Thompson First Choice, Huckabee Second Choice

Huckabee with Copeland on BVOV

Mike Huckabee is a man of faith. Huckabee is running for the Republican nomination for President. In the recent polls of this posting he has passed my pick Fred Thompson in popularity. Huckabee’s poll numbers are nipping at Romney’s heels and have passed Giuliani in the most current polls for the Iowa Caucus.

I like Huckabee but I sense an ordained minister will be a target of Left Wing viciousness about religion and politics. I personally believe an injection of Faith into the political process would be a great shot to cure the cancer of Secular Humanism which is extinguishing Christian morality by replacing it with moral relativity. Moral relativity deviates and excuses depravity such as homosexuality or pornography as morals that are acceptable relative to a consensus of individuals instead as measured against a foundation of absolutes of the Creator.

Since the Left is dominant in the Mainstream Media I do not think Huckabee could win the Office of President with a team of the MSM and Leftists Democrats propagandizing the voters.

On the other hand Fred Thompson, regardless of an active participation of faith or a lack thereof, is favorable to many Christian moral principles and is a Conservative. Certainly Thompson has supported legislation that I highly disagree with – such as McCain-Feingold. However one can find a special interest subject of every Republican candidate’s past that is disavowed or down played now.

Huckabee has some serious ethics scandals in his past. As I said one can find a skeleton on every candidate – Republican or Democrat. So the issue for Republicans is can they find a candidate that not only fits their political philosophy but deliver on at least acting on their campaign platforms.

Like I said Huckabee fits generously into my social issues for candidate but is he electable? Thompson also fits into my social issues for a candidate (though not as dynamically as Huckabee) and I believe his electable in 2008.

I like Romney’s image on social issues now; however he belongs to a religion that I believe is cult masking as Christianity. Also Romney’s skeletons are about flip flopping on social issues of his Massachusetts days to his current image. I think that threatens his electability in 2008.

Giuliani is a very electable candidate for the Republicans and I think he would even be tough on Islamofascism overcoming Political Correctness. However Giuliani on social issues is a huge disappointment for me.

So again I am this spot now: Thompson first choice and Huckabee second choice.

Now the reason I was inspired to write this piece because a very influential person in my Christian life is having Huckabee on his televangelist program for a week. I don’t know how Kenneth Copeland is going to swing this without Leftist accusations of a 501(c)3 non-profit violations; however good for him. Brother Copeland’s under the table endorsement of Huckabee by having him on the Believer’s Voice of Victory has influenced me to have Huckabee into my number 2 choice.

Here is the email announcement that Huckabee will join Brother Copeland on the Believer’s Voice of Victory.

Tune in to see a special Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast series with Kenneth Copeland and his guest, Governor Mike Huckabee, Sunday, November 25 through Friday, November 30.
Get a unique look at their life experiences as they explore two foundational teachings: The Need for Character and Integrity and The Integrity of Character. These powerful messages will encourage you to make godly, Word-based decisions in every area of your life.
For a list of program times in your area, click here. To watch online, visit And remember…JESUS IS LORD!

Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

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