Bussel Writes on the Idiocy of a Palestinian State Gratis the UN

Mandate Palestine


John R. Houk

© September 19, 2011


It is expected the U.N. General Assembly is ready to vote into existence a sovereign Palestinian State at the expense of Jewish heritage and Israel’s existence. It is equally true the U.N. General Assembly does not have the legal right according to its own Charter to confer Statehood on Palestinian sovereignty. The act of creating sovereignty is in the hands of the U.N. Security Council. The best the Palestinians can expect is the designation of a non-voting Observer entity.


On the other hand Observer status will undoubtedly lead to a load of complications as the non-sovereign Palestine will be afforded all the covenant and treaty applications of Member States; e.g. joining the International Criminal Court and that body’s already confirmed willingness to prosecute Israel for accused war crimes that should be better leveled against Islamic Palestinian terrorists.


The United States, whether it is from the American Ambassador or from President Obama, should in no uncertain terms hold the General Assembly to account. I have serious doubts about BHO’s commitment to Israel’s existence. You might ask: What’s it to America in desiring U.N. compliance to protecting Israel’s heritage and security? The pesky Third World and Islamic nations should pay attention to American influence or suffer the withdrawal of American financial support to the U.N. Body in general. Hello! America pays the biggest bill to support the U.N. budget.


With such dependence on U.S. money, it is silly to allow a bunch of Muslim and Left Wing Multicultural nations dictate something that most Americans would not agree with even though the Obamasiah might agree with (AND yet another reason to NOT vote for Obama in 2012).


You need to read what Ari Bussel writes (Below my thoughts at SlantRight.com) about the Anti-Semitic U.N. General Assembly that has the desire to give sovereignty to a group of people that cannot even take care of themselves because their entire economy is based on the foreign dole and the generosity of the very nation Muslim wish to destroy.


JRH 9/19/11

Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

2 thoughts on “Bussel Writes on the Idiocy of a Palestinian State Gratis the UN”

  1. john houk ,you criticize muslim world because not be paitent christian,but now,you show impaitent to muslims…ban halal in your facebook page stop islam,burning koran….or I do not know stop islam.western allows ban islam in west,but muslims are not allowed ban christianity there…it is trick.if you want freedom of christians in islamic land you must respect freedom of islam in western….but you do not do that..what is differnt between you and muslims whom you hate…..what is differnt between you and muslim??
    you do not want to show tolerate to muslims,how can you wish,they show it to christians…
    as a secular man who hates both christianity and islam I say it…
    no differnce john houk with you and muslims…you want ban their freedom in facebook(ban halal,stop islam)
    so you think like them….


    1. Amin Islam is not banned in America. In America we do not riot and go on a violent rampage when the Bible is burnt, when Christians are being killed because they are Christians or any other form that would be considered blasphemy in Christianity.

      I live in a secular nation that guarantees Rights and Liberty as long as they do not contradict the U.S. Constitution; e.g. killing girls because they are raped or have become to Westernized, or portions of Sharia Law that contradicts the U.S. Constitutional guarantee of Liberty.

      It is not hatred to prevent a Palestinian to come into existence that has the sole goal of becoming strong enough to kill Jews and dismember the State of Israel. Arabs that call themselves Palestinians have no intention to live in peace with Jews and Christians. The cities that had a Christian majority in Judea-Samaria have left in fear of Muslim retribution. Islamic terrorists are constantly jumping into Jewish settlements and murdering men, women and children. And YES, Judea-Samaria was Jewish land long before Muslims conquered the area and made life a hell enough that the Christian majority of that time became Muslim just to live a life without the fear of persecution from Islamic Supremacists.


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