I’m Still a Cruzer

John R. Houk

© February 4, 2016

The next day after the Cruz victory in Iowa the Senator was castigated by Ben Carson for disseminating false information that possibly led Carson supporters to support Ted Cruz. The question then is: Did Cruz tell his campaigners to lie about Carson or did the campaigners take it upon themselves to tell caucus goers that Carson had pulled out of the Iowa contest?

If Cruz was involved in that decision that indeed would be a dirty trick that probably isn’t illegal but morally bankrupt. If Cruz wasn’t culpable the next logical step would be to fire the campaign staff personnel involved in the error in decision or outright scandalous political behavior. Myself I am going to err on believing Cruz had little to zero involvement in giving marching orders to undermine Carson’s campaign.

This whole issue has inspired Donald Trump to cry foul probably because if Carson delegates left for Cruz, that may have rocketed Cruz to his win and relegated Trump to second place. After understanding situation, Trump has become furious. Not because Trump’s good buddy Carson was robbed of delegate votes but because the issue may have cost Trump an Iowa victory. Ergo, if I heard correctly on the news this morning, Trump wants the Iowa Caucus vote nullified and a do-over to occur. Frankly I doubt such a re-vote or re-count will occur; nevertheless, the tone taken by Trump demonstrates just how vicious the hotel/casino magnet can get when a “deal” falls through.

Now this led me to ask myself who are my favorite candidates to win the GOP nomination for President.

I have to be honest with you. I was as intrigued by the Trump make America great again message as many other Americans have been and still are. I want to reverse the Obama curse, make the military strong again, name and confront American enemies, stop illegal immigration, kick out illegal immigrants taking advantage of entitlements while deserving Americans are still waiting in line (e.g. Veterans), refusing Muslim refugees whose devotion to Islam will eventually lead to un-American activities rather than assimilation and so on.

With all that intrigue I had this gnawing in the back of my mind about how the old deal maker mixed with Big Business causes to the detriment of basic core Conservative values, mixed with Democrats that definitely promoted anti-Conservative principles and had a mixed pro-life and a mixed Christian affinity past.

Then I have always had an affinity to the causes that Cruz stood for such as pro-life, pro-Tea Party causes, a staunch Conservative and anti-Establishment GOP kind-of-guy.

I also liked Marco Rubio as a Christian and Conservative but thought his experience was a bit lacking especially when GOP Establishment individuals began to throw support behind Rubio after it became evident that Jeb Bush did not have the support of the GOP Conservative base.

And so perhaps we Conservatives should pay attention to Conservatives like Mark Alexander of The Patriot Post who have always questioned Trump’s dedication to Conservative principles and values as you can read in Alexander’s February third essay that is less than favorable toward Donald Trump.

JRH 2/4/16 (Hat Tip Don Moore of Blind Conservatives)

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If Trump Is the Answer…

What Is the Question?

By Mark Alexander

Feb. 3, 2016

The Patriot Post

“It is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts.” —Patrick Henry, 1775

If Donald Trump is the answer, then what’s the question his supporters are asking?

Fact is, they’re asking the most important questions every genuine conservative is asking. Consistent with The Patriot Post’s mission statement, all of us are asking, “How do we restore constitutional limits on government and the judiciary? How do we restore free enterprise, our national defense capabilities and traditional American values? How do we undo all of the damage Obama has done and correct our nation’s course back toward Liberty? How do we defeat Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders and win the next presidential election?”

But Donald Trump?

By way of disclosure, let me say that I would “vote early and often” for Trump if he is the Republican nominee. Having said that, I hope there will be a more viable and reliable ballot option.

Bear with me.

In the wake of the Iowa caucus results, Trump is again asking, “How stupid are the people of Iowa?” After a 15-hour blackout, he woke up mad, claiming, “Ted Cruz didn’t win Iowa, he stole it. … Based on the fraud committed by Senator Ted Cruz during the Iowa Caucus, either a new election should take place or Cruz results nullified.” This from a guy who has not voted in a Republican primary for almost 30 years… (This sounds like a set up — “I’m being treated unfairly, thus I will run third-party to insure a Democrat victory in 2016!”)

Though I consider Iowa more a generator of media advertising revenue than I do a solid predictive indicator of presidential election outcomes, the caucus results are, just the same, instructive.

Trump, who assumed he had Iowa in the bag, made two mistakes that will influence the results of the upcoming primaries.

