Fred Heads Do Not Give Up

Fred Thompson - Speak Softly - Big Stick

My Man Fred came in a disappointing third place in South Carolina. Apparently Huck believes Fred was a spoiler for his campaign in South Carolina and would have won over McCain if Fred was not there.


For me it boggles my mind that my fellow Christian Right voters are falling for Huckabee instead of Thompson. Thompson has the proven record of the most consistent Conservative fiscally and socially of the Candidates that have a real shot in the competition for the nomination.


Apparently Huckabees ministerial ordination credentials and home spun ability to connect with voters is of more value than a consistent Conservative track record.


Officially Fred has not thrown in the towel after counting so much on South Carolina; however a rather dour speech that sounded like Thanks for the Memories provides the appearance Fred is thinking of withdrawing.


I doubt Fred will gain any traction in the touted Florida Primary coming up; however I pray Fred stays in through Super Tuesday. If Fred can lose the dourness and show the fire he had in the last few debates, Super Tuesday may prove good for Fred even if he is not the majority winner. If the Republican Convention has no clear winner of delegates, then the bargaining begins in extra ballots at the Convention. Something I have never seen in my life time, but it has happened.


So my man Fred, stiffen that back and get tough and stick it out. A Convention that decides on multiple ballots does not mean the candidate with the most delegates after the first ballot is the automatic winner. A Candidate must win a minimum of 1191 delegates to be declared the winner of the Presidential nomination. If that doesnt happen on the first ballot, the back room deals and political wrangling to come up with magic number occurs.


Thus even a third or fourth place finish for Fred may be seen as the logical compromise choice with his consistent Conservatism.



Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

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