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Please! Quit Trusting the Lies from Obama

Lying to Believe in - Change U-Can Trust


John R. Houk

© March 4, 2014


President Barack Hussein Obama has lied to American voters before he was even elected to Office in 2008.


Jeremiah Wright went from mentor to I have not heard any White-hatred sermons.


BHO lied about barely knowing Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn who were Communist terrorists in their younger days (and remarkably used the very American laws they railed against to get away with their violence via some Court technicality). Dear God in Heaven BHO had election/Community Organizing meetings in the Ayers/Dohrn living room.


BHO lied about his connection to Tony Rezko – who committed fraud and extortion. In 2003 BHO was at a farewell party for Rashid Khalidi – a promoter of then State Department designated terrorist organization PLO and friend of Yasser Arafat – delivering vitriolic hate-speech toward Israel. The proof of Obama’s Israel-hatred was recorded on a mysterious tape procured by the LA Times. The LA Times only released enough info from the tape during the 2008 Presidential campaign to remind BHO to be more favorable toward Palestinians. The LA Times has steadfastly refused to make the entire tape available to the public. Why? It would prove Obama is a liar about public statements his Administration is a friend of Israel.


Father Michael Pfleger is in the same mold as Jeremiah Wright except he is a Roman Catholic White man. Pfleger’s Chicago parish is mostly Black and rather than show the nature of Christ or even the official line of the Roman Catholic Church Pfleger has embraced the same White-hatred Left Wing ideology of the Black Liberation Movement as has the racist Reverend Wright. Prior to Obama’s 2008 election Pfleger publically stated he had known Obama for over 20 years. Pfleger is one of a number of Chicago religious leaders (Protestant – Wright, Islam – Farrakhan and Catholic – Pfleger) that cooperated with then State Senator Obama to use racial profiling that Illinois law enforcement picked on Black people for the reason of a higher rate of Black incarceration.


As a young man Barack Obama had a great affinity to the man known as the founder and/or godfather of Critical Racial Theory (CRT) in Derrick Bell. The simple explanation of CRT is that Whites are permanent oppressors and Blacks are permanently oppressed – err unless changes occur in society. Bell himself proclaims that CRT is highly influenced by Marxist ideology – rich Capitalists vs. oppressed proletariat-worker class. Obama’s ideological affection for race baiting Marxist Bell is evidenced by the young Obama introduction of Bell at a Left Wing protest while Obama was at Harvard:


VIDEO: EXCLUSIVE Unedited Obama Race Video Unveiled


The Left Stream Media (aka MSM) had gone to great lengths to brandish Obama’s connection to Bell as a non-starter; however BHO’s past radical associations’ show the Bell-connection is more of additional info of the current President hatred of America as it is under the U.S. Constitution.


Marshall Davis a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA was a mentor of the young Obama thus shaping our current President’s world view. Respected Conservative journalist Trevor Louden excerpts an American Spectator article showing Obama’s most trusted advisors David Axelrod (Left Obama’s Administration just before 2012 election) and Valerie Jarrett ALSO had a close connection to the Davis-Communist admiration society. Louden speculates at the end of his post, “Manchurian Candidate, anyone?


Undoubtedly this is not an exhaustive look at the picture that President Barack Hussein Obama is a lying deceiver to American voters due to the building up his anti-American and anti-Jewish world view.


To drive the point home that Obama is a calculated liar to fool voters is this page that has linked documentation of the President’s lies from campaign promises for 2008 through his fifth year in Office:


Also you can check out title from InvestmentWatch Blog dated September 17, 2013:


The Complete List of Barack Obama’s Scandals, Misdeeds, Crimes and Blunders

This list is huge and I make sure to post the date Obama’s lies, scandals and crimes seems to grow longer and longer each month. Which begs the question: When will the Left oriented MSM finally admit their transform America Leftist utopian President is more about destroying the foundations of America rather than preserving the American way of life that makes America good?


Now Leftists and Conservatives alike (if they made down this far) are probably wondering, “Why should I care about this rehash of facts – head buried in the sand if you are an American Leftist and ‘forget about it’ Conservatives who look to the next two election cycles to reverse the curse of Obamunism (or the blessing of Obama transformation for the Left)?”


Here is why – and I am really just picking one reason for my train of thought: Americans on the Left and the Right still support the right for Israel’s existence apart from the Muslim Jew-hatred ingrained into Islamic society via their holy writings and journalistic commentaries. The one difference between Left Wing and Right Wing Americans is the path to maintain Israel’s existence. The Left has fallen for the ‘Land for Peace’ idiocy. Center-Right Paleoconservatives and Establishment Republicans have also fallen for the idiocy of ‘Land for Peace,’ but perhaps not quite as much land as the Left believes their fallacy would solve. Then there are the Conservatives and the Christian Zionists (yep, I’m one of those) that either see that ‘Land for Peace’ is an equation that will lead to Israel’s demise and probable the next genocidal Holocaust of Jews or we Christian Zionists concurring but adding that the Land of Israel is a God-given paradigm right out of the Word of God. Regardless of the perceived viable path to preserve Israel’s existence the Left (for the most part) and the Right agree Israel’s right to exist should be a global guarantee.


Overwhelmingly American voters’ support Israel’s right to exist as opposed the Arab and Muslim desire to destroy the Jewish State of Israel. Thus at a time when a significant amount of voters may be watching President Obama speak because of the prime time nature of the coverage of the State of the Union Address the Leftist messiah told Americans:


President Obama also spoke about the peace process between Israel and Palestinians. The president openly declared Israel as a Jewish state, a point that the Palestinians refuse to acknowledge and that has led to numerous failures of past peace talks.


As we speak, American diplomacy is supporting Israelis and Palestinians as they engage in difficult but necessary talks to end the conflict there; to achieve dignity and an independent state for Palestinians, and lasting peace and security for the State of Israel – a Jewish state that knows America will always be at their side,” Obama told Congress. This statement received a standing ovation from both Democrat and Republican legislatures. (Bold Italics MineState of the Union Address: Obama Takes Soft Stance on Middle Eastern Policy; By Lea Speyer; Conservative Musings; 1/29/14 12:57 pm)


Just in case you missed the Obama promise: “… a Jewish state that knows America will always be at their side”.


Here comes the Obama threat that makes that a lie:


‘Bibi’, the President all but said, ‘if you don’t accept the peace plan that my Secretary of State hasn’t even released yet, you will ruin your country.’ The interview was released for publication almost the very moment as Netanyahu’s plane departed to meet with Obama in Washington.


In addition to droning on about the growing dangers posed by increasing Israeli settlement ‘expansion’, the “rights” of Palestinian refugees, the historic “moderation” of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, and the reasonableness of the Iranian regime, President Obama used the interview with Goldberg to issue ominous new threats and dire warnings against the Jewish state if it did not agree to accept his plan to shrink Israel back inside the 1949 armistice lines.


Obama tells Goldberg that it isn’t really the Palestinians who need to change. It is Israel. Palestinian terrorism against Israeli civilians is essentially the result of steps Israel takes to prevent such terrorism. The best way to change the Palestinian Authority’s incitement to – and celebration of blood curdling violence against Jews – is for Israel to change its housing policy.


Nothing new here. This has been the President Obama’s basic position since long before he ever ran for public office; and a position shared by most of the international community.


What is new about Obama’s latest interview are his threats. If Israel doesn’t do what Obama decides Israel should do, then Israel should no longer expect the U.S. to support it: “If you see no peace deal and continued aggressive settlement construction – and we have seen more aggressive settlement construction over the past couple of years – if Palestinians come to believe that the possibility of a contiguously sovereign Palestinian state is no longer within reach, then our ability to manage the fallout is going to be limited.” (Bold and Italics are mine – AS WORLD ORDER IMPLODES, OBAMA PROMISES TO ACT… AGAINST ISRAEL; By THOMAS ROSE; Breitbart; 3/3/14)


Not surprisingly this Obama lie is not getting a lot of American press. Rather the press is focused on the goings on in Ukraine. Ukraine is a crisis but selling out Israel to a potential Muslim executed Holocaust of Jews is a disaster of huge moral dimensions. The above Breitbart quote was discovered like on page 5 of a Bing Search. I had gone through 20 pages of a Google Search and found zero. I was alerted to this Obama threat of betrayal to Israel from being on the email list of the Times of Israel that had two titles relating to the Obama threat:


Obama: US won’t be able to defend Israel if peace talks fail

Israel can expect to face international isolation and possible sanctions from countries and companies across the world if Benjamin Netanyahu fails to endorse a framework agreement with the Palestinians, US President Barack Obama cautioned on Sunday ahead of a meeting with the Israeli prime minister


But if Netanyahu “does not believe that a peace deal with the Palestinians is the right thing to do for Israel, then he needs to articulate an alternative approach,” Obama said.


