We’re done

Todd Akin

Rep. Todd Akin is running for the Senate in Missouri against Democrat incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill. Akin was leading in the Missouri pulls against McCaskill until he made the political blunder pertaining to rape and abortion. Then Akin dropped ten points behind McCaskill. After Akin’s apology and a little support from the likes of former Governor Huckabee, Akin began to climb back into competition with McCaskill. The Establishment Republicans rejected Akin willing to shove him over the cliff of oblivion for the rape comments.


After Akin’s contrition for his misspoken comments the GOP Party bosses still wanted Akin to withdraw from the race and pulled his GOP financial support. There seems to be a pride issue because the Party Bosses are still railing against Akin. This is the case even though he is the best chance to dethrone a Dem Party incumbent from her seat. Couple the best shot to gain a GOP Senate and a surge in the Missouri polls you would think the GOP Party Bosses would swing back to supporting Akin. As of September 14 apparently they have not.


JRH 9/15/12

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We’re done


Perry Akin

Sent by Western Center for Journalism

Sent: 9/15/2012 6:03 AM


Please give your attention to this important announcement from Todd Akin for Senate. From time to time, we send you content on behalf of third parties we believe may be of interest to you and we believe this one deserves your attention.


Party boss and Washington insider John Cornyn this week had two words for Todd Akin, and Missouri: “We’re done.”

Rather than swallowing their pride and admitting they were wrong to not help Todd Akin, Party Bosses are doubling down.

Huckabee Banner support for Todd Akin

Mike Huckabee, on the other hand, had this to say about the Washington Party Bosses:


“They will turn their backs on Akin out of their arrogant pride because just as they were wrong about Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, they are being shown they are wrong on Akin? We need to rally every pro-life, pro-family, faith-based voter in America and tell them that the party obviously doesn’t need them, but Akin does. If the party doesn’t want us, then it’s good to get that cleared up. I’ll direct my time, money, and efforts toward candidates who will take a stand, and when they get elected, they won’t be obligated to party bosses, but to God and their conscience.”

Today is the final day of our most ambitious fundraising goal yet: $70,000 raised by tonight at midnight to defeat the “$7 Trillion Dollar Senator” Claire McCaskill.

We need all hands on deck. Todd needs you now, and like Governor Huckabee said – the Washington insiders and Party Bosses were wrong about Rubio, wrong about Rand Paul, and they’re just as wrong about Todd Akin.

Our Moneybomb ends tonight and we need your help to finish getting $70,000 in the door by midnight.

Will you stand with Todd Akin? Or will you let the Washington Party Bosses and Claire McCaskill win?


Perry Akin
Campaign Manager


Paid for by Todd Akin for Senate


About Todd Akin:


With a background in engineering and a love of America’s founding principles, Todd Akin is a rarity in the political world. Todd’s humility and unswerving devotion to God and country shine clearly. He has proven himself to be the principled leader who Missourians trust. READ THE REST

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One thought on “We’re done”

  1. And yet while Republicans continue to bash Bill Maher as though the outlandish comedian were some talisman for the Democratic mainstream, Republicans are rushing to paint a Republican candidate for the United States Senate as a fringe outsider from the party mainstream. If only we could be so lucky. While Akin and others were making increasingly extremist statements about rape and proposing crackdowns on women’s reproductive freedoms, Republican leaders were wading into whack-a-doodle territory with other far-right, extreme positions.


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