Habsburg Bloodlines and the Anti-Christ

Austria‘s Right Wing Alarms EU Neighbors, US & Israel

Austria is not only the place where Adolf Hitler was born but it is also the seat of the powerful German dynasty Habsburg that reigned as German King and Kaiser of the Holy Roman Empire including Spain, Sicily, Netherlands, Hungary, etc.. In the book "The Guardian of the Grail, J.R. Church wrote down the genealogy of the famous Merovingian Bloodline which is the bloodline of Kings of Jerusalem. It was traced as far back as 1099 A.D. Charles V de Lorraine (?-1765) married Eleonore-Marie van Habsburg, daughter of Holy Roman Emperor, Ferdinand III. The Habsburg dynasty became the heirs to the title, King of Jerusalem, from this point forward. Karl von Habsburg was born 1961 and will become heir to the title "King of Jerusalem" upon the death of his father Otto von Habsburg. Juan Carlos, present King of Spain, also claims the title, "King of Jerusalem." His royal lineage also extends back to Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V. Austria ceased to be a monarchy after the abdication of Charles I (1916-1918), Emperor of Austria, when Austria became a republic.

Royal European Blood Lines that connect to the old Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem and thus to the potential Anti-Christ are in the above excerpt. [There are huge amount of wire service postings on this webpage. This one is a ways down.]


The connecting factor seems to be the Habsburg Royal bloodline.

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