Zager: A New Deal with the Devil

Fatah-Hamas toon


Norma Zager believes the world will see the true stripes of the Palestinian Authority (PA) because its leader Mahmoud Abbas has reconciled with the Arab terrorists known as Hamas. The PA and Hamas are Islamic terrorist rivals that have gone to great lengths to be the representatives of the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians with the intention of forming a Palestinian State out of land that is the heritage of the Jewish people. The PA has projected the image that they are cooperating with international representation to form a Palestine State right next door. The PA pretends that they will recognize Israel’s right to exist but not as a Jewish State. Hamas on the other hand is at least honest: they refuse to recognize the existence of Israel rather it is a representative government for all people or a haven for Jews.


Hamas split from the PA by winning enough votes to be the big representative of Palestinian voters in whatever the PA goes a parliament. This endangered the corrupt power structure set up by now deceased Yasser Arafat and inherited by Mahmoud Abbas. The conflict between the PA and Hamas that ensued saw Hamas taking over the Gaza Strip by force. Hamas not only gave the PA the boot from Gaza but executed any vestige of PA authority which was representative of the largest terrorist group of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in Fatah.


NOW there is PA/Hamas rapprochement.


I disagree with Norma the world will see the PA’s true stripes. The world has been blind to the PA since its inception after the Oslo Accords. The world will merely see rapprochement as a unified front of Palestinians and remind blind to the Islamic terrorist design to wipe Israel off the map.


Here is Norma Zager’s view.


JRH 4/3/12

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