Hillary the Liar & the KKK

Will Quig - CA KKK

John R. Houk

© April 27, 2016


American Action News has found a video that may or not be from the Ku Klux Klan endorsing, wait for it … crooked Hillary Clinton for President.


Vocative claims the spokesman in the video is Will Quig, Grand Dragon of the California KKK.


I have no doubts the Clinton campaign will refute any acceptance of a KKK endorsement; nonetheless there are some half-truths in the video.


The age old political party of KKK choice is the Democratic Party:



History reveals that the Republican Party was formed in 1854 to abolish slavery and challenge other racist legislative acts initiated by the Democratic Party.


Some called it the Civil War, others called it the War Between the States, but to the African Americans at that time, it was the War Between the Democrats and the Republicans over slavery. The Democrats gave their lives to expand it, Republican gave their lives to ban it.



History reveals that Democrats lynched, burned, mutilated and murdered thousands of blacks and completely destroyed entire towns and communities occupied by middle class Blacks, including Rosewood, Florida, the Greenwood District in Tulsa Oklahoma, and Wilmington, North Carolina to name a few.


After the Civil War, Democrats murdered several hundred black elected officials (in the South) to regain control of the southern government. …



Congressional records show that Democrats were opposed to passing the following laws that were introduced by Republicans to achieve civil rights for African Americans:


** Civil Rights Act 1866


** Reconstruction Act of 1867


** Freedman Bureau Extension Act of 1866


** Enforcement Act of 1870


** Force Act of 1871


** Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871


** Civil Rights Act of 1875

** Civil Rights Act of 1957


** Civil Rights Act of 1960


** And during the 60’s many Democrats fought hard to defeat the 1964 Civil Rights Act


** 1965 Voting Rights Acts


** 1972 Equal Employment Opportunity Act [Bold text and bullets by the Blog Editor]


… It was also the racist Jim Crow practices initiated by Democrats that brought about the two landmark cases of Plessy v Ferguson and Brown v. The Board of Education.


At the turn of the century (1900), Southern Democrats continued to oppress African Americans by placing thousands in hard-core prison labor camps. According to most historians, the prison camps were far worst than slavery. The prisoners were required to work from 10-14 hours a day, six to seven days a week in temperatures that exceeded 100 degrees and in temperatures that fell well below zero. …


History reveals that it was three white persons that opposed the Democrat’s racist practices who started the NAACP. Dr. Martin Luther King, several Civil Rights leaders and many historians reported that during the first two years of his administration, President John F. Kennedy ignored Dr. King’s request for Civil Rights. The chronicles of history reveal that it was only after television coverage of riots and several demonstrations did President Kennedy feel a need to introduce the 1963 Civil Rights Act. At that time, experts believe the nation was headed toward a major race war.


History reveals that it was Democratic Attorney General, Robert Kennedy that approved the secret wire taps on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and it was Democratic President Lyndon Johnson that referred to Dr. King as ” that nigger preacher.”


… You get the Dem Party picture – READ ENTIRETY (The Racist History of the Democratic Party; By Wayne Perryman; History News Network; 2/14/04)


California KKK spokesman Quig claims Hillary’s views that disagree with KKK ideology is simply political hype to get votes to be elected. In other words, Hillary is lying for political gain. Hillary is a proven liar!




Hillary Clinton has a long history of tall tales.  Some designed to make her appear brave, such as her lie about coming under sniper fire during a trip to Bosnia in 1996.  Others connectED her to someone famous, such as her claim to be named after Sir Edmund Hillary.  Except that Sir Edmund, at the time of Hillary Clinton’s birth, was simply Ed, an obscure New Zealand beekeeper.



Mrs. Clinton lied about a video causing the Benghazi terror attack and is now doubling down, denying she lied to the victims’ families about the video, blaming her fabrication on the “fog of war.”  There’s also her emails, which she lied about to Congress and the American people.  These aren’t the inconsequential fabrications about whom she was named after, but serious false statements involving loss of American life and compromised U.S. foreign policy and national security.



But lying is not a recent phenomenon for Mrs. Clinton.  William Safire, of the NY Times, wrote in 1996 that Hillary “is a congenital liar.”  He noted a string of deception beginning in Arkansas and following her to the White House – cattle futures, Travelgate, Whitewater, lost billing records, and missing FBI files, to name some of her most prominent deceptions and cover-ups.


Going even farther back in history to the 1970s, Hillary Clinton was fired from her staff position on the Watergate House Judiciary Committee over “lies and unethical behavior.”


Is a pattern of compulsive lying by a presidential candidate a legitimate concern?  Are Mrs. Clinton’s lies about Benghazi and emails part of a longstanding pattern?  Are they READ ENTIRETY (Is Hillary Clinton a compulsive liar? By Brian C Joondeph; American Thinker; 1/26/16)


More articles documenting crooked Hillary, the liar:


Hillary Clinton’s million little lies; By Michael Walsh; New York Post; 11/26/15 2:26pm

Liar, Liar, Pantsuit on Fire: 27 Hillary Fibs, Obfuscations, and Lies; By

BEN SHAPIRO; Breitbart; 10/14/15)

The truth (and lies) behind why Hillary is unfit to be president; By LISA BOOTHE; Washington Examiner; 3/23/16 1201 AM

Top 50 Hillary Clinton Benghazi Lies; By Peter Andrew; ConservativeAmerica.org; 9/16/14

The Hillary Clinton Lies List; By David Kraemer; ConservativeAmerica.org; 8/17/14


If you did a little looking yourself, I am confident a treasure trove of Hillary can be discovered by you too.


JRH 4/27/16

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How the KKK is Helping Hillary


American Action News

Source: Vocativ

Vocative Date: Apr 25, 2016 at 6:11 PM ET


VIDEO: KKK Claims $20K In Clinton Donations



Posted by Vocativ

Published on Apr 25, 2016


A Grand Dragon of the California Klan claims to have raised about $20K for her campaign.



Hillary the Liar & the KKK

John R. Houk

© April 27, 2016


How the KKK is Helping Hillary

American Action News

203 S. Union St., Suite 300

Alexandria, VA 22314

(571) 293-0941

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