Dems Lose Senate Due PPTSD

John R. Houk

© November 6, 2014


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HILARIOUS – Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood explain Postpartum Taylor Swift Disorder (PPTSD) at the expense of Obama and the Democrats losing the Senate.


VIDEO: Paisley Underwood poke fun at Swift at expense of Dem loss


JRH 11/6/14

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2 thoughts on “Dems Lose Senate Due PPTSD”

  1. Soooo funny!!! Tom Harkin’s comparison of Joni Ernst to Taylor Swift was the most ridiculous remark of the entire election period!!! AND….JONI WON!!!! PRAISE GOD!!! I LIVE IN AZ. AND SHE WAS RUNNING AND FROM MY HOME TOWN OF “RED OAK, IOWA’…7,000 PEOPLE IN S.W. IOWA SCARED THE POOP OUT OF IOWA….WHAT A GREAT SENATOR SHE WILL BE!!!


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