Did Obama Engage with Homosexual Sex with Larry Sinclair?

Well, well, well – the beginnings of scandalous alleged accusations that Democratic Party communicating wonder Barack Obama has been involved in illicit homosexual sex and a participant of illegal drugs as late as 1999 has been level by a homosexual by the name of Larry Sinclair.


Of course the Mainstream Media is taking a hands-off approach about the alleged accusations of Sinclair because Obama is the current darling charismatically promoting change yet not detailing any substance of change.


I am guessing no one will touch Sinclair’s allegations until he can demonstrate physical evidence to back up his story. Sinclair does seem determined to out Obama for he has filed civil public documents outlining the allegations in a civil suit.


If Sinclair manages to gain any traction in his exposé civil suit I wonder what the Obama and Democratic Party spin machine will be. For example homosexuality is not a criminal offense however Obama is married. Would Obama’s wife pull a Hillary and look the other way if truth is discovered in the Sinclair allegations?


Participating in controlled substances, i.e. using prescribed drugs abusively or drugs described as illegal narcotics could be a legal issue for Obama if the allegations are proven true. I mean Obama was a member of the Illinois State Congress in 1999 allegedly breaking the law.


Or will the devout believers of Obama’s promise of (empty) change lead voters themselves to look the other way. After all Bill Clinton perjured himself about being a sexual predator and was impeached by the House and exonerated by a Party line vote in the Senate and still remained popular with his Left Wing constituency who could care less about immoral acts in the White House.


I am pondering here: I wonder what the Mainstream Media would do if the reputation in question was the leading candidate for President in the Republican? Here is another thought: knowing the penchant for Social Conservative to be outraged at immoral behavior of the Left; is the Obama story a Hillary strategic planted story in collusion with Larry Sinclair to take Democratic Party votes away from Obama to win the Democratic Party nomination for herself?


Anyway it is all fascinating dirt that is closer to the present than the accusations of being a closet Muslim because of Obama’s childhood and youth.


The mud is beginning to fly.



Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

2 thoughts on “Did Obama Engage with Homosexual Sex with Larry Sinclair?”

  1. Can crazy people make false allegations against famous ones?
    Gee, let’s ask Tucker Carlson and John Fund – hardly standard-bearers for the liberal media – since they were both falsely acccused of sexual improriety by two DIFFERENT crazy people. Look it up.
    Type in either one of their names and the word “rape” into Google and you’ll see it for yourself.
    Any loon can make a charge against someone.
    As Carlson said, it used to be that when a sex scandal broke, if the actual charge wasn’t true, at least something was – the candidate or person accused did something sexual.
    Then he was accused of rape in Louisville by some woman. He spent thousands of dollars not only proving he wasn’t there at the time of the alleged rape – but also that he had never been to Louisville in this entire life!!!!
    Perhaps the standard of accuracy in a major media-story should be a little higher than a self-recorded You Tube video, a self-respresented case filed in Federal Court (which would accept my lawsuit against the moon for shining too bright – if I had the filing fee) and interviews by people who’s blogs make Oliver Stone movies look like recorded bits of actual history.
    Come on!


  2. Larry Sinclair\’s YouTube fifteen minutes of fame will fade into obscurity. Sinclair failed his lie detector test (February 25, 2008 post) meaning his credibility is zero. Sinclair is probably luck Obama is running for President or he would sue Sinclair for defamation. With all the other near substantiated accusation Barack will probably let this alone for now and allow Sinclair to fade into the cracks of hucksters.


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