Dhimmitude or How Western Muslims Use Western Laws

Dhimmitude or How Western Muslims Use Western Laws

or How Western Muslims Use Western Laws

John R. Houk

March 20, 2007


There is more and more
evidence coming forth that illustrates what the jihadists cannot do by
violence, Islamists will do with Western Laws to protect their Fifth Column
agenda to mohammedanize the West and America.


I know you are thinking I am
just being an Islamophobe and you are correct. The problem is Islamophobia is
not racism as the many Islamist organizations in America,
and Europe would have you believe. Radical
Islam is not a race. Certainly Radical Islamists have a high profile of Arab
and Middle Eastern looking fellows; however Mohammedanism
s largest population
is in Indonesia.
That is Asian. A huge segment of Mohammedans have an Indian ancestry which is
currently split up between Pakistan,
Bangladesh and large
segments of India.


So let us re-think this
Islamophobe business is a racist business. Radical Islam is more akin to political
theory radicalized by an injection of religion. It is much like what the Soviets
and Red Chinese did at the beginning of their revolutionary regimes. They
propagandize the population under their influence to worship a cultic status.
In communism it was Karl Marx, Lennon, Mao and the State. In Mohammedanism it
is the medieval acts of Mohammed and his blood lust for a cohesive empire. The
empire initiated by Mohammed exercised a combination of brutality and
propaganda to transform the conquered into passionate believers of the old Arab
moon deity Allah.


With money from Wahhabi Saudi
Arabia and Shi
ite Iran, migrating
Mohammedans to America and Europe are exploiting laws
of freedom and
liberty reverse assimilating the cultures they have moved to. WAKE UP!

Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

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