The New Marxist Infiltration

Taking USA back from Hammer-Sickle-Swastika

John R. Houk

© April 1, 2013


There was a time in America that being a Communist or Marxist sympathizer was an expression of un-American treason. Senator Joseph McCarthy was initially looked upon as an American hero for exposing Soviet-Communism in the U.S. government. After McCarthy’s vigilance began to spill-over into the First Amendment protected Right to believe in Marxist ideology outside of the direct manipulation of the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), then Liberal Democrats and Center-Left Republican began an agenda to smear the character and agenda of Senator Joe McCarthy. McCarthy was publically transformed from an American hero into an American witch hunter. Witch hunting of course is viewed as a profession of creating lies to convict people of crimes that really do not exist.


For example in the ‘real world’ there is no such thing as witches with supernatural powers to wiggle their noses and speak a few Latin words and create some evil ex nihilo. McCarthy’s agenda was painted as finding Communist spies ex nihilo from influential people that believed in the principles of Karl Marx or flirted with the idea Communist utopianism in their youth out of a dissatisfaction of a Free Market society favoring the opportunity of individuals utilizing hard work for prosperity while the less entrepreneurial and oft time poor people seemed stuck in lower income working class misery.


In defense of a Free Market society that experiences the Liberty guaranteed with a Bill of Rights; whether there is Marxist society or a Free Market society there will always be people stuck in low income working class situations. The reality is the low income people in a Free Market society usually have a better life than the Liberty-Less low income people of a Marxist-Socialist society. The innovative prosperity of the few more often provides a better income for the poor in a Free Market world than for the income of the poor in a Marxist-Socialist world.  Scarcity reigns for the poor of Marxist-Socialism and abundance reigns for the poor of Free Market Capitalism.


Painting McCarthy as a Communist witch hunter was the beginning of the slow acceptance of stealth Marxism in American society. Organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU – See Also HERE and HERE) used their Marxist sympathies to aid in the eradication of Christian morals in America which has paved the way to removing prayer from schools, making abortion-murder on demand as a birth control method normal, validating ungodly homosexuality as normal rather than as an abomination toward God, using the tax code to prevent Ministers of the Gospel from endorsing godly political candidates for Office and now the pervasive anti-Christian of entrenched Liberals has emboldened more attacks on Christianity in America.


Prayer at public sports events (as in Public Schools and Colleges) or City Council meetings is being attacked with the threat of litigation that Public Schools and small to medium sized cities cannot afford to litigate. In these cases Marxist ideals are infused into our Free Market society ironically because the financial clout of Leftist-minded organizations and individuals can out-fund the local Public Schools or the Local Governments. It is the use of the Free Market to destroy the Free Market Liberty society.


It is time to publicly rehabilitate the image of Joe McCarthy where he was correct and to criticize him where he was incorrect on a First Amendment basis. It was evil for the old Soviet Union to infiltrate our government to bring down the U.S. Constitutional government from within. It was wrong for McCarthy to brand people as a threat to the nation because of a mere belief in Marxism. As much as Marxism is against the Liberty principles of initiated by America’s Founding Fathers, it is a First Amendment Right to believe in Marxist principles.


And yet when dedicated Marxists utilize Liberty to terminate Liberty via deception to purposefully eradicate the Constitution, we who still believe in Liberty must begin to take a stand even if Marxists have convinced society it is politically incorrect to take public stands that contradict stealth Marxist principles.


For example preventing Christianity influencing government is our Constitutional Right. Marxists may take the words of Thomas Jefferson that he wrote to Danbury Baptists that the government has no Right to enfranchise or disenfranchise a Church in the Federal Government; those words are not in the Constitution. Not only that, but Jefferson was not one of the principle framers of the Constitution.


Another example is the use of a Left-minded Judiciary to redefine the Constitution as a Living parchment in which it can be interpreted according to what the Left find culturally relevant in the present. This kind of Judicial fiat creates Law unconstitutionally. The Constitution that frames the three branches of government that exist with checks and balances under the concept that not any government branch has absolute power limits the Judiciary to only interpreting Law and NOT Bench-Legislating Law.


The Constitution insures that a duly elected Congress and the sovereign States make the Law with the President signing off or vetoing legislation and with the duly elected Congress having the expanded privilege to override a Presidential veto. The sovereign State’s Right in this Constitutional process is the required percentage to ratify Constitutional Amendments that Amends a section of the Constitution or adds to the Constitution. In which the Judiciary has no power to terminate a State approved Amendment.


Marxist utopians such as our President Obama and the Dems intend to use the Living Constitution deception to terminate portions of the Constitution and current Amendments to mean something not Originally Intended (See Also HERE) as the Law.


And this is where the accusation that our President is a Manchurian Candidate comes into play:


The Manchurian Candidate (1959), by Richard Condon, is a political thriller novel about the son of a prominent US political family who is brainwashed into being an unwitting assassin for a Communist conspiracy.