“There comes a point where you can’t manage this anymore, and then you start having to make very difficult choices,” he said.


The president went on to stress that he would convey to Netanyahu, in the spirit of the Jewish sage Hillel the Elder, that the prime minister could lead Israel toward peace if he chose to do so.

“If not now, when? And if not you, Mr. Prime Minister, then who?” Obama said.


The president went on to condemn in no uncertain terms Israel’s settlement activities in …


“If you see no peace deal and continued aggressive settlement construction — and we have seen more aggressive settlement construction over the last couple years than we’ve seen in a very long time — if Palestinians come to believe that the possibility of a contiguous sovereign Palestinian state is no longer within reach, then our ability to manage the international fallout is going to be limited,” Obama said.


The president added that Israel must come to a decision over its future character and weigh whether its current policies are conducive to achieving its true aspirations.


“Do you resign yourself to what amounts to a permanent occupation of the West Bank?” he inquired of the Israeli public.


“Is that the character of Israel as a state for a long period of time? Do you perpetuate, over the course of a decade or two decades, more and more restrictive policies in terms of Palestinian movement? Do you place restrictions on Arab Israelis in ways that run counter to Israel’s traditions?” he asked.


Obama further stated that in his opinion, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas “has proven himself to be somebody who has been committed to nonviolence and diplomatic efforts to resolve” the conflict.


Asked whether he felt Abbas was sincere about his willingness to recognize Israel and its right to exist, the president replied that he was sure that was the case. (Obama: US won’t be able to defend Israel if peace talks fail; By ADIV STERMAN; Times of Israel; 3/2/14 11:51 pm)  


What a load of – Left Wing hate Israel – love Arabs that call themselves Palestinians – load of disinformation crap this is from the Liar-in-Chief.


Obama presumed to tell the public if Netanyahu had a better plan the Prime Minister should “articulate an alternative approach”. Netanyahu has been very publically upfront about an alternative approach and it is simple; viz. that PA President needs to agree that Israel is a Jewish State, all of Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel and Israel’s borders are defensible when Arabs – cough – like psycho-Palestinians decide to invade Israel to drive Jews into the sea.


Imagine the look down at your nose of hubris as a Left Wing Gentile saying publically he would tell Prime Minister Netanyahu, “…in the spirit of the Jewish sage Hillel the Elder, that the prime minister could lead Israel toward peace if he chose to do so.”


Also in light of the very simple defined acknowledgments from PA President Abbas, Obama has the hutzpah to say, “…Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas ‘has proven himself to be somebody who has been committed to nonviolence and diplomatic efforts to resolve’ the conflict”.  Here is a 1/22/14 refutation to the lie to Obama’s statement that Abbas is committed to nonviolence:


Mahmoud Abbas’ Party Threatens to ‘Bomb Tel Aviv’

The Fatah party of Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has posted threats to bomb Tel Aviv on its official Facebook page.


The threats came in the form of a video by Fatah’s armed wing – the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade – which threatened to turn Tel Aviv “into a ball of fire”, as well as escalated rocket fire on Israeli civilians.


Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade has been declared a terrorist group by the US, EU, Israel and Canada, among others.


The post was spotted on Tuesday and translated by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), which regularly monitors PA media for incitement and anti-Semitism. Excerpts from the eight-minute video can be seen below:


VIDEO: Fatah publicizes threats to bomb Tel Aviv on its official Facebook page


The threats come despite the fact that the Palestinian Authority is engaged in “peace negotiations” with Israel, and bolster claims by Israeli leaders that the PA is not really serious about finding a peaceful political solution to the conflict.


The Israeli government only recently released its annual “Palestinian Incitement Index“, which showed that incitement against Israel and the Jewish people is continuing on official media channels including – inter alia – by bodies that are very close to the PA Chairman and in educational and religious networks.


The findings also show that during the period of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, not only did incitement not lessen, in certain areas it even increased, and that recently, the use of prominent Nazi elements – such as the image of Hitler – has also increased.



Such incitement ranges from the glorification of Nazism and the lionization of Adolf Hitler, to programs on official PA television featuring heavily-stereotyped Jews as villains (and encouraging violence against them), and various TV and radio shows which literally wipe the Jewish state off the map.


In at least one case, a terrorist who went on to murder an off-duty Israeli soldier used official PA TV to send a coded message of his plan to his jailed brother.


But the involvement by the PA in diplomatic talks and the simultaneous calls for continued violence by its official organs may not be as contradictory as it seems.


Another video exposed earlier this month by PMW revealed – not for the first time – how PA officials view negotiations, and subsequent Israeli concessions, merely as a “first stage” in the ultimate destruction of Israel, after which terrorism can be resumed “more effectively”. (Mahmoud Abbas’ Party Threatens to ‘Bomb Tel Aviv’; By Ari Soffer; Arutz Sheva 7 – IsraelNationalNews; 1/22/2014, 8:20 PM)


So much for Obama’s Foreign Policy acumen and veracity.


Since Obama stabbed Netanyahu in the back – AGAIN, the Israeli Prime Minister responded to the Obama threat to throw Israel under the bus:


Netanyahu on Obama’s critique: I won’t give in to pressure

Blame for the morass in the Middle East peace process lies squarely with the Palestinians, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said late Sunday, hours after US President Barack Obama was quoted saying that Washington would be hard-pressed to defend Israel should talks fail.


Netanyahu made the remarks upon landing in Washington, where he was to meet Monday with Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry, who is managing negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. Netanyahu and Kerry will also speak at the conference of the AIPAC pro-Israel lobby in the capital.


Before boarding his plane to the US, the prime minister said he had rejected pressures in the past and would continue to do so.


… (Netanyahu on Obama’s critique: I won’t give in to pressure; By ARON DÓNZIS; Arutz Sheva 7 – IsraelNationalNews; 3/3/14 8:30 am)


JRH 3/4/14

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A Mockery of Peace

Obama's Idiotic Perception Israel-Palestinian peace toon

According to Abed Rabbo [secretary of the PLO Executive Committee], the US Secretary of State’s proposal includes Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state; establishing part of East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine; resolving the refugee problem in accordance with the vision of former US President Bill Clinton; maintaining Israeli control of major settlement blocs and leasing the others back to Israel; Israel’s control over border crossings and air space; and the presence of US-Israel-Jordan-Palestinian security forces on the border. “The Israelis would also have the right of ‘hot pursuit’ of fugitives or suspected criminals in the Palestinian state,” he revealed. “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected these ideas because he wants to carve out the land he wants and refuses to discuss the Jerusalem issue. He also refuses the intervention of any other party in security matters, even America.” (PLO official reveals full details of Kerry’s plan; From Middle East Monitor, Translated from Safa; 1/26/14 13:42)


The Middle East Monitor writes through the filter of being Pro-Palestinian. You will notice the Pro-Palestinian bent if you happen to read the entire news report on Abed Rabbo’s disclosure. Typically the Palestinians intend to reject Kerry’s Plan because of minor details of having to recognize Israel as a Jewish State. AND that works for me because there is NO WAY Israel should give up its heritage of the entire city of Jerusalem especially the eastern half in which the Temple Mount is located. If the Palestinians shockingly gave up their nitpicking and accept the Kerry Plan for a Two-State Solution then Israel’s concurrence would not only mean treason to Jew heritage but also set the framework for the Jewish State’s demise through indefensible borders.


Justin O. Smith lays out the Antisemitism involved in shoving the Kerry Plan down the throat of the Jewish State of Israel.


JRH 2/10/14

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A Mockery of Peace


By Justin O. Smith

Sent: 2/9/2014 1:11 PM


Israel gives the world no peace, it bars slumber, it teaches the world to be discontented and restless as long as the world has not God. -Jacques Maritain

The modern racism, which yearned to eliminate Jews from society as a gardener would root out weeds, the sort of racism that allowed pogroms to flourish across Russia and Europe in the 1890s and culminated in the death camps of the 1940s in Nazi Germany, is on the rise once more in Europe and America, with U.S. president Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry leading the way. In an overt act of anti-Semitism, Kerry recently remarked in the affirmative and in agreement with several European leaders that boycotts and sanctions against Israel may be needed to force Israel to accept the Kerry Plan for “peace” and a two state solution, as if Israel does not want peace and the Palestinians’ claims in the area are not specious and false.

While the Kerry Plan does call for the Palestinians to recognize the right of Israel to exist as the state of the Jewish people, two of its main points certainly must be non-starters for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: Israel is to withdraw from the West Bank to the 1967 borders, and East Jerusalem will become the Palestinian capital.

