Obama Openly Moving to Dark Side?

Obama-Shred-Constitution by EO

John R. Houk

© April 4, 2012

President Barack Hussein Obama has shown his true colors when he informed the Supreme Court they did not have the authority to overturn Obamacare as unconstitutional. The Left and this President in particular has been shredding the Constitution for nearly a half-a-century. We Conservative have cried foul for about the same time and labeled the Court system that justifies the Leftist agenda as judicial activism. We Conservatives have put with Leftist judicial activism realizing that the courts have been politicized by Democratic Party Presidents and Democratic Party majority rule in the Senate.

It has became clear that the only way to counter Leftist judicial activist constitutional shredding is for GOP Presidents to balance America’s courts with Conservative Original Intent Judges. Thanks to President Reagan and President Bush the Supreme Court has a relatively 5 majority Conservative Original Intent Justices versus to 4 Leftist Living Constitution Justices.

Now that judicial activism might counter a Leftist agenda on a huge scale for the first time in about 50 years BHO is crying foul trying to paint the Supreme Court as a bunch of activist Justices. The reality is that SCOTUS has that thin one vote lead with one of those Justices siding with the Conservative side sometimes and with the Leftist side sometimes.

We Americans have to ask ourselves: What will President Barack Hussein Obama do if Obamacare is struck down by a 5-4 vote? The President certainly sounded like he was providing a veiled threat, right?

FOX Video: Firestorm over Obama’s comments about Supreme Court

Now since the original Obama threat, the President has backtracked somewhat by clarifying his anti-SCOTUS remarks. BHO says he will of course abide with whatever SCOTUS rules. YET BHO claims Obamacare is a commerce issue and as such believes SCOTUS has never overruled the Federal Government when the Executive and Legislative Branches have legislated laws according to the Commerce Clause.

Constitution: Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3:

(Clause 1) The Congress shall have power ,,,


(Clause 3) To regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes;

This FindLaw article on the Commerce Clause and the Supreme Court demonstrates that Obama is outright lying in public because SCOTUS indeed has struck down Federal Laws that were wrongly based on the Commerce Clause. And I am not talking about ancient judicial decisions but as short a relative time as 1995. Now I am saying “outright lying” because as a lawyer Obama was trained on Constitutional Law. This means he was lying in public to convince voters that Obamacare is legislation on the high road that should  be untouchable.

Further Obama lied that Obamacare was passed with broad Congressional support. Here Obama must be hoping Americans must have a short memory that there were backdoor sweet deals for various Senators’ States to get a vote to pass Obamacare. THAT IS NOT BROAD CONGRESSIONAL SUPPORT!

The three Judge panel of the 5th Circuit U.S. Appellate Court has issued an order to:

In the escalating battle between the administration and the judiciary, a federal appeals court apparently is calling the president’s bluff — ordering the Justice Department to answer by Thursday whether the Obama Administration believes that the courts have the right to strike down a federal law, according to a lawyer who was in the courtroom. (CBS via Red State 4/4/12)

I suspect Obama will blink first in a turf war with the Judicial Branch, but if not – What would a Socialist (bordering really close on Marxism) do to fight the Judicial Branch?


VIDEO: Jenna Lee Interviewing about SCOTUS-Obama dispute


JRH 4/4/12



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