Obamacide – Obama’s Church Reprinted Hamas Manifesto

TUCC Support of Hamas (Obama's Church)

I continue to wonder how Obama can condemn racist statements and support a church that supports terrorism (viz. Hamas) and can still say he is above the racist anti-American beliefs of those associated with for years.


In the midst of all the Obama denials and condemnations of past and present associates, there is an amazing amount of evidence emerging that the eloquent Barack Obama is merely just another two-faced fringe Leftist trying to deceive his way into the White House.


JRH 3/22/08


Obamacide – Obama’s Church Reprinted Hamas Manifesto



March 18, 2008


If this isn’t Obamacide then we may have to start calling him Teflon Barry.


From BizzyBlog comes evidence that Obama’s church not only has anti-white, anti-American feelings, but may also have a pro-Hamas bias. The July 22, 2007 Trinity United Church of Christ bulletin reprinted an article written by Mousa Abu Marzook, deputy of the political bureau of Hamas. Originally printed in the LA Times as “Hamas’ stand“, Pastor Wright added a new title, “A Fresh View of the Palestinian Struggle”. The Times was criticized for giving a “Platform To Genocidal Terrorist.” Where does that leave Obama’s church? Marzook is a known terrorist and created an extensive Hamas network in the United States.


The smoking gun is here in Obama’s church bulletin. Was Obama there? Does he support Hamas? Expect Obama and his supporters to simply ignore this tacit if not direct support of a terrorist organization.


Update: Obama Foreign Policy Advisor Robert Malley an Avid Hamas Supporter – Father was Confidante of Yasser Arafat.


Update from BizzyBlog – 3/22/08



“Creeping Sharia” is a phenomenon occurring across the free world. We’ll define it as “the slow, deliberate, and methodical advance of Islamic law (sharia) in non-Muslim countries” (literal definitions below).


To the general public, justifiably pre-occupied with work, family, pleasure, dreams, hopes, goals, and the stresses of each, “creeping sharia” goes mostly unnoticed. Until, that is, a particular event generates enough concern from those who focus on the “creep” that the general public takes notice. These singular events are sometimes less worrisome, but taken in whole, the uncoordinated yet explicit goal of the ummah and worldwide caliphate become obvious and alarming.


Hence the birth of the “creeping sharia” blog.


The blog will focus on “creeping sharia” in the United States however major events in other … READ MORE ON THE ABOUT PAGE.


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