Since the land of Israel in 1948 accounted for less than a fourth of the land originally designated “Palestine,” and Jordan, an Islamic/Palestinian state that forbids Jews settlement rights by law, was carved out of the Palestinian “Jewish National Home,” how can the Arabs be said to have been excluded from a “Palestinian homeland”?

Just how much land will Israel have to relinquish in order to achieve real peace? All of it according to Yasir Arafat, former head of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, when he spoke with world renown journalist Oriana Fallaci in Amman, Jordan in March 1972.

President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority and head of the Fatah Party recently proposed an old NATO security proposal for the area that was favored by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and former U.S. President George W. Bush. Abbas will accept a U.S. led NATO and Jordanian force into the Palestinian state indefinitely to prevent the sort of terrorism that occurred after Israel disengaged from Gaza in 2004. Abbas also allows that a “third party” can stay in the newly demilitarized West Bank “for a long time…to reassure the Israelis and to protect us” (the Palestinians).

No, this plan should not offer Israel any comfort. Abbas and the Palestinians will be the only winners, gaining their new state. Israel’s national security will be compromised, as they attempt to defend a barely defensible position from behind the 1967 borders. This places Israel at a severe disadvantage from the start, should any new conflict arise. With NATO’s ability to ensure any real security suspect at best, for Israel, it is like starting a chess game without one’s queen.

Many so-called experts are discussing this framework agreement, as though it is a morally superior endeavor to all previous peace talks. However, whether we speak of the 1915 Sykes-Picot Agreement, the 1917 Balfour Treaty, the 1922 British Mandate and through each successive agreement to the Kerry Plan, most of the world has sought to undermine the State of Israel, while proclaiming otherwise. And now, the U.S. government too is undermining Israel, America’s long-time ally.

Netanyahu does not trust the Palestinians to negotiate honestly, as he stated recently: “I do not want a binational state. But we also don’t want another state that will start attacking us.” And, intuitively, Netanyahu rightly does not trust Obama and Kerry, as was evident three weeks ago when he said, “Israel does not have to agree with everything America presents.”

The peace talks, scheduled to end April 29, nearly ended prematurely, when the Israelis announced on January 10, 2014 that they intended to build 1400 housing units in east Jerusalem and the West Bank. Saeb Erekat, Palestinian chief negotiator, was highly upset, but Erekat and all involved in this framework agreement process understood that settlement construction would continue full force during negotiations.

Although Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s political base opposes the Kerry Plan, Netanyahu sees a two state solution of some sort, as necessary for Israel’s integrity as a Jewish democratic state, with healthy ties to Europe and the West for the sake of Israel’s economy. In this light, John Kerry’s coercion and economic blackmail are especially egregious, despicable and unnecessary; Kerry has damaged any future peace process, harmed Israel and damaged U.S.-Israeli diplomatic relations, but many Americans did not expect anything less from a man of such low character.

Once one reviews the historical record and understands that the British gave away Jewish land to the landless Arab/Muslims who were displaced by Islamic feudal practices and extortionate taxation, not by the Jews, and, in conjunction one reads various quotes from decades past, one realizes anti-Semitism never goes away; it just becomes more glib: “The greatest contemporary hero (in the Muslim world) is Hitler.” – John Gunther, ‘Inside Asia’, 1939; in 1974, Syrian PLO leader, Zuheir Muhsein explained, “Our purpose…it (a Palestinian state) will be a point of departure…This State will be the backbone of our struggle against Israel.” This mindset prevails today across the Middle East.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stands against diplomatic storms that threaten to annihilate Israel eventually – God forbid – and liberal Jews in Israel’s Labor Party and in America who are advocating the Kerry Plan are making Israel’s situation tragic and unbearable. Bibi Netanyahu must reject outright this plan and Kerry and Obama, with all their bias towards the Palestinians, as Israel seeks new allies and economic partners; Bibi must reject Oslo and all previous accords. He must find the political will and support to annex Gaza and the West Bank, as he proceeds with a forced removal/repatriation of the Palestinians to Jordan or the rest of the Arab world. The world uttered not a peep when this was done to 2 million Russians, against their will, under the Marshall Plan after WWII, but listen to the outcry when this proves necessary for Israel. And, if the tragedy of Bethlehem under Palestinian control is any indication of things to come, at the very least, Jerusalem must always stay united and complete as the proper capital of Israel. All of this is preferable to a sham “peace” agreement that only serves Israel’s enemies.

Genesis 12:2 – I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great.


By Justin O. Smith


Edited by John R. Houk

© Justin O. Smith

Background on PM’s European BDS Cabinet Meeting

Anti-BDS Banner
Ari Bussel sent this press release from NGO Monitor that further explains the nefariousness of the BDS Movement in relation to Israel.
JRH 1/30/14

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Background on PM’s European BDS Cabinet Meeting
Sent: 1/29/2014 5:14 PM
Sent by Ari Bussel
For Immediate Release
Contact: Emily Ziedman
NGO Monitor January 29, 2014
Prime Minister calls Cabinet Meeting on European BDS Concerns:
Background Information and Strategic Options
In advance of the Israeli Cabinet meeting about European BDS (boycotts, divestment, and sanctions), being convened today in Jerusalem, NGO Monitor released the following statement:
The boycott campaign, targeting Israeli firms and companies that do business with Israel has been active for more than ten years, and is led by a network of political advocacy non-governmental organizations (NGOs) funded largely by European governments. In order to successfully blunt and defeat this threat, it is necessary to understand the sources of BDS campaigns, their scope, alliances, primary tactics, and vulnerabilities.
BDS is a form of political warfare against the State of Israel based on the exploitation of human rights and humanitarian principles, double standards, invidious comparisons with South African apartheid, and false allegations of “war crimes” and violations of international law. (The discredited 2009 Goldstone report on Gaza is one of many examples of this process.)
Although often expressed in terms of opposition to the post-1967 Israeli occupation and settlements, the leaders of BDS campaigns repeatedly express their rejection of any Jewish right to self-determination, regardless of borders. The radical BDS movement supports Palestinian refugee demands, promotes the 1948 narrative of Palestinian victimization, and a “single state solution,” meaning the elimination of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people. In addition, the network of church-based NGOs that fund and promote BDS often include antisemitic themes and images. Therefore, the claim that BDS will end if a two-state peace agreement is reached is inconsistent with the evidence.
The most effective and immediate strategy to blunt BDS and other forms of political warfare is to end the massive funding given to radical NGOs that promote these anti-Israel campaigns in the Netherlands and elsewhere. NGO Monitor research has exposed tens of millions of Euros provided annually to NGOs via the EU and European governments. For more than ten years, this highly politicized NGO funding has been allocated for discriminatory anti-Israel warfare through secret processes under frameworks for humanitarian aid, democracy and human rights, and other universal moral principles.
There are at least 80 such NGOs, active in promoting BDS in Europe, North America, and elsewhere. Coalition of Women for Peace (CWP) – the leading Israeli NGO promoting BDS – was funded directly by the European Union, but requests for documents on this funding based on the EU’s freedom of information guidelines have been denied. Ali Abunimah and the NGO known as Electronic Intifada – among the most visible participants in BDS campaigns – have been funded indirectly by the Dutch government through the Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation (ICCO), which has an annual budget of over €80 million. ICCO was also involved in lobbying the Dutch pension funds to divest from Israeli banks. As seen in the past few days, CWP, Electronic Intifada, and many Palestinian NGOs that receive European government funding are pressing Oxfam International, which receives funding from the UK, EU, Dutch, and other governments, to join the politicized campaign against SodaStream [Editor: Link added by me].
The first step in confronting European governments that provide most of the funds for these organizations is to demand the implementation of democratic transparency principles in Europe. On this basis, Israeli and European officials can negotiate guidelines for funding political advocacy NGOs, which would prevent grants to groups that promote double standards, the discriminatory singling out of Israel, lawfare based on “war crimes” and similar false allegations, and the denial of the right of the Jewish people to sovereign equality.
While these measures will not bring an immediate end to BDS and political warfare, they constitute the essential first steps towards a viable counter-strategy.
NGO Monitor, an independent research institution, was founded in 2002 in the wake of the World Conference against Racism in Durban, South Africa. At this conference, 1,500 NGOs formulated the “Durban Strategy” which aims to isolate Israel through measures such as boycott, divestment and sanctions
(BDS) campaigns, lawfare, delegitimization and demonization.
NGO Monitor (, is the leading source of expertise on the activities and funding of political advocacy NGOs involved in the Arab-Israeli conflict. NGO Monitor provides detailed and fully sourced information and analysis, promotes accountability, and supports discussion on the reports and activities of NGOs (non-governmental organizations) claiming to advance human rights and humanitarian agendas.
IMRA – Independent Media Review and Analysis

An Intro to ‘Oy,’ Israel, USA and Palestinians

Obama ... Oy Vey

John R. Houk

© January 10, 2014


President Obama’s Administration via the State Department mouthpiece of Secretary John Kerry (the duo makes me thing of the Antichrist and False Prophet of Apocalypse of John) has taken a tact to impose the Obama government will on Israel by issuing a Framework forcing Israel and the Palestinian Authority to create the circumstances for a Palestinian State. At this point it is being called a Framework. Apparently the selling point of this Framework is it moves Palestinian Statehood forward but with impositions that make both Israelis and Palestinians unhappy. For Israel the framework would impose the 1967 borders of the second to last war of Arabs attempting to destroy Israel. Just as it sounds the 1967 border would mean giving up the Eastern half of Jerusalem where the Temple Mount is located. The Framework’s major imposition on the Palestinians it to accept Israel as a Jewish State. Son of gun! I don’t see any real benefit for Israel’s existence while it gives a Palestinian State the toe-hold to continue terrorism or war against Israel’s existence including the re-desecration of reestablished Jewish artifacts refurbished after Israel retook part of their ancestral home in 1967. The portion incidentally that the British aided Jordan’s (then Transjordan) Arab Legion to usurp from the nascent Israel State in the 1948 war of Independence.


