Thompson Will Rebound in Pre-Election Polls

Fred & Jeri Thompson, son, daughter

Fred Thompson for the Presidency of the United State of America; let me say it again: Thompson for President in 2008.

Now I have to be honest, Fred’s Hollywood charisma added to a self-proclaimed Conservative is the reason I first leaned toward a Fred08 candidacy. I realize many people might feel that is not how to pick National Leadership in a time of war and political polarization in America.

Indeed the recent polls are seemingly showing the same enticement followed by a soul searching re-think of what drew people to Fred.

When Fred’s name was bandied about as a potential Presidential candidate combined with Fred’s reluctance to announce a Presidential run enamored him to many Republicans as a man with Hollywood communication skills reminiscent to President Ronald Reagan (also an Actor who turned to politics).

Fred made people nostalgic for a new Great Communicator that could sway a nation back to unity and pride while making the Left appear loony.

President Bush is no great communicator. The strength of his two elections was the polarizing votes of the Christian Right out numbering the Left at the voting polls. GW had won the hearts of the Christian Right with words that made him appear one of them lock stock and barrel. Bush was not elected on his eloquence, rather he was elected on because of the representation that President Clinton was the picture of everything despised and Al Gore and John Kerry projected the same moral lunacy if not worse. So the Christian Right came to the Presidential election in droves hoping to outnumber the Leftists and was successful.

Here is the thing. President Bush gave the appearance of strong leadership in a time of a National Crisis when al Qaeda murderers were flying jets into American buildings on American soil. In addition President Bush managed a robust economy for America. Unfortunately the Left hated and hated GW passionately. In a bond of unity the Mainstream Media and the Leftist Democratic Party publicly diminished GW’s strong points and disseminated to the public obvious weaknesses. In circling the wagons the Bush Administration made some correct decisions with catastrophic execution.

The War on Terror needed to be addressed; however the rules of engagement for the military were politically motivated instead of utilizing military rules of engagement designed to win. The political rules of engagement was afflicted with the virus of being politically correct which led to a stalemate that the MSM projected as a successful insurgency winning with a strategy of blended terror and attrition. The length of the attrition and the botching of finding WMD became fodder team MSM and Democratic Party whittle on Bush credibility.

Thus an anti-war movement began under fringe Left management that seemed to draw many people of the political center who listened to the distortions of the Left.

Then President Bush began to alienate the Christian Right (particularly after 2004) and the Conservative base by not attending Slanted Right moral agendas. The persecution of Christians in schools became rampant, references to God on public buildings became challenged by the Left, illegal immigrants sky rocketed with Border Agents being restrained or prosecuted for doing their jobs.

President Bush seemed to be getting way to cozy with Arab Mohammedans that have been the money bags of terrorists and the spread of terrorist ideology – such as the Wahhabi element of Saudi Arabia. Which in turn has influenced the Bush Administration to carve out a sovereign nation for Arabs calling themselves Palestinians at the expense of Israel: This path could threaten Israel’s very existence.

I could on with the disappointment of President Bush so let us focus on a post-Bush era.

Fred Thompson’s failure to maintain a surge of popularity may have to do with staffing decisions that were not popular with Conservatives. Coupling this with a late start turned eyes back to Republican candidates who have been duking out a bit longer than Fred.

Nonetheless Fred and his team have set forth some of goals of Thompson Presidency if so elected and I like them.

1. A border security plan:

A. No Amnesty

B. Attrition through enforcement; i.e. enforce the laws already on the books vigorously.

C. Enforce existing Federal laws; e.g. ending sanctuary cities, ending higher privileges to illegals that American citizens do not even receive; prevent the use of Federal Grants in States and localities to fund special benefits for illegal aliens.

D. Reduce illegal job incentives.

E. Rigorous entry/exit tracking.

2. Improving the legal Immigration process:

A. Maximize program efficiency; i.e. speed up the process determining if immigrant can immigrate, if there is a job market American citizens are reluctant to work then expedite the process of an immigrant willing to do the work.

B. Enhanced reporting of temporary working immigrants.

C. Modernize immigration law/policy; e.g. If an immigrant has definite skills that would benefit American society, encourage that immigration.

D. Make English the official language of America

E. Continue policy of welcoming political refugees.

F. Legal immigrants that are working a public service should be placed on a fast track to citizenship; e.g. those serve in the Armed Services.

3. Check out Thompson’s “Pro-Growth” record while in the Senate.

4. I have to tell you I really like Thompson’s ideas on revamping the American Military to make it even stronger and bigger than it is today. Pundits on the Left and the Right have been critical of this; nonetheless this is the very strategy used by President Reagan to crumble the Soviet Union.

Reagan beat Communism without firing a shot through military growth. Because of the nature of Islamofascism today I doubt a Thompson Presidency would be so lucky; however an extremely strong military with strategies and rules of engagement to win rather than not hurt people’s feelings would be a true shock and awe experience that would challenge terrorism globally.

So heck yeah, get back on the Fred Thompson bandwagon. Fred has a victory vision, a Conservative style pro-growth vision, a vision relating to immigration and illegal aliens and Fred has the social conservative vision in being pro-life.

That is a political package I can get behind and support and you should too.


Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

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