Newt Gingrich’s Message is Anything But Political

Dry Bones Palestinian Quiz


Newt Gingrich spoke a truism a couple of weeks ago in an interview on The Jewish Channel:


“I think we have had an invented Palestinian people who are in fact Arabs,” Gingrich said, after affirming “I believe that the Jewish people have the right to have a state.” Gingrich went on to suggest that differentiating between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority is not always appropriate, as “both…represent an enormous desire to destroy Israel.” He also specifically criticized PA President Mahmoud Abbas, saying he did not recognize Israel’s right to exist; Abbas has said he won’t recognize Israel as a Jewish State. (Emphasis SlantRight)


For saying the Palestinians are an invented people Newt has been excoriated especially by the Left and by the Right as well. I applaud Newt for having the guts to speak the truth about Arabs that call themselves Palestinians. American pundits and politicians have been brainwashed to think of these Arabs living in Gaza and Judea-Samaria are a group of people entitled to a nation.


On the December 10 GOP debate Newt stuck to his and clarified his thoughts that the Palestinians are an invented people:


Is what I said factually correct? Yes. Is it historically true? Yes,” Gingrich said. “We are in a situation where every day, rockets are fired into Israel while the United States – the current administration – tries to pressure the Israelis into a peace process.” (Washington Post 11:36 AM ET, 12/12/2011)


Consider this background for the article Norma Zager wrote in defense of Newt and Israel below.


JRH 12/18/11

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4 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich’s Message is Anything But Political”

  1. Let’s be Honest, Newt is under attack and that tells me he has the message of resolution. Romney and Paul are spending there way to votes and victory. I think he is a victim, Romney is a waffling two face asshole and Ron Paul wants isolationism, that’s going backwards and cowardly.


  2. Just heard on tv while in Branson Mo. Gods Country, that Obama saved us again from another recession 27Dec11 this guy is in Love with Himself. He Obama really thinks he is the F_ u_ing savior, I guess he wants us to chant “Praise be to the great one, oh Obama you are our Messiah” this guy will lead us down the road to hell. Trust me, my wife and I make 45,000 dollars a year and this President has actually hurt us in his last 3 years. If you want an anti constitutional lying two faced jack ass vote for Obama. Hey look at on the internet who had the biggest lie of the year. It was the liberals , Dem’s, this is the time to change to independent and for the first time vote your heart not what you are told to do. I use to be registered as a dem, but got tired of republicans and democrats riding my ass. Voting is like religious preference, its your damn business not there’s, as long as your religion is not terrorist loyal . Listen Obama care is a way to get into the workers pocket book and use your money for obama care cost to pay for those kin who won’t, don’t, but could work, you will be there mack daddy or sugar daddy. I say f all of them con artists, say no and vote for Newt Gingrich. I have spent 6 months studying the current candidates and obama and have determined Newt is surprisingly the safest choice. I was shocked but I don’t like the secrecy of Obama, the arrogance of Romney, the isolationism of Ron Paul. Look, all of a sudden Newt is being attacked relentlessly, why, because these candidates know Newt is a threat because he is the Most qualified. I tell the truth, it is being reported on TV by Doctors who say that Obamacare is not going to less cost less for the american tax payer worker, maybe for the lazy dead ass people on welfare or those who don’t want to work. We the working class will get F_ _ _ed by Obamacare Law. Piss on his law and his Czars, hell I fell like we are living in Russia or the old Soviet Union. Wake up America, if you don’t get this asshole voted out you will see this country die. Hey Obama is supporting General electric to move to CHINA, check it out if you are supporter of this shit ass grinning con artist.


    1. Obama is a Marxist transformist.

      I too believe is currently the best candidate for the GOP nomination.

      I appreciate the self-editing of the profanity; nevertheless it is a good demonstration on the anger Conservatives should focus on to Obama.


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