Homosexuals Target State Elections

Ever heard of Tim Gill? He is a computer geek that founded software company Quark. He is also a wealthy homosexual.


Gill has used his influence to create a network of influential homosexuals to target State legislatures to defeat anti-homosexual Congressman and replace them with Congressman with an affinity for alternate lifestyles.


Believe it or not the only real problem I have with this agenda is that big bucks are being donated from outside of the States the Congressmen are running for election. American citizens have the right to be immoral and promote an unholy lifestyle in America.


But get this! So do Christians. The Christian Right also has the right to fight for Godly morality in America. Now that the agenda of homosexuality is exposed, Christians need to organize to donate money to targeted Congressman of Gill’s homosexual network.


I know I will hear the Secular Humanist critics call me a homophobe. I do not fear homosexuals, I merely highly disagree the homosexual lifestyle is a legitimate morality in the sight of God Almighty the Creator.


If critics attempt to denigrate my stand as out of the mainstream and archaic, then the facts need to be looked at. Heterosexual beliefs are still the mainstream in America. Across the nation States have enacted laws defining marriage as between a male and a female, it has taken Leftwing Courts to counter this trend. Unfortunately for homosexuals, not all courts are dominated by Lefties.


That is why Gill is singling out Congressional races on the State and Federal levels to defeat Conservatives with Secular Humanists favorable to the homosexual agenda.


I would have to say people like Tim Gill are just as much Christophobes as Christians are homophobes. The difference is Christians are backing the Word of God and the Kingdom of God.

Author: oneway2day

I am a Neoconservative Christian Right blogger. I also spend a significant amount of time of exposing theopolitical Islam.

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