First, he backed out of the Iowa debate just before the caucuses, not because he has “zero respect for [Fox News journalist] Megyn Kelly,” as he claimed, but to avoid being called out on a growing list of prevarications and obfuscations. Despite the not-too-clever diversion of his alternate event “for the veterans,” his supporters in Iowa stayed focused on the task at hand — casting a vote for the candidate they think is best suited to be the 45th president of the United States.

Second, while he may have avoided the Iowa debate, Trump’s petulant attack against his primary rival, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, in the days after that debate resulted in exposing his clear and continuing support for ObamaCare, one of the most important agenda items on conservative lists for legislative repeal.

Just before the Iowa Caucus, Cruz asserted, “Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have the identical position on health care, which is they want to put the government in charge of you and your doctor.” That is not quite accurate — Trump’s socialist health care plan is actually more statist than Clinton’s plan.

Trump attempted to deflect the criticism, protesting, “Ted Cruz is a total liar. I’m so against ObamaCare. … I don’t even know where he gets this.” Where Cruz “gets this” is the same place he got Trump’s liberal “New York values” — remarks from Trump himself! Trump has written and spoken repeatedly in support of state-run health care systems. In his book, “The America We Deserve,” he praised Canada’s failed socialist single-payer health care system: “We must have universal health care. I’m a conservative on most issues but a liberal on this one.”

Betrayed by his own words, Trump refuted (and simultaneously confirmed) Cruz’s claims, saying, “He has got no heart. And if this means I lose an election, that’s fine because frankly, we have to take care of the people in our country.” Of course, Trump’s socialized medicine proposals would deepen the disastrous consequences of the so-called “Affordable Healthcare Act” and accelerate the deterioration of health care services. Think “Veterans Affairs on steroids.”

The fact is, Trump is a case study in contradictions, with long-held and defended liberal positions averse to Liberty, including his support for state-run health care, gun control, enormous tax increases and executive unilateralism. His apparent contradictions are now the toasts of late-night liberals like Stephen Colbert, who recently aired a “debate” segment, Donald vs. Trump.

Apparently, Trump didn’t receive the memo that a man has only one chance to make a first impression. Now, instead of providing a candid and honest explanation for his 11th-hour conversion to conservatism and all the flip-flopping, Trump is content to simply deny he ever held those liberal positions. His undeniable denial of reality should concern anyone who supports him.

Having said this, I expect protests from Trump supporters that will fall into two previously established categories.

About 10% will offer reasoned objections, which I welcome. They are actually open to criticism of Trump, and the resulting dialogue provides useful insights for both of us.

However, the remaining 90% will hurl vitriolic diatribes, shooting insults and threats at this messenger, much like the shots Trump takes at his critics. The rage and resentment in these protests are a testament to Trump’s anger-driven support, which I described in “The Trump Card — Ace of Anger Affirmation.”

For the record, I have been shot at on a few occasions — and by “shot at” I mean with high-velocity projectiles, not derogatory words — so insults don’t bother me. But what I do find deeply troubling is that the vitriolic variety reflects a cultish devotion to Trump, whose narcissistic persona basks in the light of such unquestioned devotion. Too many of his supporters are intolerant of any divergent perspective on Trump, no matter how well reasoned.

Don’t get me wrong: Grassroots Americans should be angry about the lame “establishment Republicans” who haven’t made way for the growing ranks of young conservatives now in the House and Senate.

And it’s not only Trump’s conservative supporters who are mad. Notably, analysis in The New York Times — “Trump’s Strongest Supporters: A Certain Kind of Democrat” — recently reflected that “[h]is very best voters are self-identified Republicans who nonetheless are registered as Democrats.” These are folks who, in 1980, might have been described as “Reagan Democrats.”

The comparison is understandable, given that Trump’s simple mantra, “Make America Great Again,” was “borrowed” from President Reagan’s slogan, “Let’s make America great again.” Fact is, Trump is a “good communicator” and his simple solutions to complex problems resonate with both grassroots Republicans and Democrats.

But Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan, who was a genuine, humble conservative, and a model of servant leadership.

Human nature tells us that many people are more convicted by what they want to believe than by a considerable body of evidence contradicting those beliefs. Noted historian John Lukacs, in his book “Democracy and Populism,” wrote, “Most people believe and think what they prefer to think and what they want to believe: their vision of the world and their own likes and dislikes … are seldom separable.”

In the timeless words of John Adams, however, “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclination, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”

Facts and evidence, fellow Patriots. Facts and evidence.

Donald Trump is not the answer to the critical questions genuine conservatives are asking, including those genuine conservatives among his supporters.

So, it’s off to New Hampshire we go, where I expect Trump’s “New York values” to play well. However, take note. His national disapproval rating has soared to 60%, which renders him all but unelectable against potential adversaries as fundamentally flawed as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden.

