Coulter Plugs Romney and Disses the Other GOP

Mitt Romney-Ann Romney-Ann Coulter-CPAC

I love Ann Coulter’s stinging wit and prose that are most often reserved for moonbats on the Left. Coulter is caught up in the GOP race for President which is understandable since she is obviously a Conservative.

Thus the Candidates that Ann does not endorse on the GOP side have been the recipients of the usually magnificent vitriol reserved for Leftists. Ann has been railing on McCain for some time; here is her latest post on Senator McCain. Here is a piece critical of Huckabee. And way back in October 2007 she tag teamed on my man Fred (since folded) and Huckabee together.

As of mid January it appears that Ann has settled to write favorably about Mitt Romney as a true Conservative.

In some of her articles attacking other Republicans Ann (and remember I think she is a sharp double edged sword for Dems) harangues Republican voters for not doing their home work when Romney lost or came in a close second.

If you have read my posts about Romney, the biggest negative I have against him is his Mormon faith which I consider a cultic knock-off of Christianity. Incidentally I do support Romney’s choice of practicing Mormonism for there is Freedom of Religion in America; however as a Christian I have to point out the attributes of Mormonism do not run true to Christian Faith (Catholic, Protestant or Eastern Orthodox). Secularists would say religion should not be a factor in voting. I say if a Candidate contradicts your values and faith, then religion is a factor.

Here is the irony about Mitt Romney. As Governor of Massachusetts he often voted on the side of social Liberalism and not social Conservatism as a good Mormon should. Mormon’s may be a cult; however they endorse good Christian morality such as pro-life and anti-abortion as one example. As a Governor, Romney voted pro-abortion. Romney has claimed to have a moral transformation in his beliefs in 2004; however it sounds like a political transformation to hook the Christian Right.

Do I think Romney would be a good Administrative President? I would have to say yes. AND if he was the nominee for the GOP I would vote for him; however in the GOP selection stage Romney is not the guy.

I don’t know who the GOP guy is either. McCain would also be a good Administrator but he leans toward too many Leftist causes. I think McCain would be excellent to steer America toward victory on the War on Terror. Huckabee has become the darling of the Christian Right because of his open support of for social Conservatism; however like McCain and Giuliani he has a past of aiding illegal aliens. Huck has sounded profoundly ignorant on foreign affairs and he has a reputation for raising taxes (even if the taxes were mandated by the Courts). Giuliani is also a social Liberal and soft on illegal immigration; however he is tough on crime and would at least be a leader to win the War on Terror.

When the primary hits my neck of the woods, I won’t vote for Romney and I am extremely uncertain about whom else to vote for. I do no I will not vote for Ron Paul because he has not been forthcoming about Newsletters written in his name that were racist in his past. Paul has only taken responsibility for an error he was unaware of and that is not a believable defense. I would be more impressed if he disavowed the Newsletters as an aberration of a Southern cultural past and he has moved into the 21st century as many Southerners have indeed transformed from bigotry of the past to a more equality minded bent in the present. This has not happened.

Back to Coulter’s support of Romney: in this case I do not think she has done her homework or if she has, Coulter is less a social Conservative and more a fiscal and political/secular Conservative. This would disappointingly mean Coulter does not place a premium on Biblical morality and values.

The President of the American Right to Life Action has criticized Coulter for supporting a pro-abortionist in Mitt Romney. I would add Mormonism.


Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

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