The text of the framework has not yet been released, and Kerry has worked to keep details of all negotiations confidential. But numerous reports indicate Kerry is leaning toward Israel’s positions on at least two areas of controversy: allowing Israel to maintain some kind of military presence in the Jordan Valley of the West Bank, even in a sovereign Palestinian state. There are also indications the framework would endorse Netanyahu’s insistence that the Palestinian Liberation Organization, which in 1988 recognized Israel as a state, add recognition of it as a Jewish state — an acknowledgement Israelis say they would understand as a genuine end to the conflict over the biblical land both Jews and Palestinians claim as a homeland.


In return, Netanyahu reportedly would accept a statement in the framework that any final agreement would be based on the borders of 1967, the year Israeli forces captured and occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip.


Accepting the 1967 lines — with exchanges of land to allow Israel to keep its largest housing settlements — might push at least one party out of the governing coalition. Trade Minister Naftali Bennett, leader of the settler Jewish Home party that favors annexing the West Bank, on Monday vowed to leave the government. “No more word games: the 1967 lines mean dividing Jerusalem and giving up the Western Wall, the Temple Mount and the Old City,” Bennett said. “In what way will our history remember a leader that gives up Jerusalem? We won’t sit in such a government.” (U.S. Proposal Boosts Momentum for Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks; By Karl Vick; Time; 1/9/14)


In essence this is my introduction to a Norma Zager essay that quite wittily explains the angst behind the Jewish expression “Oy”. “Oy,” Zager explains, is the conditioned response a thousand years of historical Antisemitism and how that frustration is continuing with Prime Minister apparent willingness to get on board with this Framework.


JRH 1/10/14

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Bibi and the Oy Response

(This is the Reality of Life Right Now)


By Norma Zager

1/8/2014 11:53 PM


There is a reason the Jewish word Oy has no English translation.


Okay, sure, some would offer such phrases as Oh My God, too bad, who needs this, too much, etc. etc. To these interpreters I say, are you kidding me?


No English phrase could ever compare to the angst inherent in these two tiny letters.


I stand by my position and ask that Netanyahu remember why this word was invented and its true meaning to Jewish people.


May I continue? Too bad, I will.


The true meaning of the word oy to a Jew has no meaning.


Confusing, of course but aren’t all Jewish phrases?  Come on. The Jewish curse, “You should grow like an onion with your head upside down,” and others in that vein, shows no rationale or reason.


Jewish people don’t have to be reasonable. We’ve earned the right to be muddled in thought and speech.  After all, we have countless Nobel prizes in science, medicine and technology to prove we can think clearly when necessary.  An oy moment is not one of those.


The reason the Jews have earned the right to use the word is that they among all others are the singularly most masochistic people on this planet.


Only those who have mastered the art of self-deprecation can understand why Oy is a necessity.


Jewish people leave themselves open for ridicule, pain and untold suffering. It would be bad enough if it was only for them, but they have opened the door for innocent Jewish children to suffer. They react to insults by insulting their own, a weird dynamic to be sure and a uniquely Jewish one.


When Kerry and the Obama administration sold out Israel to Iran, the world scratched their heads.


Jews just said Oy.


When the Palestinians and Iran yell “Kill the Jews” and demand Israel be wiped off the face of the earth, the Jews mutter a big Oy.


When Israeli soldiers are murdered and kidnapped, there is a collective Oy.


So is this the answer to the Jewish penchant for suffering?


Perhaps we should all rethink our methods.


Now Bibi is sitting down with Kerry to resolve the so-called “Palestinian Problem.” Forgive my narcissism, but I prefer the phrase Jewish Problem.


It’s Israel’s land that the world is so anxious to give up to people who would like to kill them.


Hmmm. It makes as much sense to me as the British giving Scotland to the Nazis as a good will gesture.


Granted some Brits would have done so on Chamberlain’s advice, but in hindsight it would have been a bad idea.


Israel has given up land for peace for the last forever years.  How’s that working for us?  Not so good actually.


The U.S. once a great supporter of the Jewish State has now thrown it squarely under the bus and lined up Iran’s tires to ensure Israel is completely run over and left for dead.


Now Bibi is meeting with the very man driving the bus.


What will Bibi give up this time, Jerusalem and the last remnants of national security?


Whatever he offers up, it will never be enough. Until the Jewish people are gone from the Middle East, they will stand in the way of the ethnic cleansing now underway.


Odd that we have lived to see the Saudis among Israel’s only friends left in the world.  Proof of the old saw, “My enemy’s enemy is my friend.”


Jewish people never learn. They make themselves victims over and over to those who seek to destroy them.


The new challenges facing Israel and the Jewish people are grounded in a history of giving in to our enemies. Of playing possum instead of standing up and ferociously attacking those who wish to do us harm.


We are the bitten not the biter.


That is why at the end of the day, Jewish people must only content themselves to shake their heads and mutter an Oy in an attempt to allay the damage recently heaped upon them by their leaders and themselves.


However sadly, we have now reached the point in our history when a simple Oy will not fix the problem.


Not even a truckload of Oys will solve Israel’s plight when forced into a position of certain destruction by their greatest enemy since Hitler, and the greatest appeaser since Chamberlain.


So what’s a Jew to do?


I suppose the only hope is to invent a new word or phrase to replace our old stand by.  Although I can’t imagine it will do any good.


For when Israel capitulates to the world’s insistence that they give away their country, live with the threat of annihilation from their enemies and tolerate the constant criticism and economic blackmail from those who would see them destroyed, one can only put their hand to their forehead, breathe deeply and let go with a giant Oy.


And to this pitiful response to the problems we now face, I say, “Oy, and can I get a big Vey with that?”


An Intro to ‘Oy,’ Israel, USA and Palestinians

John R. Houk

© January 10, 2014


Bibi and the Oy Response


Norma Zager is an award-winning investigative journalist and author.  Her passion for Israel has driven her to dedicate the past decade writing and having a radio show about Israel.


This is the latest in the series “Postcards from America – Postcards from Israel,” a collaboration between Zager and Bussel, a foreign correspondent reporting from Israel.


Ari Bussel and Norma Zager collaborate both in writing and on the air in a point-counter-point discussion of all things Israel-related.  Together, they have dedicated the past decade to promoting Israel.



© Israel Monitor, January 2014


First Published January 7, 2014

Iran Nuke Deal and Obama’s Seeming Agenda for Israel

Obama-Iran Deal - Israel Under Bus toon

John R. Houk

© December 18, 2013


The Obama Administration via John Kerry negotiated a deal with Iran that bends to everything Iran needs to arm itself with nuclear weapons. I can say that because Iran’s promises – particularly to the United States – have a history of no value and downright betrayal of international protocol. Can you say Tehran U.S. Embassy invasion and American hostages in 1979?


With this lack of Iranian trustworthiness Obama spearheads a nuclear deal with Iran based more on trust than verification which in the meantime sells out our principle Middle Eastern ally Israel and throws a monkey wrench in utilizing Saudi Arabia as a Middle Eastern friend. The biggest concern I have is the implication that the Iran Nuke Deal is probably to be used by Obama to further demonstrate his displeasure with Israel for not laying down to the outrageous demands of the Palestinian Authority for a sovereign Arab state called Palestine including robbing Jewish Israel of the Holy Temple site because conquering Muslims built a couple of Mosques on the holiest site of all Judaism. Obama’s pretensions for selling out the miracle of the Jewish State is certainly a part of reasoning for having the USA cozy up to such an evil nation as Radical Islamic Shi’ite Twelver Iran.


