Needed: education, not indoctrination

Elsa takes a stand against educational indoctrination that places a favorable light on Islam rather than at least balancing with the undeniable truth that is not peaceful neither in the present nor in the past. Then she shares that World Truth Summit is having a future interview with Steve Amundson of the Counter Jihad Coalition on November 18.

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Needed: education, not indoctrination

By Elsa Schieder

Sent: 11/1/2015 12:27 PM

From: World Truth Summit

Where do we go from here? That’s the question I asked last time. In 2 weeks, there will be an interview with Steven Amundson of the CounterJihadCoalition, on what he’s been doing. It fits with something I’ve been thinking about.

My thought: what about a campaign, EDUCATION NOT INDOCTRINATION. Simple, clear, easy. The major point: what we have now is an indoctrination system masquerading as an education system. Education: teaching students to think. Indoctrination: rote learning, memorization of teacher-taught lessons.

“We don’t have rote learning,” some may object, horrified. “That’s from the nineteenth century.”

Unfortunately it didn’t stop then.

It’s thriving in the West. Children currently learn to regurgitate lines like, all opinions are equal, all cultures are equal, and all religions are equal. Even worse, they’re taught that these are truths, not fallacies. That’s rote learning, indoctrination.

What would teaching be like? It would include students learning to think about:

– What does equal mean?

– Why is it illogical to claim that all opinions are equal? (This is a cinch to prove.)

– What is an opinion and what is a fact?

To become better acquainted with teaching students how to think, teachers could all be given Think or Sink: We Think or the West Sinks (or a condensed version, at least). At the very least, they could be sent a link to a 20 minute video:


VIDEO: Elsa Schieder, PhD. THINK OR SINK. Big Danger: No Critical Thinking Allowed!


Posted by FreedomTalk

Published on Apr 7, 2014

Elsa Schieder, PhD. THINK OR SINK. Big Danger to Western Civilization: No Thinking Allowed! Freedom of thought, freedom of speech, critical thinking, good thinking – all are in big danger in the West. In education, instead of critical thinking, there is much uncritical acceptance of opinions not founded on facts.

One question: who benefits?

This is the opening speech from:
Essentials of Freedom
Conference – January, 2014
Edmonton, Alberta

More at:

Conference speakers:

Conference schedule:  [Blog Editor: In my browser a “404 Not Found” sign came and a McAfee Site Advisor warning.]

This video: Elsa Schieder, PhD. THINK OR SINK.
Good Thinking, The Ultimate Taboo? Dangerous!

Become a member of FreedomTalk:

Option one. We could hope that the main ideas sink in.

Option two. Much better, we could start a grassroots movement for concerned parents (and grandparents, etc.) who care about their children, about their need for education not indoctrination. A goal: to educate these concerned people so they know how to effectively teach teachers, who are generally caring but severely brainwashed so they actually believe it makes sense to believe nonsense like all opinions, cultures and religions are equal.

If you’re interested in being part of this grassroots movement, please let me know.

Then, as I mentioned last time, the next interview series is starting. A major focus: grassroots activism.

The first interviewee: Steve Amundson of the CounterJihadCoalition.


Steve Amundson

Steve was chosen to kick off this series, as he has been doing grassroots activism for years. In fact, what he’s been doing is something most people concerned about Islam would be afraid to do. He and some friends have been spending Saturday night on a shopping promenade – but not shopping. Instead, they set up a table and load it with fabulous brochures. Islam 101. Sharia 101. ISIS 101. The brochures will all be available for you to download.

For more about Steve, here’s an interview with Jamie Glazov:

And here is more about the CounterJihadCoalition:

The interview will be presented on Wednesday, November 18th… Following it, you’ll be able to send Steve questions, and he’ll answer the following week (Wed, Nov 25th).

And that’s it for today (except for a major P.S.)

As always, all the best to all of us who care and dare, to life and to love,


PS. For more thoughts on what to do:

VIDEO: Elsa Schieder, PhD. Cassandra, Churchill, Luke Skywalker. Getting Heard


Posted by FreedomTalk
Published on Sep 30, 2015

How do we heard? Cassandra wasn’t heard. It took Churchill 10 years – and then it was Hitler’s marching into one country after another that got him to listen. How about having fun, and being Luke Skywalker – he had a hard time, but had great adventures and great friends.

Then, what do we need to be heard? One, a media of our own, instead of the mainstream propaganda machine. Two, an education system that educates, instead of indoctrinates with politically correct non-thinking propaganda. Three, perhaps a grassroots movement, a kind of tupperware system, spreading something people value even more than tupperware. Fourth, perhaps a political party of our own, that focusses strongly on the issues we care about. It may also be helpful to ask: is there a way to tell our stories that gives them a better chance to be heard?

