Seventeen (17) things that critics are saying about Rick Perry

Rick Perry 2


Here is pro-Perry post that answers many of the criticisms leveled at Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) by Conservatives, Conspiracy Theorists and Libertarians of the Ron Paul persuasion. It is an interesting read and makes the attempt of neutrality in answering the criticisms. I discovered this at the blog Pesky Truth with the author attributed to Garnet92. Garnet92 reflects on 17 criticisms that are of interest to Conservatives:


1.   Gardasil


2.   Trans-Texas Corridor


3.   He used to be a Democrat and was Al Gore’s campaign manager in Texas


4.   He wants Texas to secede from the union


5.   The jobs created in Texas have all been low paying jobs. Texas’ average wage is much lower than the national average.


6.   Texas ranks poorly in educational spending and high school graduations


7.   Perry turned down $555 million in federal stimulus,  yet later asked for federal disaster aid for Texas wildfires


8.   Perry says he has not raised taxes, but he has


9.   Perry has presided over the highest number of executions in the nation


10.       Perry refused to consider commuting the execution of Mexican national Humberto Leal Garcia even though it had been requested by the U.N. and the White House


11.       Cameron Todd Willingham – was he an innocent man?


12.       Perry supports giving in-state tuition to illegals


13.       Rick Perry is gay


14.       Perry is a “weak” Governor (the Governor of a state that limits the Governor’s powers)


15.       He is squishy on immigration


16.       Perry is a member of the Bilderberg cabal and therefore believes in a New World Order (NWO). That is reason alone to eliminate him from voting consideration.


17.       Texas’ abysmal rankings on various lists


JRH 8/15/11 (Hat Tip: Tony Newbill)

Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

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