Now I appreciate that Saudi Arabia is uniting with their hated enemy the Jewish state of Israel against Iran, but that odd coupling has more to do with an existential National Interest against the designs of Iranian regional hegemonic desires. Israel is a Jewish state that all Muslims (Sunni and Shia) are taught to hate from their holy writings in the Quran, Hadith and Sira. Saudi Arabia is a Sunni nation dominated by Wahhabi Muslim Clerics that most Sunnis find a bit threatening with their purist back to Mohammed religious ideology. The things is about Saudi Arabia being Sunni is that Sunnis and Shias consider each other heretics by virtue of a disagreement on Caliphate succession in which the Sunnis ultimately began to dominate. That thousand year disagreement is showing up in the present between the Saudis and the Iranians in Islamic religious domination. For existential reasons the Saudis cannot allow a nuclear armed Iran. Hence, Israel and Saudi Arabia are unlikely allies against Iran and Obama’s idiotic diplomatic effort for America to trust a Muslim dominated nation like Iran.


Israel’s existential concerns about Iran are purely centered on Iran’s constant threat to wipe Israel off the map so that Muslims can once again rule the land of Jewish heritage. That means a hegemonic Iran will aid the Arabs (both Sunni and Shia) that call themselves Palestinians or support that so-called Arab-Palestinians to destroy Israel. If such a destruction of Israel was successful only the foolishness of Westerners like Obama would believe Iran would allow a Sunni controlled Arab sovereign state to exist. Or at least to exist independent of Shi’ite Twelver Iran’s control as a client state. Thus Hezbollah (Shi’ite-Lebanese Arabs) and Shi’ite-Alawite Arab Syrians are very important to Iran.


In case you haven’t notices there has been a slow genocide of the existing Christians stuck in Muslim controlled nations. And the Jews of the Middle East have mostly congregated in Israel. Jewish genocidal extermination would commence a la Nazi-style under the worst possible circumstances of the West laying down for a Caliphate agenda. The Quran, Hadith, Sira and Sharia Law encoded in Islam would lead to another global Jihad attempt to finish Islamic global domination. History shows how conquered people in Islamic imperialism fair under Islam. Keep in mind the Middle East, North Africa, Anatolia (Turkey) and Muslim Eastern Europe (Balkans) were all Christian lands before Islamic imperialism.


The dhimma program utilized in Islam essentially transformed the Christian majority into the minority population. The dhimmi life imposed on non-Muslims was so oppressive that massive populations converted to Islam to leave dhimmitude behind. Consider some of these quotes pertaining to Islamizing the majority population:



“The two pillars of the nascent Islamic state in the conquered lands were the army — formed by Arab tribes and the slaves taken as spoils of war — and the conquered masses: tributaries, slaves, freed men, and converts, a workforce which fed the economic sector. The third pillar — juridical power — was being elaborated. It would undertake to balance and rectify the enormous demographic disparity between the conquered Peoples of the Book and the Muslims. – the legal institution would formulate a collection of laws which gradually whittled down the rights of the dhimmis and confined them to a cramped condition, by transferring to the umma all the key positions that the dhimmis had formerly held.” Pp. 69, 70



“In the lands conquered by jihad the Peoples of the Book formed majorities, among whom the Arabs of the first wave of Islamization and the Turks of the second wave were in the minority. Presumably the complex and little-known processes that transformed those majorities into minorities covered some three or four centuries for each wave of Islamization. By contracting it, the expression ‘religious minorities’ reverses a chronological process that had spread over centuries, whose result — the minority condition — is taken as its starting point.”


“This interpretation, which omits the essential phase when irreversible changes occurred, conceals the political aspect of dhimmitude and reduces it exclusively to a religious minority status. In addition, the formula becomes inadequate for certain regions, such as the Balkans, where non-Muslims were in the majority until the nineteenth century” P. 243


“Today, it would seem absurd to describe the Rumanian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Greek and Israeli nations as former ‘tolerated religious minorities.’ Similarly, the common cliche second-class citizens has no meaning, because the dhimmis were not citizens and the term ‘second-class’ is devoid of the dhimma’s historical and juridical substrata.” Pp. 243,244


“dhimmitude reveals another reality. Here are peoples who, spread the Judeo-Christian civilization as far as Europe and Russia. Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians, conquered by nomadic bands, taught their oppressors, with the patience of centuries, the subtle skills of governing empires, the need for law and order, the management of finances, the administration of town and countryside, the rules of taxation rather those of pillage, the sciences, philosophy, literature, and the arts, the organization and transmission of knowledge — in short, the rudiments and foundations of civilization.” P. 264


Decimated by razzias in the countryside, they sought refuge in the towns which they developed and embellished. Branded with opprobrium, the conquerors still chose to drag them from region to region in order to revive ravaged lands and restore ruined towns. Once again, they built, again they worked. Once again they were driven out, again pillaged and ransomed. And as they dwindled, drained of their blood and spirit, civilization itself disappeared, decadence stagnated, barbarism reigned over lands which, previously, when they were theirs, were lands of civilization, of crops and of plenty.” P. 265


“The elites who fled to Europe took their cultural baggage with them, their scholarship, and their knowledge of the classics of antiquity. Therefore, in the Christian lands of refuge — Spain, Provence, Sicily, Italy — cultural centers developed where Christians and Jews from Islamized lands taught to the young Europe the knowledge of the old pre-Islamic Orient, formerly translated into Arabic by their ancestors.” P. 265 (Quotes from Bat Ye’or in reviewing book “The Decline of Eastern Christianity, From Jihad to Dhimmitude;” The Middle East After the Islamic Conquest; By Rev. Bassam Michael Madany; [Middle East Resources])


See also a book review of Bat Ye’or’s book “Understanding Dhimmitude” posted on FrontPage Mag dated 7/19/13.


In understanding the theopolitical mindset encoded into Islam, you have to realize Obama’s Chamberlain-like nuke deal with Iran at worst will lead to a collapse of the global earth-governance system modelled after Western historical evolution – a global attack to spread Islam resulting in the nations of the earth choosing sides in WWIII. At best the Iran Nuke Deal will lead to an effective response by Israel which will also culminate in WWIII.


You can see how this nuke deal will threaten Israel, right? AND in the midst of this sell-out to Israel Secretary of State John Kerry is the instrument of President Barack Hussein Obama to twist the arms of Israel to a nation-destroying plan to establish a Jew-Hating sovereign Palestinian state. Let’s call it the Obama-Kerry Progressive One-State Solution for the Holy Land. I use the word “Progressive” because as time progresses Israel could again face a combination of a Diaspora and a Holocaust. First Obama buddies up with Iran, then lays the groundwork for forced indefensibility. Check out this small excerpt from Caroline Glick’s editorial from yesterday:


Kerry’s framework deal will involve the mass immigration of hundreds of thousands of foreign-born Arabs, who have been living in al-Qaida-, Hamas- and PLO -controlled UN-run “refugee camps,” for the past four generations to the new state of “Palestine.”


Kerry’s plan will require Israeli society to destroy its cohesion through the dismemberment and destruction of hundreds of Jewish communities. As occurred before the Gaza withdrawal, it will require the government to oversee the demonization and criminalization of well over three million law abiding, patriotic Israeli citizens who oppose the mass expulsions.


Kerry’s parameters will require Israel to surrender its ability to defend itself against foreign aggression and Palestinian attacks. As for the Palestinians, implementation of the Kerry parameters will guarantee that all moderate elements in their society, including among Israeli Arabs, will be overwhelmed and destroyed. The PLO state in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, like the Hamas state in Gaza, will be breeding grounds for global jihadists. They will actively incite, organize and oversee an armed insurrection of the Arabs of the Galilee and the Negev, meting out punishment for all dissenters.


Glick’s analysis is merely shortened in the excerpt above. You should read her entire article to get a full grasp of how Obama is terminating Israel’s existence by proxy.


JRH 12/18/13 (Hat Tip: updates)

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More Than A Threat

A surface-to-surface missile is launched during the Iranian Revolutionary Guards maneuver in an undisclosed location in Iran July 3.

Intro to ‘More Than A Threat


Justin Smith writes one of the best essays he has ever written. So kudos to Justin!


Justin writes about the Joint Plan of Action (JPA) which is the appellation of Obama’s delusion of peace with Iran over nukes and in which Obama is also offering billions of dollars in “Sanction Relief” to Iran. All the U.S. and the other negotiating Security Council members plus Germany get in return from Iran is an unverifiable PROMISE.


Read the preamble to the JPA and ask yourself if Iran will even come close to its part of the agreement.