PPS. Maybe you think it’s ridiculous, paying attention to education, given the state of things. As per a recent rulings in the STATES (not Saudi Arabia), a Muslim may not be required to transport alcohol as this goes against his religion, but in the same USA, a Christian may NOT refuse to bake a cake or to sell flowers for a gay wedding, as this goes against their religion. And in CANADA (again, not Saudi Arabia), a Christian holding up a sign has been attacked with impunity by Islamics. Also Pegida (which is against the Islamisation of the West) is forced to leave the rally they had organized. Why? Because the police (yes, this is all on video!!!) claim to be unable to control the people against Pegida. What will happen next? If someone is being murdered, will be police say to acquiesce as this is more than the police can handle? Anyway, here is the Christian with the sign:

Live Leak VIDEO: Islamic Preacher (HASHEEM ATANGANA ): assailant ID’d in dntn Toronto assault on ERIC BRAZAU


Added: 4 days ago Occurred On: Oct-24-2015
By: canadavsterror


As the video shows, AL-HASHEEM KAMENA ATANGANA has in the past few years terrorized and assaulted Christian preachers in downtown Toronto, and last Saturday he attacked Eric Brazau for holding a sign about Islam.

Apparently many Muslim preachers who man the booth there and nearby mosques have been promoting intolerance and hatred, terrorizing any secular or Christian speaker in the area.

This Saturday at the same intersection, ERIC BRAZAU and the RISE CANADA team will be showing items and staging a performance.

ERIC BRAZAU has filed a report with a Toronto Police Detective. On Thursday RISE CANADA will release a new video with the results of that report, as well as fresh breaking news on this matter.


As the video shows, Al-Hasheem Kamena Atangana attacked Eric Brazau for holding a sign about Islam. And as a Christian preacher attests, Atangana has also assaulted Christian preachers in downtown Toronto. Further, according to this preacher, many Islamic preachers who staff a booth in the same area and who preach in nearby mosques have been promoting intolerance and hatred. But nothing is done against them.

PPS. I don’t have an answer. But for those moments when you wonder if we’ll ever make it, here’s WE’VE JUST BEGUN:

 we’ve just begun video screen capture


Edited by John R. Houk


It could be about, how I came to find the wonder of Islam.

The words that come into my mind: The Heart of Darkness, the title of a novel by Joseph Conrad.

What I mean is that I found so many things I did not expect, so many things I could not admire. I would have loved to find a religion of peace. I did not. I feel as if I slowly stepped into a cave, slowly found lights, and had to recoil from what I found.

In one corner, the corpses of 600-900 dead Jews, murdered by Mohammed. The story isn’t one I found in early versions of his story that I came across. But it’s right there, hinted at in the Qu’ran, and spelled out in detail in the Sira and Hadiths (very revered Islamic religious texts). The story is right there.

But I didn’t find the story until late in my exploration, when I already had a good idea of what kinds of things I’d be coming across.

The early explorations were much more tentative.

After all, I was told Islam was a religion of peace. But something did not make sense.

It was a bit like being a detective – Nancy Drew, say – young and innocent and very Western. Why was there this feeling of danger when I was tiptoeing into finding out about a religion of peace? The cave felt damp, and at the same time dusty. It felt that much lurked, that did not want me tiptoeing around, just wanting to look and see. But why should this be, if this was truly a religion of peace? After all, all I wanted was to see. Why the sense of menace?

Was it an over-active imagination?

Or was it from knowing that there were fatwas out against others – and that others had been murdered because of these fatwas? Was it READ THE REST

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I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

One thought on “Needed: education, not indoctrination”

  1. I can not dispute the concept of favoring education over indoctrination. Education means to draw ou from within. There ain’t knowledge of Islam in our children. It must come from an outside source.

    Your chances of persuading elementary school students to read the Koran range from zero to none. The best you can hope for is a few selected ayat. Who will select those ayat and how? Likewise for the hadith.

    High school students probably won’t engage unless you tell them there is sex or gore in the texts and they dive in to find it.

    If you assign one of my blog posts to your students, plan on an early retirement. Likewise “Innocence Of Muslims”. If you did that, you would need to explain it to them, involving more time and effort that would only get you sacked.

    So you want them to learn to think? Give them a formal logic course including the most popular logic errors. Then introduce them to Pascal or BASIC and set them loose. Better yet, teach them to play chess.

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