Westerners that become Dhimmis

Dhimmi - No Thanks

John R. Houk

© April 7, 2012


Here is an essay by Bill Warner that focuses on morons that are apologists for Islam. The morons are Christian, Jews and cults that have roots in Christianity. What is the common denominator of these Christians, Jews and cults? In social values they are secular humanists and moral relativists. In other words they are liberals. I prefer calling liberals Leftists; in the case of religion that may or may not be appropriate. In the case of Christians, the Liberals have chosen to downgrade the Word of God to something lower than cultural relativity. Liberal Christians have twisted the Scriptures to justify Liberal social values to the point many even deny the Divinity of Christ or for that matter deny the central point of Redemption; i.e. the death, burial and RESURRECTION of Jesus Christ in Glorified body form sitting at the right hand of Father ever interceding for the Saints (Protestant perspective: Believers in Jesus Christ the Son of God).


As Warner points out these Judeo-Christian Liberals will call you a bigot and hater for attempting to tell you the dark side of Islam, this is especially the case in being Pro-Israel. These Liberal Christians, Jews and cult Christians are among the leaders of pushing an agenda of promoting businesses, corporations, Churches and Synagogues to divest their investments if such brings profit to Israel. Why? The reasoning is these Liberals have been convinced that Israel is an evil nation that persecutes and removes Civil Rights from the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians.


To read Bill Warner you have to become familiar with the term dhimmi or dhimmitude. Here is a crash course on dhimmitude gleaned from Bat Ye’or that has made this a scholarly study exposing what kind of life a dhimmi lived under as a second class citizen in Islamic lands:


Islamic law, the shari’a, provides “protection” and security for the People of the Book – the Bible; it is indeed a basic theological principle. However, Muslim theologians and jurists attached so many conditions and humiliations to this real protection that the status of the protected Jews and Christians – the dhimmis – soon became a status of oppression, deprivation and insecurity.

 This status was regulated by several laws that bound them within a social pattern of discriminations and insecurity. Instead of “Islamic tolerance,” or of “toleration,” I have called this vast political, religious and cultural world – from Arabia to Spain and the Balkans, including for some time, part of Hungary and Poland – the realm of “dhimmitude,” from the Arabic word dhimma: a treaty of submission for those peoples conquered by jihad. The laws that were applied to the dhimmis, I have called the laws of “dhimmitude,” and the special type of civilization that dhimmis developed, I have call the civilization of dhimmitude.    


The civilization of dhimmitude is based on two main elements: jihad – that is, a compulsory religious war of conquest that brings non-Muslim lands into the realm of Islam; and the subjugation of its native populations. In other words, the choice is between perpetual war or submission. The civilization of dhimmitude developed in the context of subjugation and insecurity. Its main features were the payment of the jizya, a koranic tribute that became a poll-tax. For early Muslim jurists, the jizya had two purposes: to enrich the umma, the Islamic community; and a symbolic meaning: it suspended the jihad threat, which was death, slavery or the expulsion of non-Muslims. The payment of the jizya procured for the dhimmi the security for his life, his family and his personal possessions. One important aspect of dhimmitude is the principle of the dhimmi’s inferiority to Muslims in every walk of life. This civilization of dhimmitude expanded on three continents, representing millions of peoples. Over the centuries, populations and entire civilizations disappeared, or barely survived. The civilization of dhimmitude is composed of numerous ethnic groups, mainly Christian, and rival Eastern Churches. Documentation abound, and a few sources may be found in my books. 

 The civilization of dhimmitude is based on the principle of “protection,” which is the security for life and property pledged by a Muslim ruler to non-Muslims, who are subjected to certain conditions – tribute money, or as a temporary protection (aman). This concept implies that the right to security of life and property are denied to non-Muslims and are only granted by the Muslim community according to its own conditions. In other words, the principle of natural rights for all human beings is denied. The civilization of dhimmitude is engendered by wars and conquest. (Persecution of Jews and Christians Testimony vs. Silence; from lecture by Bat Ye’or; 4/2/1998; Dhimmitude.org)


Now you are ready for Bill Warner’s “Partners in Crime”.


JRH 5/7/12


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