A Single Vote Could Give Al-Qaeda Victory over America


The Global War on Terror (GWOT) and terminating transnational terrorists such as al-Qaeda should be the primary focus of the next President of the United States.


Obama and Clinton either offer sweet slogans to woo the youth or highly socialized programs that are utopian and sound good yet essentially will cost the taxpayers a bundle. The fringe Democrats as a whole wish to continue a transformation of America into Secular Humanism in which Americas Christian heritage is proclaimed archaic and alternative lifestyles are validated as morally relative. Thus the homosexuals will call Christians hate mongers (the ones that are Scripture oriented anyway), the abortion mills will prosper, all mottos of God related to government will be erased (e.g. In God We Trust), the southern borders WILL be opened to Hispanics to make America a two culture nation and probably more I have missed.


Obama and Clintons biggest card to get elected is to prove that American lives are being wasted in a war that is lost. The Mainstream Media (MSM) being left oriented runs propaganda to brainwash the American public that the GWOT on terror being fought in Iraq is lost. The facts are very much to the opposite of the propaganda.


In fact Iraqi politicians are saying the same thing that Conservatives that want to WIN the GWOT are saying; viz. that an American pull-out would cause a regional instability that would lead to a genocidal blood bath in which transnational terrorists such as al-Qaeda would proclaim themselves the little spark that defeated the most powerful nation in the world the Great Satan America.


This would lead to a rallying cry for more terrorist activities in the West because Islamist terrorists are not merely in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, the Palestinian side of Israel or wherever to merely give America a black-eye. NO! The rallying cry would resound to the past of Mohammedanism founder Mohammed: it is a vision to take the Theo-political cult globally and force world submission to Allah and its harsh Sharia Law.


This is a vision to ultimately terminate Western variations of Democracy and civil rights and replace them with Mohammedan supremacist thinking.


I found a blog post at Truth in Conviction by J. Grant Swank, Jr. I do not agree with everything Swank writes, particularly in this article. However Swank places the GWOT in perspective and what would happen if Obama or Hillary won the White House AND why McCain should be the man in the White House. Swank seems to insinuate a belief that Obama will win the White House to Americas detriment. Swank also insinuates that McCain is the best man to be in the White House to win the GWOT; however because of his age and lack of charismatic connection to younger voters, McCain will ultimately lose to Obama.


Read Swanks post entitled OBAMA / CLINTON INVITE AL QAEDA US-TAKE OVER. For me the post is an example as to why Conservatives need to get over the negative issues McCain presents and unite behind him to keep the fringe Dems out of the White House.



Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

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