The goal for these negotiations is to reach a mutually-agreed long-term comprehensive solution that would ensure Iran’s nuclear programme will be exclusively peaceful. Iran reaffirms that under no circumstances will Iran ever seek or develop any nuclear weapons. This comprehensive solution would build on these initial measures and result in a final step for a period to be agreed upon and the resolution of concerns. This comprehensive solution would enable Iran to fully enjoy its right to nuclear energy for peaceful purposes under the relevant articles of the NPT in conformity with its obligations therein. This comprehensive solution would involve a mutually defined enrichment programme with practical limits and transparency measures to ensure the peaceful nature of the programme. This comprehensive solution would constitute an integrated whole where nothing is agreed until everything is agreed. This comprehensive solution would involve a reciprocal, step-by-step process, and would produce the comprehensive lifting of all UN Security Council sanctions, as well as multilateral and national sanctions related to Iran’s nuclear programme.


There would be additional steps in between the initial measures and the final step, including, among other things, addressing the UN Security Council resolutions, with a view toward bringing to a satisfactory conclusion the UN Security Council’s consideration of this matter. The E3+3 and Iran will be responsible for conclusion and implementation of mutual near-term measures and the comprehensive solution in good faith. A Joint Commission of E3/EU+3 and Iran will be established to monitor the implementation of the near-term measures and address issues that may arise, with the IAEA responsible for verification of nuclear-related measures. The Joint Commission will work with the IAEA to facilitate resolution of past and present issues of concern. (Copied from text version from The Guardian PDF posting of the JPA Agreement)


So who believes Iran will the kind of access this preamble insinuates? Just for clarity sake the “E3/EU +3” references these nations: USA, Russia, China/France, Germany and the UK.


No it is time to read Justin Smith’s brilliant essay.


JRH 12/1/13

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More Than A Threat


By Justin O. Smith

Sent: 11/30/2013 10:45 PM

J. O. Smith Facebook Notes

Posted: November 30, 2013 at 11:09pm


Now I am become Death, the Destroyer of worlds.” -Hindu scripture from the ‘Bhagavad Gita’

In the aftermath of the November 24, 2013 interim deal to halt Iran’s nuclear ambitions, which is called the Joint Plan of Action (JPA), Americans bear witness to an Iranian regime that has supported international terrorism, while waging war against the United States and Israel since 1979. We see Secretary of State John Kerry, with an anti-American bias in everything he approaches, purposefully and knowingly pave the way to ensure that Iran will soon acquire a nuclear weapon, while Tzipi Livni and Yair Lapid, two members of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s cabinet, long “to be in a situation in which the Americans listen to us the way they used to listen to us in the past”. And properly so, America heard Benjamin Netanyahu reiterate that “Israel has the right and the obligation to defend itself, by itself, against any threat”.

Vali Nasr, dean of John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, released one of the most naive and idiotic statements in regards to the deal between the U.S, Western powers and Iran. He suggested that Iran might now be helpful in brokering a postwar settlement in Afghanistan, between the U.S. and the Taliban.

Does anyone really believe Iran will ever stop attacking the U.S. and Israel and their interests across the globe, as long as the mullahs, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Islam… the mother of all totalitarianisms-theocracy… keep Iran in a stranglehold?

For 444 days the islamoNazis of Iran held Americans hostage after deposing the Shah, and the attacks against the U.S. continued into the present. Eighty-five percent of the improvised explosive devices used in Iraq in 2004 were furnished by Iran, according to Lt General Moshe Ya’alon, former Israeli Defense chief of staff. Thirty thousand Revolutionary Guard Corps and Quds Force were actively fighting coalition forces in Iraq; throughout the Afghanistan War, these same forces formed hunter-killer teams for the sole mission of killing U.S. soldiers, according to the 5th Special Forces command hierarchy.

And when will Iran’s proxy “holy warriors” of Hezbollah ever be brought to a day of reckoning for the murders of 283 U.S. Marines in Beirut, Lebanon on October 23, 1983? Marines on a “peace-keeping” mission. One must wonder over President Ronald Reagan’s decision not to mount a swift retaliation… the only real failure of his Presidency.

Now, it is surreal to see John Kerry as the chief negotiator striving to limit Iran’s nuclear ambitions, when this is the same radical antiwar activist who never met an enemy of the United States that he didn’t like. Kerry should be criminally charged for not registering as an Iranian agent, because he advocated giving Iran nuclear fuel during the first presidential debate in 2004, as “a test” of Iran’s “true intentions”. And, this is seen as especially egregious, once one finds that Hassan Nemazee, top Kerry fund-raiser and alleged “agent” for Iran, stated in a 2004 deposition, that he “would not trust this regime (Iran) on the nuclear issue to have any intentions other than a weaponized program”.

Last week, Ruhollah Hossinian, a hardline lawmaker, stated, “It (JPA) practically tramples on Iran’s enrichment rights”. This is reminiscent of 2006, when the UN Security Council had set an August 31 deadline for Iran to halt its nuclear enrichment programs or face sanctions. On August 31, Iranian President Ahmadinejad, in a televised appearance, stated, “They should know that the Iranian nation will not let its rights be trampled on”. And by March 2007, Iran had added 3000 new centrifuges capable of manufacturing weapons grade uranium to its facilities at Natanz.

The ‘New York Times’ characterized the JPA agreement as “a chance to chart a new American course in the Middle East”, although its reality is virtually the exact same policies America has witnessed liberal Democrats employ for decades. In 1979, A.Q. Khan, a nuclear physicist, gave Pakistan nuclear weapons, under the careless watch of Zbigniew Brzezinski; Khan promptly proliferated this technology, first to North Korea and then to Iran, along with blueprints of a Chinese designed warhead. Madeleine Albright failed to halt Kim Jong Il’s nuclear weapons program during the Clinton administration, and now we see Obama and Kerry falling in line with the advocates of appeasement.

What does it mean to Iran’s mullahs that Obama and Kerry are unwilling to concede an Iranian “right” to enrich uranium? Absolutely nothing. The mullahs want nuclear weapons and a dominant position throughout the Middle East more than they desire peace and prosperity for their people, so no amount of sanctions will achieve a satisfactory result.

Utilizing numerous deceptions, such as tramp steamers off the U.S. and European coasts or physically crossing porous borders, it would not be too difficult for Iran to target 29 critical sites in America and the West, identified numerous times by successive Iranian presidents. Iran’s Shahab-4 missiles have a 2500 mile range and can carry biological, chemical or nuclear warheads. The destruction of these sites would seriously cripple Western power, killing millions of innocent people in the process.

How many times and in how many different ways do we have to hear Iran’s leaders state their intent to destroy “the Great Satan” – America and “the Little Satan” – Israel before we believe them and take their words to heart?

Make no mistake. President Hassan Rouhani is no different from his predecessors, Khatami and Ahmadinejad, and while he couches his statements in ambiguous and subtle nuances, ultimately he hopes to foist an Iranian Islamic nightmare on the world.

A few years after taking power, Ayatollah Ruhollah Musavi Khomenei said: “I say let Iran go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world”.

The JPA is merely another delaying tactic for Iran’s mullahs, who are just mere weeks away from seeing their goal come to fruition. And, despite all the best efforts of those like Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) who asserts “…strong sanctions…brought Iran to the table”, Iran will have nuclear weapons soon.

The world stands at a critical crossroads, and unfortunately the only real solution is a war to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities and possibly remove a rogue regime from power, one that should have been targeted long before Iraq or Afghanistan. Rife with cohorts to the jihadists desiring negotiations, no matter the cost, the Obama administration will not answer this call, and Iran fully realizes this due to Obama’s “red-line” failure with Syria. The weight of this solution, unfairly and even more unfortunately, sits on the shoulders of Israel.

In the early 1930s, many viewed Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ as just rhetoric, although he clearly had laid out his program to exterminate the Jews. Sixty-one million deaths, including six million Jews, lay at the feet of Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement plan, because, as so eloquently stated by Winston Churchill, the world lacked the “democratic courage, intellectual honesty, and willingness to act”. Let America and the world not make this same mistake again with Iran.

© Justin O. Smith

Edited by John R. Houk

Lonely at the Top


Ari Bussel focuses on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the weight on his shoulders as Israel’s very survival are the coming stakes. Adolf Hitler tried to wipe the Jews off the map of Europe with his Third Reich mentality of global conquest. In the days of the 1930s through to the end of WWII the Jewish hope was primarily those Western nations that opposed the designs of Hitler’s Third Reich. Prime Minister Chamberlain of Britain in 1938 decided to trust Hitler to work out a “peace in our time” deal of land for peace. SIX MILLION dead Jews later we know how that idiotic thinking turned out.


