The New Christian Persecution

The New Christian Persecution

The New
Christian Persecution

John R. Houk

© March 23,


is probably overcome by a new
religion. I am not speaking of Mohammedanism though Mohammedanism is probably
the new European religion’s greatest competitor by virtue of rising population
demographics and the stupidity of the new religion.


What is that new religion? It
is Secular Humanism.


Secular Humanism actively
attacks the foundations of Biblical morality. In Britain
the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights has recommended regulations
that would make it illegal for private or Christian Schools
to teach Biblical Morality, viz. that homosexuality is a sin. The effect is to
make Christian teachings illegal.


This kind of thinking is moving
toward America.
The new Christian persecution is analyzed by Chuck Colson which I have posted
below – READ IT.



Practice Trumps Religious Belief: Outlawing Conscience.

By Chuck Colson
Christian Post Guest Columnist
Tue, Mar. 20 2007 11:36 AM ET

You may think the day would never come when preaching the Gospel would be
illegal in a Western country—when governments would restrict what
Christians can teach.

You would be wrong. The persecution against the Church has taken a decisive
turn in the cradle of civil liberty—the United Kingdom (UK). And it will
happen in America, also, if we do not wake up to the danger.

In London last month, the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights
recommended regulations that would make it illegal for private, religious
schools to teach that homosexual conduct is immoral. The committee claimed the
regulations are needed to combat discrimination against homosexuals.

And we know about this. Last summer, the British government closed down our IFI
unit because we teach that sex should be limited to heterosexual marriage. And
if these regulations violate the rights of Christians—what does the
government say? “Too bad.”

Luke Gormally, a fellow at London’s Linacre Centre, a Christian bioethics
institute, put it this way: “The Committee could not be clearer in saying
that they believe the freedom to live a practicing homosexual lifestyle trumps
the freedom to live a religious lifestyle.”

The committee explicitly said that no exemption should be made for Christian
schools. So, unbelievable though it sounds, Gormally notes, when it comes to
sexual morality, the committee would make it illegal for Christian schools
“to teach that Christianity and its principles are ‘objectively

Christian schools will not be alone in seeing their religious freedom stripped
away. If this law passes, it will be difficult, if not impossible, for
ministers to share the Bible’s teachings on sexual morality. Property
owners who do not want, for moral reasons, to rent property to homosexuals will
be breaking the law. So will Christian printers who refuse to print pro-gay

Last Thursday, a House of Commons committee met to decide on the Sexual
Orientation Regulations. Many MPs protested the Blair government’s
refusal to allow a full debate in the House of Commons. And despite repeated
appeals for a postponement, the chairperson insisted on taking an immediate
vote: The regulations were upheld.

Now, the Blair government is attempting to rush the law through both houses of
Parliament before opponents have time to organize. The vote will take place on

On that day, many Christians will be found at a prayer vigil in Old Palace Yard
near the entrance to the House of Lords. We need to be praying with them,
because it is going to take a miracle to keep this law from passing.

We must also realize that we are going to face this same kind of persecution if
same-sex “marriage” is legalized in America. It’s already
begun, especially in Massachusetts, where same-sex “marriage” was
imposed by judges. For instance, a federal judge recently decreed that
Christian parents cannot opt their kindergarteners out of public school classes
that normalize homosexuality. And last year Catholic Charities shut down its
adoption agencies rather than agree to send innocent children into homosexual

This is why we desperately need to be vigilant—especially our religious
liberty groups. This is why, for example, we need to pass a federal marriage
amendment. If we do nothing, we are going to be facing the same future that
Christians in the UK are facing: a future in which preaching the truths of the
Gospel is against the law.

The New Christian

John R. Houk
© March 23, 2007

Homosexual Practice Trumps Religious Belief
Outlawing Conscience

BreakPoint®, March 20, 2007, Copyright
2007, Prison Fellowship Ministries. All rights reserved.
Copyright © The Christian Post

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