Is McCain Like Kerry: Dubious Decorations to Exploit Politics?

George-Bud-Day (Col. ret.) 82 yrs 

Now I know John Kerry is not in the Presidential hunt in 2008; however when I read an interview of a fellow captive with John McCain in North Vietnam’s torture prison camp known as Hanoi Hilton, I immediately thought of the difference of what a Dem thinks of decorated hero and what real Americans think decorated heroes are.


Supporters of Kerry’s war record are those that directly served on his boat and the reports given and written by Kerry himself in which top brass read then awarded citations of valor and medals. So there are documented facts yet different interpretations of those facts exist. There is a mystery of Kerry’s discharge from the Navy itself. The thing is serious some dispute of the validity of the documentation. So even after the long delay of Kerry allowing his war record to be released, doubters of Kerry’s war record have a good foundation to doubt. Besides a true American hero does not trash his fellow military comrades directly after leaving the Service if he indeed performed the acts the disputable documentation portrays.


It is no wonder that Kerry is part of the cut-n-run crowd which is actually a disappointing huge amount of people, not just Democratic Party politicians.


So I have taken one more shot at Senator Kerry for this reason. There is man running for President in 2008 who also is Vietnam Vet and there is little mystery of his heroism during the war or after. That candidate is Republican John McCain.


There are Leftists that are trying to debunk McCain’s war record attempting to do a Left Wing version of Swift Boating. However there is little mystery in facts and the conclusions that follow as with John Kerry. After the Vietnam War, McCain did NOT jump on the “I HATE AMERICA” Left Wing gravy train to infamy as Kerry did.


I found this website that is blatantly stinging toward John McCain record as a POW throwing doubt on the veracity of McCain’s medals. It reads like the words of vets in the John Kerry mold; i.e. veterans that hate their nation and their Service. Then the site links to another person who offers his negative opinion.


The site unwittingly mentions that Colonel George “Bud” Day nursed McCain back to health after being taken as a POW.


Oops! Bud Day does NOT corroborate the website’s disdain for McCain’s heroism. READ HERE. (McCain’s military records – HERE.)



Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

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