Bussel correctly ascertains that President Barack Hussein Obama is the Chamberlain of the 21st century. In giving a pass to Iran on its nuclear weapons program and the selling out of Israel will repeat Chamberlain’s error. PM Netanyahu may be the only hope for not only the survival of Israel but of Jews internationally as Antisemitism is growing again as it did in pre-WWII days. For dealing with Iranians Obama is the devil. Yes I know it sounds harsh coming from a Christian American nevertheless Obama’s actions are nefarious and will probably be complicit in another Holocaust unless Netanyahu of tiny Israel finds the divine wisdom to act even though their so-called allies are willing to deal with Jew-Hating and Christian-Hating Iran.


JRH 11/18/13

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Lonely at the Top


By Ari Bussel

Sent: 11/17/2013 7:48 PM


I remember the look of then Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu at an underground command and control center in a city in Southern Israel crammed with foreign correspondents, when I introduced myself before asking my question, “Ari Bussel, Muslim World Today.”


For those who know me, I am White Caucasian, and I look very much Western (some would say slightly “Middle Eastern”), although the most notable character is likely my unidentifiable, thick accent.


But I definitely do not look like the representative of California-based Muslim World Today and Pakistan World Today.

The readers of Norma Zager’s and my Postcards series would burst out laughing and say:  He is the Propaganda Minister of the Zionist Entity, what is he doing writing for a Muslim paper?  We have also been compared to much worse, all as a compliment to our unapologetic stand for and on behalf of the Jewish People and the State of Israel.


I was one of three foreign correspondents at that gathering, during Operation Cast Lead some five years ago, who was pre-chosen to ask a question.  How did I earn that privilege, as MWT is neither on most peoples’ radar nor is it the same level as USA Today, CNN, CBS and other industry leaders, all respectably represented there that day?  That is a story for another day.


Netanyahu of course looked me straight in the eye, as only two Israelis can, those who feel, without the need to speak, they can count on each other (a camaraderie usually only found in the battle field), and knew he could trust me.


Since that time, Netanyahu became the prime minister, and he is now the longest serving PM in the history of the modern country.  For Israel this is an extraordinary achievement.  His detractors say he is a master maneuverer, holding his seat so tightly and doing nothing that might risk his hold.  But this, clearly, is not the case.  Netanyahu was entrusted, as the pages of history will show, to lead Israel at its most precarious time, a period of advancement and flourishing, a time when WWIII began.


Netanyahu does not need to hold anything anymore.  It is all of us who need to hold him, provide a solid base, as he is our leader for better and worse.  At this time, when our very existence is at stake, every decision he makes will either ensure our survival or hasten our demise.


For years we in the West have talked about Iran, while Iran has raced to become a global nuclear power, a position that will enable it to realize its expansionary goals for the Global Islamic Caliphate.  Once not too long ago another country had similar ideas, the establishment of a Thousand Year Reich, and humanity paid to the tune of tens of millions of people.  Once again such grandiose ideas are cultivated, and once again we behave as if there are no lessons in the past.


“Peace in our lifetime” announced British Prime Minister Chamberlain on the last day of September 1938.  Now 75 short years later, one can hear the chant in the corridors of the White House:  Peace with Iran is imminent.  The drumbeats become louder with each passing day:  The President has already received one Nobel Prize.  Another is forthcoming! 


The annals of history will have a different story to tell, a footnote forever to be remembered that it was yet another US President who changed the face of the world.  The first was Carter in 1978 with the Shah of Iran.  The second catastrophe was Obama in 2013 with the Mullahs of Iran.


The sanctions are being lifted.  Money frozen for decades is being thawed.  Obama and the Mullahs are becoming “buddy-buddies,” at least in the way the situation is being portrayed by the White House’s slick and sophisticated PR machine.


But the Iranians are in a race to achieve dominance and force it down the world’s throat.  There will be no escape, whether they use bombs or just utilize the threat of making them available. They are focused, determined, talented and capable; while we build castles in the sandbox.


The United States of America will do nothing, exactly as it has done nothing in Syria.  First, the President does not want to get involved, and he will draw a red line, then another, then change his mind and finally provide excuses and blame someone else.  He even actively ushered in the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  Second, we do not have the will or resolve to go and fight yet again.  Iraq, Afghanistan, Al Qaeda – failure after failure.  We live the good life.  We are isolated.  We are indivisible, all-powerful.  We are Americans!  Why even bother?


So Israel is alone.  There are other members of the Coalition-of-the-Willing, including Saudi Arabia and some other Muslim Arab countries, but they alone cannot do a thing; Iran is too powerful and realistic a threat.


How many times can Israeli ingenuity work?  First there was the Stuxnet virus, but although it proved (and continues to be) most effective, Iran is now aware and has taken necessary steps to overcome and prevent similar occurrences from affecting its facilities and nuclear, satellite and other programs in the future.


As the game plays out, with Russia overseeing the action behind the scenes, the USA role of playing the superpower is no longer. Others are now analyzing their positions and realizing how little they can actually do and how they must not – and cannot – trust the US-of-A.  All rests on the shoulders of one person – Benjamin Netanyahu.


Netanyahu also has a country to run, and dealing with Jewish people is never easy.  Six point eight million of them, of which six point eight (less a handful) are generals, presidents and prime ministers.


Netanyahu has teams of very capable advisors, a whole security network – both visible and invisible – and even some other surprises up his sleeve.  But all in all, the decisions rest on his shoulders and on him alone.


He must be very lonely, surrounded with all the eitzes-gibbers (advice-givers) who know it all.  He must feel the enormity of the moment of history, when he, and he alone, will either raise his hand for war or a white flag in surrender, the latter signaling the cessation of the Zionist Dream, the end of the Jewish People on this earth.


Clearly, the choices are both frightening.  What’s worse, he has no time.  No one else will enter the fray; then one by one countries will fall, faster and faster like dominos, like offerings at an altar.


Wrong are Netanyahu’s detractors who say he is holding on to his seat for some momentary gratification.  He is holding on to life, with every ounce of energy, with all the will power he can master.  He must not let go, for if he does the fate of the entire world and humanity as we know it will suffer.


Netanyahu is the hope and future of the State of Israel and the Jewish People.  And since Israel is the last fort standing to obstruct the advancement of the Iranians toward global dominance, Netanyahu is responsible for the world.


Possibly this is why my Rabbi chooses every Shabbat to say an extra prayer for the Government, leaders and advisors of the State of Israel followed by an additional prayer for the soldiers of Israel, on the land, in the air and on the sea, who stand alert and ready on the walls of Zion Jerusalem to be victorious.


While I live my daily life, busy with the mundane, my Rabbi sees and understands something I cannot even begin to fathom.  He does not attempt to tell us the future, just to correctly read the present.


May wisdom guide Netanyahu’s every step, and may the light within radiating from Zion Jerusalem be his lighthouse as he tries to navigate Israel safely to shore and the world to a sane and bearable tomorrow.


Originally titled “Long Live the King,” here is our latest Postcard:  Lonely at the Top.


Ari Bussel and Norma Zager collaborate both in writing and on the air in a point-counter-point discussion of all things Israel-related.

Zager and Bussel are based in Los Angeles. Zager is an award winning investigative journalist, journalism professor and author.  Bussel is a foreign correspondent in Israel.


Together, they have dedicated the past decade to promoting Israel.


© Israel Monitor, November 2013


First Published November 15, 2013


Blog Editor: I have volumes of Bussel and Zager essays at archive site. Simply go to the archive site and in the search box to the right type in Ari Bussel and/or Norma Zager and years of Postcard series will show up.

Palestinians Hate Jews and Obama Lies

PA Mufti - Muslim Destiny Killing Jews 1-9-12

John R. Houk

© November 5, 2013


Hard evidence has emerged that shows that President Barack Hussein Obama blatantly lied about the ease in which Obamacare (aka Affordable Care Act – ACA) would be implemented. Of course you know that he and his Administration have been lying about other scandals as well: e.g. Fast and Furious, Benghazigate, IRS targeting Tea Party and Conservatives, NSA watches all Americans not just potential terrorists and probably a few others that slip my mind at the moment.


This brings me to the point about Obama and Israel. Obama has been pushing for the formation of a Palestinian State on part of the Jewish heritage known today as Judea-Samaria (West Bank to Israel-haters) and the eastern half of Jerusalem which is also known as the Old City because of how far back the history of that section goes back. Obama has been downright rude to the Israeli government about the lack of progress in forcing this issue upon Israel and the Jewish citizens.


