Societies are Destroyed for What Purpose?

Soros' BHO Mini-Me

John R. Houk

© August 23, 2013


Is there such a reality as a nation without borders? A nation without borders has no cultural heritage. Why? The infusion of a super diverse cultures into a nation cannot have a cultural heritage.


How is the rule of law formed for a borderless nation with many cultures in one nation? The inclination of a democratic republic legislature would be to attempt to fuse laws in which ideologies, multiple cultures from people proud of their racial heritage, atheistic secular humanism, multiple religions, forcing gender equality and/or whatever societal diverseness big enough to have a voice.


Frankly I can see NO viability for such a borderless nation to exist. Either predatory nations – which will always exist in one form or the other – will exploit such a borderless nation by annexing the diverse portions that would be profitable for a predatory nation. OR a borderless nation determined to the attempt to enact unifying laws to connect a super diverse nation will discover there is no such nation that can maintain unity without a common heritage. The outcome: There will be a national disintegration in which in each diverse portion of society attempts to carve up the borderless nation by creating uniculture spheres with borders.


This is what occurs to a nation that decides to embrace an open borders policy bringing multiple cultures or a word affirmation such as superdiversity as if combining two words brings a connection to multiple cultures. Multiculturalism or superdiversity is the destruction of a nation’s national culture thus terminating that nation’s existence.


These musings are inspired by a Danny Jeffrey article entitled “EGYPT AND WHY OBAMA WAS CHOSEN TO BE PRESDENT “. My thoughts are musings of someone else’s original thinking. Here is a teaser:


Were this occurrence limited to one nation you might think that their leaders had gone mad. That is not the case. It is happening throughout all of the prosperous nations of the West, and I flatly reject the term ‘conspiracy theory’. This is conspiracy fact! I maintain the view that no nation can exist without borders, and those borders must be protected at all costs. Unregulated immigration spells the certain doom of any nation that allows it.


Conspiracy Theories that look at the New World Order, the United Nations via the nuts and bolts of Agenda 21 and societal transformation via Faith destroying Left Wing politics have long been an interest to me. In the beginning of my reading of these renowned Conspiracy Theories I was drawn in by the fascination of behind the scenes power brokers. America and the world would be foolish to believe that dark room power elites do not influence the flow of geopolitics and a global economy. The question that needs an answer is this: Do the power elites use direct or indirect puppet strings to pull the lever of political-economic results? AND are there any power struggles among the power elites on which levers to pull?


I am not convinced there is an Illuminati global situation. I do think the Bilderberg Meetings are a group of power elites that might fit a scenario of conflicting agendas in which somehow a give-and-take compromise emerges from deliberations. What bugs Liberty-minded Americans is the lack of enfranchised voters holding power elites accountable for decisions that might be found to be unacceptable.


Now here is the thing. Danny Jeffrey’s “Egypt and Why Obama was Chosen to be President” puts forth a Conspiracy that brings together a plethora Conspiracy Theories by injecting Islam and its adherents as an instrument to be a means to accomplish the ends of a NWO agenda.


The players in the Jeffrey Conspiracy scenario are George Soros, Leftist (aka Progressive) transformative ideology, Barack Obama and Islam. Soros is the string puller. Obama is the executive delivery apparatus. And Islam is the global ideology to destabilize National Heritages and the Western Fabric of Society.


Danny Jeffrey believes the evidence is there to abandon the term “Conspiracy Theory” and start acting on the term “Conspiracy Fact”. I concur. READ DANNY’S ESSAY!


JRH 8/23/13

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