BHO & Richard Trumka - Union Thug

I do understand that Unions were preeminent in setting up better modern labor conditions from employer exploitation to make a buck on the backs of unfair wages and oft times dangerous working conditions. With that historical understanding I also understand that recent history and the present demonstrates that Unions have gone more from bastions of labor protection to near mob-like yet legalized protections racket that gouges American companies for more money than is perhaps deserved and to terrorizing Union members and non-Union laborers into following the protection racket dictates with an or-else attitude that has resulted in thuggery toward laborers.


Here is a Right-to-Work message you should be interested in.


National Right to Work Act:


HR 2020


S. 504



JRH 3/3/12



Viewer discretion advised


Sent by Mark Mix

Sent: 3/1/2012 5:20 PM

National Right to Work Committee



The violence shown in this video is 100% factual and may be disturbing for some. Viewer discretion is advised.

Dear Concerned American,

I was shaken.

When I tasked my staff with creating this video, I knew it would be compelling, but actually seeing it was a moving experience.

You see, Big Labor often resorts to despicable acts of violence and intimidation to force their way into the workplace, but it’s never been documented like this before, trust me.

And now that it’s released, Big Labor is scrambling to shut down our video exposing the ugly side of union organizing.

Click here to see our breaking video.


VIDEO: Union Violence Exposed


After you watch it, please take a moment and sign our petition to help revoke Big Labor’s license to kill.

Watch it now before Big Labor shuts it down.


Mark Mix
President, National Right to Work Committee


A Citizen’s Petition to:

My U.S. Senators and Representative


Whereas:   Every year militant union bosses deploy their thugs to target innocent men and women with threats, brass knuckles, knives and beatings in an attempt to send a simple message — do what we want, or pay the price; and


Whereas:   Because of the 1973 Enmons decision, union officials are exempt from federal prosecution — as long as the campaign of violence they incite is in the name of “legitimate union objectives”; and


Whereas:   Union violence is a crippling blow not only for innocent American workers targeted by union militants — but for every American citizen; and


Whereas:   Passage of the Freedom from Union Violence Act would close the loophole in federal law and finally allow authorities to prosecute union officials for inciting violence;


Therefore: I urge you to help hold union officials accountable for union violence by cosponsoring and seeking roll-call votes on the Freedom from Union Violence Act.


By submitting the information below, you authorize the National Right to Work Committee to deliver your petition to the Capitol Hill offices of your Congressman and Senators.


CLICK HERE and scroll to the end to fill out the petition and send it from the petition page.


Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.


  1. Dear Sirs
    Quite a few months Ago I heard about your committee. I considered it a worthy cause. as I belong to SEIU, in my opinion, a greedy organization that has no intention in helping non politically influential people. I heard about signing a petition online to fight against their illegal and unconstitutional practices. Now, I was also wondering who Ron Paul and who Rand Paul were. Were they someone who would represent me politically? Now I think back to the advertisement in which I heard about “The Right To Work Committee”, and Rand Paul, and I also remember hearing about a free “Don’t Tread On Me” Bumper Sticker, which I was supposed to receive if I signed the petition. I did sign that petition, but I never did I receive the bumper sticker. I have only received e-mails and phone calls asking for donations. How would you feel and react if you were me. Now I believe a man is as good as his word and it’s a good indicator of his worth. it’s one of the ways I have to judge someone. Now if it was a slight misunderstanding or over sight I would understand. I would appreciate an apology though. My mailling address is: Eric Huling, 1140 Central ave unit#4 Riverside CA. 92507 Now I know it’s something small but it’s the small things that indicate how one would react to the big things. I hope you can come through for me.
    Thank you.
    Eric Huling


  2. Well Eric as a member of the SEIU I am bit surprised you participated in a petition that support the Right to Work. The SEIU is one of the vilest Union organizations in America:

    I have a sense your claim is bogus I signed said petiton without a promise for a bumper sticker and I was never inundated with emails calling for donations. I suspect this comment post is part of the dirty tricks listed in the link provided above that the SEIU participates in.