Since the 1967 victory that brought back the territory robbed by Jordan in 1948, Israel has gone out of its way to accommodate the Jew-Hating Arab-Muslims in providing autonomous self-rule. I bet you don’t know that Prime Minister Ehud Barak (2000) and Ehud Olmert (2009) was willing to negotiate away all the land demanded by the terrorist dominated Palestinian Authority including Eastern Jerusalem. The Islamic Supremacist Palestinians refused (thankfully) each time.


Even though Obama has promised current Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that America will always have Israel’s back, the President has snubbed and berated Netanyahu many times. Since Obama is now a proven liar. Do you think the Obama Administration really has Israel’s back?


JRH 11/5/13

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Stabbing Israel in the Back


By Alan Caruba

November 4, 2013 at 7:30am

Tea Party Nation (Caruba) Blog


If Barack Obama told me “I have your back”, I would spend a lot of time looking over my shoulder. His promises to Israel are dirt, worthless, and duplicitous in the extreme. Taken together, they have ensured that Israel will attack some of Iran’s facilities that are striving to make it a nuclear power with nuclear weapons.


An article in the October 31 edition of The Jerusalem Post, “White House official confirms Israeli attack on Syrian missile site” is just one example of the steps the Obama administration has taken to seriously undermine Israel’s security and hasten Iran’s ability to make good on its promise to “wipe it from the map.”


According to the article, an “anonymous US administration official” responded to a CNN inquiry that Israel had conducted air raids against a Syrian missile base near the port city of Latakia where “missiles and related equipment” were stored “out of concern that they would be transferred to Hezbollah.”  Tellingly, the reporter noted that It is unclear why the U.S. would leak such information as it could increase the pressure on Syria to retaliate against Israel.


Monday, November 4th, marks the 34th anniversary of Iran’s seizure of U.S. diplomats in 1979. To this day Iran’s slogan has been “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.”


Little noted by most Americans, the Obama administration is feverishly trying to establish diplomatic relations with Iran despite the fact that it has technically been at war with us ever since our diplomats were seized from the U.S. embassy in Tehran, holding them for 444 days until their release the day Ronald Reagan was inaugurated.


One of the best, most reliable sources of news from and about Israel is the Debka File and the same day the US blew the whistle on the Syrian attacks, they posted an article, “Braced for imminent nuclear accord with Iran, US pulls away from military option, IDF stays on the ready.”


The article bluntly stated that Israel “plans to keep in place advanced preparations for a unilateral military strike on Iran’s nuclear program in 2014.” On November 1st, Debka File reported on a “Mystery explosion at Iran’s Arak heavy water reactor” that has been under construction. It is the second time the facility has had an explosion.


The Obama administration has taken a very hard line against Israel’s warnings regarding the decades-long efforts of Iran to become a nuclear power. Flitting around the Middle East these days, Secretary of State, John Kerry, said “Some of suggested that somehow there’s something wrong with giving diplomacy a chance. We will not succumb to those fear tactics and forces that suggest otherwise.”


Kerry seems oblivious to the fact that the administration’s diplomatic efforts in the Middle East has managed to seriously harm U.S. relations with virtually all the nations in the region, not the least of which is Saudi Arabia that has as much to fear from a nuclear Iran as Israel. The Gulf States are all fearful of Iranian progress toward nuclear power.


Observers have concluded that Kerry’s efforts are aimed at “lifting decision-making on sanctions out of the hands of Congress and transferring it to this secret negotiation mechanism. By this means, President Obama hopes not only to thwart Congressional calls for tighter sanctions against Iran, but also to forestall Netanyahu’s efforts to this end.”


Indeed, all of Obama’s Middle East policies have come to a bad end at this point. The withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq has resulted in that nation becoming a bloodbath as al Qaeda, the Sunnis, and the Shiites wage a war of subversion against the present government there, in which the casualties are mounting weekly. The U.S. is also in the process of withdrawing from Afghanistan.


The tilt toward the Muslim Brotherhood that took over Egypt after an election, resulted in the then-president Muhammad Morsi’s efforts to impose harsh sharia law on the nation. Egyptians rallied against him and the military arrested him and has cracked down on the Brotherhood. There are reports that Egypt, a longtime U.S. ally, is now discussing the purchase of weapons from Russia. U.S. aid to Egypt has apparently ended.


One cannot overlook the disastrous decisions that followed the overthrow of Muamar Gaddafi, Libya’s former dictator that resulted in the December 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi that cost the life of the U.S. ambassador and three security personnel.


Israel knows that Obama is no friend and, therefore, the protection and support of every previous administration since the days of Truman are at an end until the current administration is replaced. It will, as it has in the past, do what it must to defend itself against Iran and the threats posed by Hezbollah and Hamas. It has no other option.


Obama is increasing the threat of war and he knows it.


Palestinians Hate Jews and Obama Lies

John R. Houk

© November 5, 2013


Stabbing Israel in the Back


© Alan Caruba, 2013

Hitler’s Spirit Infects the European Union


John R. Houk

© July 26, 2013


The spirit of Adolf Hitler has risen from the grave and infused itself into the European Union (EU). The EU’s current economic war against Israel is reprehensible. If the EU sanctions achieve the desired result it will set Israel up for the Second Holocaust as Islamic Terrorist organizations, a sovereign Palestine, Lebanon (under Hezbollah control), whoever wins the Syrian civil war, Egypt, Iran and maybe Jordan to obliterate a near defenseless Israel in killing millions of Jews in the process. Caroline Glick has not drawn my conclusions, but if you read her article I believe you will form a similar conclusion unless you stick your head in the sand. O yeah, Obama must be on board with the EU. Obama has sent Secretary of State John Kerry to reopen Israel-PA negotiations. I have no doubts that Kerry is using the EU sanctions as a weapon in an attempt to force Israel to bend to the will of the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians.


JRH 7/26/13

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It Looks like Obama Selling Temple Mount for Peace Negotiations

Obamanation banner

John R. Houk

© July 23, 2013


WorldNetDaily claims that Arab sources within the Palestinian Authority (PA) has leaked Obama Administration negotiating tools that if adhered to would give absolute control of the Temple Mount to a combined PA-Jordanian sovereign ownership. The Obama negotiations include essentially giving up most of the eastern half of Israel’s Capital City (and national heritage) Jerusalem and to deport approximately 90,000 Jews from another heritage point of Judea-Samaria (named West Bank under Jordanian occupation and usurpation in 1948).


This is disturbing to me because Jordan’s existence was carved out of the original British Mandate for Palestine. At that time that Arab Monarchy was called Transjordan. After the British Officer command structure led Transjordan’s army (then called the Arab Legion) to the multiple Arab invading forces only victory in 1948. Under British command the Arab Legion occupied Judea-Samaria and the Eastern half of Jerusalem. In 1948 the Eastern half of Jerusalem was actually the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. After the British led victory the Arab Legion disgracefully deported Jews from their ancient homes in the Eastern half of Jerusalem and proceeded to desecrate Synagogues in Jerusalem and Judea-Samaria. The Transjordanian government then used Jewish grave stones as instruments of paved roads and latrines for the Arab Legion. The Transjordanian King decided to annex (i.e. usurp) Judea-Samaria and renamed the area the West Bank because the territory was West of the Jordan River. Old Transjordan was east of the Jordan River. With eastern and western banks of the Jordan River united the King renamed Transjordan into Jordan.


A few years of the Arab agenda to destroy Israel passed then came 1967. Egypt kicked U.N. Forces out of the Sinai Peninsula and began massing Egyptian Forces there. Also Egypt blockaded Israel access to the Red Sea. Syria amassed Israel’s northern border and Jordan on Israel’s eastern border.


Tiny Israel expected yet another existence threatening invasion and so decided to be proactive by launching a preemptive strike. The preemptive strike not only saved Israel’s existence but also enlarged Israel’s territory in which the Western Powers (USA, UK & France), Russia and United Nations pressured Israel to give back to the invading armies. Israel refused for military security reasons to return the Golan Heights and Judea-Samaria.


If the Arab source about the Temple Mount is correct, the Obama-PA deal for Israel is ludicrous. Arab Muslims villainously desecrated Jewish Synagogues, cemeteries and Jewish Holy Sites in Jerusalem and Judea-Samaria between 1948 and 1967. What makes anyone in international diplomatic circles believe that a sovereign Palestine under the direction of the PA and Hamas (ALL rooted in Islamic Terrorism) leadership would stop the Arab-Muslim agenda to destroy Israel? Then there is the Shi’ite Muslim Iranian government’s constant saber rattling to destroy Israel influencing a sovereign Palestine. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a specialist political scientist to realize a sovereign Palestine would bring NO PEACE to Israel. Indeed, such a new Arab State would bring a greater security threat to Israel’s existence.


So even if WND source is true, don’t look for any Obama confirmation.


VIDEO: What Really Happened In The Middle East


JRH 7/23/13

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