Can the Govt. Stop your Veggie Garden?

S-510 NO

John R. Houk

© December 27, 2010


Below is some information sent to me by my friend Vicki. I am utilizing the email version sent to me. The story is entitled, “Feds Order Farmer to Destroy His Own Wheat Crop”. The link is to a article by Mike Adams.


The Adams article is about the Federal government preventing a farmer from growing his crops. This is actually nothing new. The Federal government often pays farmers or farming corporations to not grow a crop to control the supply and demand and thus the price.


The relatively new thing the Federal Government is doing now is utilizing an alternative interpretation of the U.S. Constitution to prevent farmers and/or those folks operating the proverbial backyard garden to prevent people from growing a personal supply for themselves or perhaps the garage sail version of personal farming – the Farmer’s Market. The government is citing the Commerce Clause which was intended to prevent Inter-State tariffs within America. The Commerce Clause has been used in creating the Farm Subsidy to control agricultural markets which is also  stretch of the Constitution. The Federal government is using the same reasoning to prevent personal growth farms from taking of the needs of a single household.


Read the story from


JRH 12/27/10

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