The novel has been adapted twice into a feature film by the same title, in 1962 and again in 2004. (Wikipedia)


I am not such a Conspiracy Theorist that I believe President Obama is a brainwashed individual from a Communist nation. The international vision of Soviet-Communism collapsed at the dissolution of the USSR into separate sovereign nations shedding off the hegemony of a Russian dominated Communist government. The only other Communist Super Power that still exists is more interested in its National Interests that the global domination of Maoist-Marxist world. The People’s Republic of China (Red China) is interested in regional hegemony and confronting other powers that may conflict with those regional National Interests. For Red China that may include a wary eye on Russia as much as on the USA. It is only when Russia’s and China’s National Interest intersect in keeping the USA at bay do Russia and China appear as friends against the USA.


I am such a Conspiracy Theorist that President Obama is involved in some sort of nefarious Marxism to change American culture to seem closer to Marxist utopianism rather than our Founding Fathers’ concept of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness based on a combination of Christian Morality and Greco-Roman political thought.


Whether or not Obama’s Marxist-Socialist utopianism is based on the individual precepts he developed from the Marxist influence of family and mentors OR from a network of stealth Marxist Global Elitists is something I cannot put my finger on. Whether Obama’s change agenda is individual or networked is irrelevant. That which is relevant is Obama has a Gramsci-like agenda to transform America away from its roots into a Communist utopia in the near future or to create a foundation for future Marxist-Elitist to build on.


That is what makes President Barack Hussein Obama a Manchuria Candidate.


VIDEO: The Manchurian President


The inspiration for these thoughts is an article by Kris Zane found at Western Center for Journalism (WCJ) entitled – you got it – The Manchurian Candidate.


JRH 4/1/13

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    The New Marxist Infiltration

  2. People like you really give Christians and conservative voters a bad name. You’re so preoccupied with trying to frighten the uninformed; using misinterpreted information, taken out of context, in an attempt to “factualize” your opinions and manipulate people into your corner. You, like so many, just want everyone to share your points of view, and any who object or differ in their opinions, are labeled as un-American, Marxist sympathizers, or atheistic, baby-killing, sinners seeking to repress your religious rights–despite the Christian Right’s use of lobbyists and manipulation of the Supreme Court to force everyone to comply with their values whether everyone agrees with them or not. Frankly, I find such blatantly fascist thinking to be far more damaging to society than a few Socialistic programs designed to improve the country as a whole which are not centered around simply pleasing Christians. The Bible is not the only book in the world, and it would behoove you and your readers to rely on more than a religious tome for their opinions.

    • Prove me wrong rather than unwarranted condemnation. I back up this article with facts not factualizations. I dare you to prepare a comment that is not pure unsubstantiated Left Wing propaganda.

  3. What facts? You haven’t cited any credible source material, and in academia, science and journalism, without a credible source, your opinions are simply that. In fact, every “source” you’ve used–with the exception of a Wiki article about a work of fiction–are also ultra-right-wing, conservative, Christian blogs, that are no more credible than you are. Why should I engage in a childish “dare” when you have wasted an entire page pontificating about a subject for which you needed more than six other unsubstantiated articles, from biased sources, to formulate? Frankly, my condemnation is completely justified given that you cannot seem to find any scholarly material to back up your nonsensical and unjustifiably arrogant ramblings.

    • Spoken like a true Left Wing propagandist that can’t accept reality in favor of the myth of Marxist Utopianism. Never believe the disinformation of Left oriented blogs, atheist pundits, Christian-haters and their ilk. Bryan just because it is Conservative does not mean it is not scholarly.

      • And just because it is Conservative, doesn’t automatically make it fact.

        A true Left-Wing propagandist, you say? Where did you deduce that from? I haven’t been writing any propaganda here, nor am I the one with a pseudo-political blog. All I have done is point out that your opinions are simply being rehashed from sources that are biased, prejudiced, and therefore unreliable, and I have expressed how damaging such blind obedience can be. In fact, I haven’t been preaching any specific religion or political ideology. For all you know, I might be a conservative, a Republican and/or a Christian myself, but your blatant and inexcusable ignorance have conditioned you into assuming what I am, and what my motivations are, without checking your facts; the very thing that I accused you of in writing this article.

        And additionally, you have evaded backing up your opinions by trying to distract me with personal attacks. In my experience, this is the juvenile and desperate tactic of one who is incapable of articulating their own convictions, because, in truth, they have none. Instead, you have handed over the yoke of your intellect and joined the sheep; relying on being given your opinions instead of ruminating objectively and forming your own conclusions. Like your blissful peers, your only recourse, when confronted with dissension, is to lash out in an effort to deviate from the point. Thus, maintiaining (in your own mind, anyway) that you hold the high ground; that you are right and the other is wrong. This is nothing but a tiresome exercise in futility, and one which I refuse to take any more part in.

        I hope that one day you will mature and be able to think for yourself, but until then, “baa-baa”

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