    Also I have nothing to do directly with the petition; ergo there will be apology coming forthwith.

    Perhaps you wish to go on record to apologize for all the vile Union methods of the SEIU?


  3. send the man a bumper sticker.
    What about all the workplace violence toword unions? I think if you add up the violence the employers win as the most violent.


  4. I find it “interesting” (actually corrupting AND unethical, as well as immoral) that politicians would pass laws the make Unions “legal”, while equal activity by businesses/corporations are considered illegal under “anti-trust” laws. Unions are a legal construct by Marxist/Socialist philosophical thinking Fellow Traveler politicians to legalize worker GANGS, while neighborhood gangs nationwide are illegal–just ask any neighborhood gang-member nationwide. This said, this is NOT to condone any neighborhood gang nationwide which is an abomination!!!! As ARE ALL Unions!!!!

    Joining a Church of choice is supported by voluntary contributions, while joining a Union is supported by NON-voluntary Union “dues” (due to who?) mandatory-deducted by employer (to save the lazy Union from chasing workers to collect dues). This IS Union on-going EXTORTION for/to any worker keeping your job.

    Right-To-Work Laws should be Nationwide, so ALL workers ARE equal. Employer payroll deducted Union Dues should be illegal — Can’t the Union members voluntarily pay dues on their own? Or are they to lazy (or corrupt) to voluntarily pay for Union services their Union offers?

    Perhaps Union bosses should unionize themselves to strike for higher salaries and/or benefits from THEIR Union membership? Oh, wait, Union bosses ALREADY “vote” themselves their own pay raises and benefit package … and do so withOUT asking THEIR OSTENSIBLE employer, the Union membership. What a CON JOB perpetrated on their sheep.

    Workers secure in their own egos and/or with their own level of skills ALREADY HAVE the correct attitude to effectively do and improve their skill levels for the WORK they were hired for. Unions protect JOBS, NOT WORK!!!! If a reader cannot make a distinction between JOB and WORK, then they are ideal Union member/workers!!!! SAD, but true.


    1. Hey Bob, are you a wholly paid shill for this site? Have you ever in your sorry life been to Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden? How come they are doing pretty good? Union membership is huge! Minimum wage in Denmark is about $17/hour. How would that work in the USA?


      1. Nope, Bob isn’t paid by NCCR; however Bob is correct. I don’t have to go to Europe to know that those high wages you are talking about are cut roughly in half in taxes to pay for all the government socialist entitlements that give poorer Europeans free healthcare but extremely poor healthcare. It is the Upper Middle Income to Wealthy class that still has to pay a serious chunk of taxes for free healthcare and unemployment benefits for any dead beat citizens that are well able to work but would rather be on the dole until they are good and ready to go back to work to pay those heavy taxes again. That doesn’t sound pretty good to me.


  5. What a disgrace you are!!! Union have advanced the wages and benefits of working people throughout the world. Your painting of all Unions as corrupt because of a few bad actors over the years is irresponsible. Clearly your anti worker/Union smear campaign is clearly motivated by to keep the real oppressive BOSSES from paying workers what they deserve.

    Your a a shill for the corporate BOSSES. You are a pathetic waste of a human being. I have met Richard Trumpka and he is a wonderful man who stands up for working people. You on the other hand are a completely worthless excuse for a man.

    I wish you and yours all the worst in life.


  6. The fact is at one time Unions were awesome for laborers to help with horrible working conditions and a more deserving wage. Unfortunately as Unions became more powerful they either became a hotbed for criminal thuggery or Marxist ideology to smear the employers as greedy. Yet without the employers there would be no laborers. Unions have moved labor from the exploited to the exploiters. Instead of working with employers to find ways to keep jobs open, the Unions have demanded benefits and wages that simply have out priced labor out of a job by outsourcing to the less expensive foreign labor. Tell me how does that kind of idiocy help Labor or America?


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