But if Trump actually makes it to the general election and defeats his Democrat opponent, I note this irony: Now that the ranks of conservatives (as opposed to “Republicans”) in the House and Senate have surged, those conservatives might be faced with a “Republican” president who is both autocratic and statist, a combination that will be perilous to the future of Liberty.

Finally, Donald Trump was asked recently to define “conservatism” and he was at a loss of words – rare for Trump. But last week, Ben Sasse, one of the rising young conservatives in the U.S. Senate, was asked the same question, and Trump should listen to Ben’s 90-second response.


[Blog Editor: Here’s Youtube video not a part of original Patriot Post]


VIDEO: Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) on MSNBC Defining Conservatism


Posted by Heritage Response Room

Published on Jan 29, 2016


Pro Deo et Constitutione — Libertas aut Mors
Semper Vigilans Fortis Paratus et Fidelis


I’m Still a Cruzer

John R. Houk

© February 4, 2016


If Trump Is the Answer…


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  1. Lately I’ve been thinking about the role of the assembly of God’s children. To say it as shortly as possible. God’s children’s mission and the meaning of the fallen mankind’s life.

    2 Corinthians 5:20
    “Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God.”


    1. Sherayx. Do you follow Burns Oregon? What do you see in this video?

      “Burns Oregon–update from refuge 2-1-16 part 9”

      Oneway2day wrote about LaVoy Finicum:





      What do you think? Is the Martial Law in action already?




      Ps. Have you or your neighbors got mailbox stickers?



      God bless you and your family.

      – And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house. –



    2. Sherayx there are many good alternative Republicans to support; however if you are a Hillary or Sanders supporter you are supporting the further demise of American Liberty, entrepreneurial spirit, Free Speech and Religious Freedom; not to mention America’s continued moral degradation.

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    1. Sorry. I forgot 🙂

      “Miami Drug Wars”

      – The deadly 1979 shootout at Dadeland Mall in broad daylight between Colombian traffickers– quickly dubbed ”the Cocaine Cowboys” by a police officer on the scene — heralded the beginning of South Florida’s bloody and violent drug wars in which drug dealers competed for Miami’s wholesale markets. The mob-style execution and growing violence in the streets of Miami was linked to the nascent Medellin Cartel consolidating its control of the drug business. Smuggling rings grew to corporate size in the 1980’s. –



      1. Yurki this reply has nothing to do with this comment however I wanted to let you be aware I deleted a comment by a person named Greg. Comments that disagree are welcome but profanity is not. Unfortunately your response with Greg disappeared too.

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    2. Fidel’s friend Jimmy supports Donald Trump. I think Donald is Hillary’s secret weapon.


      – In 1980, thousands of Cuban citizens begged for a way to leave the country. American president Jimmy Carter agreed to accept the people who wanted to leave Cuba. Castro opened the port of Mariel to anyone who wanted to leave, but he was surprised and embarrassed by the number of people who accepted his offer.

      Castro saw an opportunity. He kept his agreement to allow citizens to leave from Mariel, but he insisted they take everyone. Castro emptied his prisons and discharged some of the sickest people from his hospitals. The Americans could either turn away exiled Cubans who had been waiting to embrace their families, or they could take the bad along with the good. America chose the second course, and accepted more than 125,000 Cubans. Castro stopped the exodus, but families continue to attempt to leave. They often resort to any boat or raft that could get them to the United States. Many perish at sea. –


      “Why Hillary Clinton Should Thank God for Donald Trump”

      – It’s true that Donald Trump has been a uniquely stupid and reprehensible candidate. But a candidate despised by so much of the electorate can’t possibly win. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, can, and probably will, so for the love of god, can we not forget about her unique brand of awfulness as we all bash The Donald? –


      “The American Middle Class Is Losing Ground”

      – The hollowing of the American middle class has proceeded steadily for more than four decades. Since 1971, each decade has ended with a smaller share of adults living in middle-income households than at the beginning of the decade, and no single decade stands out as having triggered or hastened the decline in the middle. –


      “Pew: Middle class decline and fall fuels rise of Donald Trump”


      “Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: The irrelevance of American politics”


      Photo from here:



      1. As usual I forgot 😀

        “Lie Witness News – Super Tuesday Edition”

        Text below:

        – In honor of Super Tuesday, we went out on the street in Hollywood to ask people if they voted. While there were contests in thirteen states on Tuesday, California wasn’t one of them. But that didn’t stop these people from claiming they did in this Super Tuesday edition of #LieWitnessNews. –


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