‘I bow to the Saudi king no matter how Americans may feel about it’.


This is the message President Trump sent back to the same masses yesterday morning: ‘I am your president and present America properly when I’m overseas.’


As Newt Gingrich so aptly puts it: “Sadly, our own nation’s news media is doing more to undermine America’s image than Al Jazeera or Pravda combined.”


How do you IMPEACH a president like that, pretenders-to-the-presidency Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other pitchfork and torch carriers in the ‘Impeach Trump cabal’?


Only by utterly ignoring all sanity.


Copyright © Canada Free Press


Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years’ experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on Rush Limbaugh,, Drudge Report,, and Glenn Beck.


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Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

6 thoughts on “Impeach Trump Cabal Destined to Come to a Screeching Halt”


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    1. A bit about Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Sandra Day O’Connor and the Last Days.

      – We often think of conservative presidents for instance, as being far better than liberal ones. Yet, he cogently points out that both Reagan and George W. Bush had their problems. George W. Bush brought a Qur’an into the White House during his watch. Here is what Prasch states: “In order to honor Islam after the 9/11 attacks, George Bush began celebrating Ramadan in the White House. He placed in the White House what John’s epistle defines as an Antichrist book that rejects the divine Sonship of Christ. Yet Bush claimed to be a Christian.” [4]

      About Reason, he says this: “In 2010 it was a homosexual Republican judge nominated by Ronald Reagan and appointed by George W. Bush who, with a stroke of a pen, nullified the democratic will of the citizens in striking down the anti-homosexual and lesbian Proposition 8.” [5]

      Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O’Connor was an appointee of Ronald Reagan. “And it was Ronald Reagan’s pro-abortion Supreme Court appointee Sandra Day O’Connor who ordered God out of the courtroom when O’Connor wrote the decision banning the Ten Commandments from Alabama’s judicial building. It was also Ronald Reagan’s appointee Sandra Day O’Connor, who penned the ruling outlawing Texas anti-sodomy laws, that opened the way for same-sex marriage—decisions she made in large part on the basis not of the Constitution but of “foreign judicial precedence.” Reagan appointed this notorious woman to the Supreme Court despite her pro-abortion orientation after lying to Christian America that he was pro-life.” [6; emphasis added]

      Yet, many of us have problems with Supreme Court Justice Kagen and Sotomayer because of their propensity to want to set the U.S. Constitution aside in favor of international law. This has been going on since before Ronald Reagan and all the way back to Eisenhower’s Earl Warren Supreme Court that “ordered God out of the classroom.” [7]

      Prasch’s point is not that the church is to become politically motivated. He points all of this information out to help us understand just exactly how the enemy of our souls has been working to use a spirit of antichrist to change the laws and seasons as stated in the book of Daniel. Ultimately, the final man of sin will do whatever he pleases and change laws and seasons as he sees fit. (Unfortunately, groups like Seventh-day Adventists have gotten caught up in believing that the “antichrist” has already done this by allegedly changing the Sabbath, so they will be caught completely off guard when the final and real Antichrist takes the stage.)

      All of these things are being done in order to provide the final Antichrist with the ways and means to persecute true believers. Right now, in various places in the world, people are being arrested for “hate-speech” such as stating that homosexuality is forbidden by God based on biblical admonitions of Paul (Romans 1) and Old Testament moral code. They are being jailed because of the truth that they state about Islam. These laws are being put in place now so that when the Antichrist is revealed, he will already have plenty to work with in order to clamp down on and eventually persecute (to death) anyone who opposes him and his plan for world domination.

      It also needs to be remembered that the Antichrist will attempt to do what Nimrod and others did. They will attempt to keep God from carrying out His plans and purposes. One of the ways this will be accomplished is by eradicating Jews and Christians. The Antichrist will understand what Scripture says – that Jesus will return a second time to save His people – the Jews – and to establish His Kingdom. If Antichrist can destroy all Jews, who will Jesus come back TO?

      Prasch speaks of the many false prophets and false teachers that have come and will continue to come. Prior to the first advent of Jesus, there was a proliferation of false prophets and the Bible says that there will be again, before Jesus returns. Jesus Himself makes this 100% clear in the Olivet Discourse of Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21. Just as John the Baptist was the forerunner of Jesus, the Messiah, so will there be plenty of false prophets and false Christs. This is also exactly why the final Antichrist will have his own false prophet. In every way, he will attempting to masquerade as and counterfeit the true Messiah and Savior, Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

      Prasch – throughout his book – emphasizes the fact that Christians MUST study Eschatology (study of last things) because Christ commands it (in the Olivet Discourse) and He does so for a reason. He wants us to be alert to what is happening around us so that when prophetic Scripture does unfold, we will recognize it. We cannot sit back and take the attitude that says it will all pan out in the end. Prophecy is part of God’s Word and it is our responsibility to read His Words, understand them, and live by them. This means ALL of His Words, not merely the ones we think are important.

      Unfortunately, as Prasch notes, there are too many people who are in church leadership positions, who do everything they can to teach Christians to avoid studying Eschatology. They don’t want us to worry about it because they say that’s not the main role of the Church. Evangelism is and while they are right about the fact that we need to be involved in evangelism, we also need to be aware of the times. –

      Please read more:

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    1. Again. We see we are in the Last Days. Maranatha!

      – 51 Stay close because I am going to tell you a mystery—something you may have trouble understanding: we will not all fall asleep in death, but we will all be transformed. 52 It will all happen so fast, in a blink, a mere flutter of the eye. The last trumpet will call, and the dead will be raised from their graves with a body that does not, cannot decay. All of us will be changed! –


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