Hillary Allegedly a Lesbian?

Hillary Clinton (like hubby before her) utilizes a strategy to silence critics that have many ears to here. Apparently she uses dirty tricks to do so.


One of the things Kinkaid touches on is that Hillary allegedly is a Lesbian or Bi-Sexual. This goes a long way to explaining Slick Willie’s need to be a sexual predator of women.


I have to assert that this is the first I have heard of Hillary’s alleged sexual preference. Undoubtedly there is no smoking gun proof of such or the Mainstream Media would jump on the story (probably as apologists to excuse Hillary).


BUT THE SEX SCANDAL THE MEDIA WON’T TOUCH INVOLVES SENATOR HILLARY CLINTON’S alleged lesbianism. It is worth noting that our media, including Fox News, gave little attention to the explosive book, The Truth About Hillary, by Edward Klein, which raised questions about her "sexual preference." Conservative writer Jack Wheeler flatly asserted in a Washington Times column, based on his sources, that she is bisexual. This matter is as explosive as Senator Barack Obama’s mysterious upbringing as a Muslim in Indonesia and his quick conversion to Christianity. Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein’s book on Hillary is coming out in June and The London Sunday Times claims it will show how Clinton "has played fast and loose with the facts about" her life. We shall see what he digs up. Clinton, who was quick to condemn shock jock Don Imus for making disparaging remarks about the mostly black Rutgers women’s basketball team, raised $800,000 with the help of Timbaland, a rapper known for his vulgar and profane lyrics. (Excerpt Cliff Notes)


In all fairness to the alleged sexual perversion potentially practiced by Hillary Clinton, Media Matters comes to her defense citing Left Wing sources that discredit the rumor.


If the smoking gun proof could ever be found Hillary knows that the backbone of America is still Christian Morality by choice (even if rarely by acts of the majority). Any proof would destroy her Presidential aspirations.


See also Hillary’s Hit Man Strikes Again.

Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

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